Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pharrell Swag Kinda Heavy.


[Innerview gets good @ 2 min 30 seconds]

It was the verse in the Kick Push Remix.

I mean b/w them teef and those ears, WE knew he was special.

But I have allways had a sweet spot for the
Kick Push remix verse, as it was the
first time,
in a long time, that an artist cohesivly,
on a HOT Track talked about:

[1] Black identity
[2] Navigating relationships w/ hood dudes
[3] Hood acceptance
[4] Being willing to try something different
[5] Attempting to navigate that space between being
different and being accepted.

Push down with the right, lift up with the left
Push down with both feet man, now land that shit fresh
We used to ride around just doin' that
With some used Airwalks and Billabong on my back
Happily because my mom couldn't afford it
When it came to Black validity, I guess they felt shorted
Identity crisis, they scrunched they facial
How we both black and our kid is biracial?

Okay, let me simplify the story yo
I was black but white in the middle like an Oreo
I skateboarded past all the shit I coulda been
I know my dead homies wish they was much gooder then

I mean gooder then, not cuz I'm better than
See, Airs got hooder man, blood got wetter than
I was just tryna bring it home and set a trend
But they would just yawn like it's Late Night for Letterman
I'm tryna tell 'em, it ain't no chance it's a fad
But they look at my Sadplant like a plant that was sad
These niggas count more grants than my dad
From all the cocaine in the grams of a bag
Skateboard P stand for skateboard past
All the bullshit that the devil's plans had
It grew up happy man, that plant wasn't sad
So I put it in Vanity Fair and the Zoo York ad
And I cooked it up to a crystalized dream
Take a puff, don't that taste like ice cream?
My record come out, the store calls your girl
Hate it or love it, I warholled the world


Hi Pharrel.

Its hot.

And its 6:30 am. I am up.

Burds chirpin got me up.
Need to go to Trader Joes anyways.



Anonymous said...

Yo the first time I heard this I was stuck. Its so true and represented how I felt when I in school.

You should also check out Ill Eagle's Afropunk. Kinda reminds me something similar...

The Minority Reporter said...

I knew we were cool 4 a reason

& tell dem east coast birds they need to chill out up all early in da a.m.

@slushygutter said...

well put.

the prisoner's wife said...

lol@them teeth...i never paid attention to his teeth. he sounds like he got remember how Meth used to sound in the 36 Chamber days?

that was a cool interview. Niteline be surprising me sometimes. i always look a little sideways when stars go to back to the PJs in bentleys & whatnot. like...was it too much to knock the shine down just a bit? i dunno.

Anonymous said...

"I'd probably be dead, or in jail, or on drugs... right?"

I feel what he's sayin', but what does that do for those youngsters who mobbed him that still live there?

Two million a song? FOK... dude could bring economic development to Virginia Beach just producing an album.

"This is what i can do Corporate America..."

That one line could inspire an entire column.

M.Dot. said...

"This is what i can do Corporate America..."

That one line could inspire an entire column.

Real talk.

Get out my head.

M.Dot. said...

like...was it too much to knock the shine down just a bit?

No. Conflict makes for good tv.

M.Dot. said...

Ill Eagle's Afropunk.

will do.

M.Dot. said...

.like remember how Meth used to sound in the 36 Chamber days?

Nawww. I 'memeber. He ain't on that tho.

His Teeth are delish.

Like you can just run your tongue across 'em. <<<<** Needs to recover from lasts nights greasy.

the prisoner's wife said... was something about his teeth that creeped me out. like...they were just one massive block of....teeth (at the bottom)...i dunno. maybe i'm buggin.

M.Dot. said...

one massive block of

your a mess.

Anonymous said...

what up dot

in the city till wednesday.let me know if you got any free time from now till then. we can grab some stella's and politik

the pharell video is tight. to bad his albums dont sell

neo said...

He blacked the heck out on that verse..

got that joint on one of my 'tapes..

M.Dot. said...

He blacked the heck out on that verse..

So good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

this post is so on target for me its not even funny. i got back from the other big O (ohio) and the wheels are spinning -- like and seriously how did i make it out without 6 kids multiple husbands and/or a drug problem like so many of my fam and friends?

M.Dot. said...


Im just now reading your comment.

Glad I could make a timely comment.

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