Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Get Open!


First I don't post for hella weeks now I can't stop postin'.

When I was in Cali of all places I caught a Hip Hop panel on C-Span.
It was sponsered by Third World Press and
Institute of Positive Education, Betty Shabazz International Charter School.
The panelist were:

Coval, Kevin - Artistic Director, Young Chicago Authos
Kitwana, Bakari - Author
Norman-Hawkins, Amina - President, Chicago Hip Hop Initiative
Paniccioli, Ernie - Photographer
Rivera, Raquel Z. - Correspondent
Wang, Oliver - Critic
Wimsatt, William Upski - Author

Talk about something that was inspiring.

I did not get to see all of it.

I just may purchase the video to soak up some of that game.
If C-Span was right, they would stream that ish, but that is another story.

At first glance you may groan and say, just another afternoon w/ egroesn talkin'.

But peep. It still sticks out in my mind that one of the panelist said, only when people congregate will they make it congress.
That isn't to say that that is our Ultimate goal, but I am not mad at that.
William Upski is mad inspiring. He was on some "The people in this room have the power to use Hip Hop to change the world type 'ish." It was easy to believe That pre '96, but not in recent memory has someone said something to that affect AND had me thinking of ways to harness HH's appeal with the young bucks.

It Get Hot at Night


I cannot believe that I am just now hearing about it.

So Spike has a new book out. As much as a book snoop that I
(Get the Black Issues book review on the phone A.S.A.P. ....ii captain MM).

Jay-Z was in the Times this weekend
The dopest part of the article was when, wait it minute I have to get the clip out my purse, was the exchange between Jay and Ghostface that the author translated.

Around 2, Ghostface Killer....showed up for a meeting..."What up, family?" Jay-Z said with a strong handshake and a quick man-hug. [Men do BE having man hugs too, especially brotha's.]

I just wanted to dump some heat on you," Ghostface replied...Its extra meaty already, but I just want you to add your little extra." (Translation: Iv'e got some great new music that I'd like you to hear and I would appreciate your input).
I swear there are few times that I feel more alive than when I read some beautiful language.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Town Business


Does anyone else love, wireless, but hate Explorer? I mean damn. That 'ish is so wack. I don't know how I have been living without Firefox for so long. The damn Blogger menu bar has like two options when you don't use Firefox.

The Sideshows are thought to be over, at least a recently as last week. Ionno. The young hyphies may just be waiting for Raider season to start to have an excuse to go dumb. Robert Gammon, of East Bay Express fame was talking about it.
According to Slinky, iggasn did start shootin' at the end of Summer Jam in the Bay. It will probably be the last one. Everyone was cool when, Kanye and Common and 'nem were on stage, but brotha', brotha', brotha' when E-39+1 gets on, and yer smobbers get to smobbing, it was pretty much a wrap.

On the political side of things, appears the Ron Dellums is running for Mayor of Oakland. I left last week, and he was still on the fence. That could be really interesting, seeing as he has had such a lofty career as a state representative.

Some town sista's are coming to NY (SOB's). Keyshia Cole on 8/31 and Goapele on 9/21.

1520 Lakeside Drive is up for lease. 1520 is the former location of several of the administrative offices in the Town. I guess the city is trying to make some cash off of it. That's hella wack. I see the importance of trying to make better use of lakefront property, but there is something very uncanny and sad about a city leasing its administrative offices to a resturant.

New Ish about to come out:
Brand Nuban: Solo Material an EP. I do not know which label is putting this out, but it is interesting to see that they are still at it.

AZ's new joint is titled AWOL. He has allways been one of my favorite "I am hungry ma, and Im gon' shine" kinda individuals.

I picked up the Turf Tawk Collaboration, the new Madlib.
But what I am checkin' for is the new Sean P. His verse on one of those Chemistry joints was NIIIIICE. I almost wanna transcribe it.

Slinky, Imma try and post that NWA you an I were talking about.

And last but not least a thank you goes out to J. Douglas Allen-Taylor. I have been reading his work since he was a writer for the "Oakland Urbanview".
I can allways depend on him to provide an insigtful interpretation of town events.
Most recently he wrote about a concert series taking place at Arroyo park in East Oakland.
He attributes the lack of gun clap, the hyphies being present at the event to the fact that there was more of an "Older" crowd, and their children at the event.

Dwayne Wiggans organized it. Council woman Desley Brooks paid for it out of her own budget. The following has performed:
Rose Royce
Lenny Williams
Midnight Star
Dwyane Wiggians is set to perform in September.

Mr. Allen-Taylor could not have said it better when he stated that "the road to Oaklands well-being does not pass down Broadway. It passes through the neighborhoods where all of us live."

He admits that one of the reasons why the event ran so smoothly was because the cops were "easy going and professional, acting as if all of us were part of the same community." I would imagine that this is what good police work is all about.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

'Town Educational Seminars


Okay Dame. So you know I had to do some diggin' and thinking.

Being the pathological reader I am (wussup Joneze) I have to do a book list on town books. Keep in mind that this is partial, yet a start.

#1. Drive By Gary Rivlin. It is an account of the murder of Kevin Reed who as Kevin was former classmate
of mine at King Estate Middle School. He was murdered on Aeseon and Dowling on July 9th, 1990. I think that was the first funeral that I went to for someone so young. Not only does the book talk about Kevin's murder, but about Kevin's family, and Oakland's history.

#2.More Like Wrestling by Danyel Smith. A tale of two sisters, coming up at the height of the Crack era. The book resonated with me on about 8 different levels. My copy has about 20 pages highlighted.

#3.Blues City: A Walk in Oakland by Ishmael Reed. Is was wonderful book that drops some jewels about the town and the history of some of our neighbohoods. Despite the fact that Ishmael and Alice do not get along, this is a fast read about our beloved town.

#4.Too Beautiful for Words by Monique Morris. This book is inspired largely by The Coup Song, Jesus the Pimp. Monique is real cool too.

#5. The Dying Ground and The Last King by Nichelle Tramble. Nichelle is a FIRST RATE myster writer who uses the Bay as her backdrop. My heart skips a beat every time I hear that she is publishing a new book. I cannot WAIT until the third installment of this serious.

Next up is a lil' piece on the Mac Dre phenomenon.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Marriage Post


Good Morning Blog Family. There's a war goin' on outside no one is safe from.......

It appears that the Army divorce rate flying sky high. So much for family values hunh? Why is there no news coverge of this phenomenon?

Maryanne Reid is taking an unorthodox route to promoting her new book Marry Your Baby Daddy. Her publishing company along with other sponsors are putting on a Marry Your Baby Daddy Contest. Applicants wrote in, were selected and will be married in a mass 10 couple ceremony. 10 new couples. I hope they throw in some counseling sessions too.

This months Essence has a few articles that focus on relationships.
One is about the importance of relationship skills and statistics on marriage and divorce.

They also took the analytical approach by listing by city and state where you are likely to find some eligible brotha's. I ain't mad at that.

Danyel Smith wrote about falling in love with her new husband (Elliott Wilson of XXL and Ego Trip Fame). It was special for me to read about her for several reasons. First off, I ran into them on the street at the begining of the year right after they got engaged. Secondly, not only did I used to read Danyel when she wrote for the Guardian in Cali, but I also use to read Ego Trip but I remember the first XXL. It was sort of like my play sister and cousin getting married. Read the article. It is enjoyable. Rarely are articles about black women and love published where we are not angry, bitter and vengeful.

As someone who has been engaged for almost 15 years ( it seems like it :), it was nice to read some information about how to gain some skills, instead of just people say marriage is good. Go for it.

Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend. And leave some comments, Please (in the high pitched sqeaky voice).

Wednesday, August 03, 2005



Looks like Aj and Free out outta here. I mean, really, how long were they suppose to be on 106 & Park anyway's, 15 years? The story is appealing because of the apparently sheisty that the situation was handeled. Even beloved talk show folks get gaffled:(

Model Minority of the Week is....


The Model Minority of the week Award goes to Gina Barecca, author of Babes in Boyland: A personal History of Co-Education in the Ivy League. Gina is dope because she loves teaching and is actually funny on paper. She was one of the first women to INTERGRATE Dartmouth in the 60's.

In the book she describes what it felt like to have a professor ask her repeatedly in class what her opinon was "as a woman",

"Miss so-and-so, as a woman, what is your reading of this text?". I was profoundly embarassed to be asked my opinon as a woman, since it seemed somehow less authoratative than being asked my opinion as a studwent or as a "general reader". At first , I jokingly replied that I would be happy to answer "as a person",....I knew that that tactic wouldn't work.

"It took me two months to understand that in the eyes of this teacher, I'd allways be a "Miss" rather than just an ordinary student....So I figured I'd go with it. "So I started to preface every answer with the phrase with, "As a woman, I think Shakespeare means...", "As a woman, I think it is really cold in June", "As a woman I think I will have meatloaf for dinner".

Hearing this worked for me because it let me know that this was the sixties, and SHE had to learn how to cope the same way MANY of us learn up to cope. Thank you Gina for putting us up on the game.

Ummm Tu-Ma-Toes


Oh, so the NY Times is up on the Berkeley Bowl. They are seriously not knowing how orgasmic walking into that place can be. 6 different types of tomatoes, avocados and apples. You got your small, your medium, your large. Then there is the organic, the fair trade, the regular (with pesticides). When I go to the Bay, I send back a priority package of honey roasted almonds (bulk), pico de gallo pistachios (bulk), chile lime pistachios bulk. And it is not expensive either.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekly Town Business


Man, as I predicted last week, this IS apparently THE watershed year for fools writing about Hip-Hop. And it is sooooo dope that it was written by a female.

So this was the First weekend in two months that I had to wear moisturizer. The air is getting cooler which is a sign that fall will be here in a hinnit.

I found three new Bay realted blogs, www.cult-status.blogspot.com, www.beerandrap.com, www.hyphie_blogspot.com,www.pacificstandard.typepad.com. I am NOT ALOOOOONE (*in the Scooby Doo spooky voice).
It was so cool to hear someone else talk about that Town' ish other than me.

Why did I find some clean a-- BCBG knock off's at Target the other day? Straight come up.

I was listening to Lord Finesses Funky Technician and realized that Big L sounded a lot like him.
Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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