Sunday, February 26, 2006

I be having crazy visions god.


Oh, the los innertos is doing the damn thing fam.

Big up to
Spine magazine. They got a link for a new doom/face jawn,
and an announcment for a Fat Beats party celebrating the debut of a Timberland Boot.
How Gully is that?

Bloggy style roung up.
  • Booyahoo got the ill humantarian jawn going down. This fool is going AT Yahoo b/c yahoo turned in the internet information of a Chinese Blogger. You KNOW china don't give a F8ck about some human rights. Makes the Cameron/Jay beef look like cereal toy material. ("Note to self, Il humanitarian is the dope name for something).

Patrick Neat wrote this book.
He also also has written an article. If you are like Kanye and you heart black ppl, you will read his article about Afro Reggae.

Oh. This is the 99th poast SOOOOOO....Imma have to do somthing for the big One hunned.

Weekend notes.

Bronx Logic: Why are you watching rug rats in Spanish?
Me: B/c I am trying to brush up on my espanol.
Bronx Logic: You know that one does sound like you.
Me: F8ck you man.

Its hella cold outside. This is historically the coldest week of the year though.
Till later.

-for Hip Hop

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Anonymous said...

i finally birthed a blog. just in case you wanted to know. i got a LOT to learn...

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