Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hip Hop is Hypocritical about Sex or Merry Xmas.


A few weeks ago we discussed the Video Vixens, Hip Hop and D'boys.
I learned a few things about what you all think about women, hip hop and sex.

  • Video Vixens and strippers are some of the most determined, focused and driven women you know.
  • Some of you people believe that it is more morally corrupt for a woman to have sex with rappers and write a book about it then for rappers to sell crack, rap about it, and have baby-oiled up women clappin' @ss in their videos.
  • Others of you think that that the video vixens shouldn't write their books because they have children.
  • And finally, a few of you think that the rappers are entitled to be able to mash with women, and not have their confidentiality breached.
I must say that I was surprised by some of the responses.


Anyone got that NFL channel?

I really wanted to catch, at least the first quarter of the Cowboys game last week.

They Go So Hard. Just Sweet inspiration, I tell you.

Speaking of sports, you think the Knicks can get AI? (clearly I wrote this before he went to the Nuggets).

I know there are salary cap issues, but AI and E. Curry could be a dominant combination.


Er. My folks over at the Smoking Section got Bigged up in this months source.
It seems like '07 is 'bout to be a break out year


Warm wishes to you and yours this holiday season. I have some treats up the sleeve. A letter to black girls, a letter to black parents. Oh. And my Nas review. I might just go ahead and get that poppin' today.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Krix Ex, Me & Rakim.


Kris Ex bigged me up in this month's XXL for my What if Rakim Had the Internet post from last June.

On June 10 of this year, Hummingbyrd, the mind behind a blog called Model Minority (, asked, “What if Rakim had the Internet?” Among the answers she provided to her own question, Hummingbyrd stated that if Rakim had the Internet in 1990, his Long Island–based DJ and producer, Eric B., could have e-mailed beats to West Coast fire demon Ras Kass; video-sharing site YouTube would have made MTV obsolete; there would be a Web-based distribution network for hip-hop artists; and hip-hop publications, such as the one you’re reading now, would not have become the premier outlet for rappers to air their grievances with their peers. “I think that people like us,” wrote Hummingbyrd, “who adore music from the backpack, boom-bap era, would have a constant cycle of music to listen to and tours to attend.”
Shits. Hot right!?!?! I remember beefing w/ gotty and a couple of cats at his sight about this very topic.

I am working currently working on a summary of what I have learned from Y'ALL about the Karin/Carmen/Video Vixen's.


Peep the bullets fly during the Sean Bell Shootin.

I wonder if Ray Kelly will resign before May.


That new Nas is so nasty. I am officially a Nakel stanlesha.


Is it legal for them to be married, cute and so talented?


Im bloggin from Oakland next week family. Gyyyyeah. O7 here we come!


Angelina is really not a womans woman and needs to sit down and
get some therapy. How you gone admit outloud that you don't like hugging people. Life is too short to a.) be going through it like that b.) to be advertising it.

Although she keeps up with mom Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie said she doesn't allow many people into her inner circle.

"I don't trust anyone," Jolie admitted.

"I don't think it's a good thing. This is going to make you think that maybe I should get some therapy, but trust is such a bizarre word. I'd like to say that I trust my mother, but I also don't know if she might do something that she thinks is in my best interest.

Still, "I trust Brad will never do anything," she said.

But after a few moments, Jolie then added, "I don't know. I don't trust anybody completely."

Jolie said she won't wear emotions on her sleeve - because it wouldn't do her any good.

"It's not going to accomplish anything to cry. It's not going to help you to get a hug!" she said.

"I'm not a hugger. People make fun of me. It's something that I have a hard time with. If someone hugs me, I hold my breath. Snuggling, cuddling, hugging, crying . . . all that stuff makes me very uncomfortable."

Except when it comes to her kids, the star said.

"Oh, I love hugging my kids," she quickly added. "It's a different thing because you feel such a genuine grab from them."

Plus she playing a BLACK WOMAN IN HER NEW MOVIE. Smacks teeth rolls eyes, listens to Lord Willin', louder!
When we get to play white women. Let me KNOW something yall?


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Thought He Had A Gun.


All of you who know me KNOW I LOVE my brother. On December 28th 2003 my brother was allmost Sean Bell.

I am suspiciously close to my brother.

He is largely responsible for my b-girl dom as he bought me Marly Marl, MC Lyte and LL Cool J tapes when I was a young buck.

He is the only person that I will joke with about OUR crazy a$$ed momma with
and not catch feelings.
I have not written about Sean Bell because he reminded me of December 28th 2003.
However when I saw this, I knew I had to put something down.

December 27th 2003, I was home in Cali, with my new engagement ring.

Blinging and Happy.

My brother, my neice and I went to the movies at the Metreon in Frisco to see Bad Santa.

6am. The next morning. My momma phone rings.

The police, had broken a flash light over my brothers head.

They beat him while he was handcuffed to a fence in an alley.

Apparently he was in East Oakland, and he ran.

You never run from the Oakland Police unless you are sure you are going to get away for true.

Im like. What? We were just at the movies. They trippin' for real.


We go to Highland Hospital at 6:20am. The sky was turning pinkish orange. The sun was rising. They wouldn't let us see him.

If I knew then what I knew now I would have called Jim Zimora at the Chronicle, somebody at the Tribune, Chris Thompson at the Express.

I imagined that the media folks who would be interested in hearing about how the police beath the teeth out my brother, opened his head up witha flash light and THEN decided that they would not let us see him.

Only recently have I been able to look back and see how I went through every day with my brother, even though I was 2500 miles away. How, to a certain extent I checked out of my relationship with BBC and how it affected our engagement. Sh*t, thats life though, right?

From Jan 2004-May 2004:

It wasn't until May 2004 that I got my hands on the police report.

I was sitting in my aunties living room in San Jose.

I remember it being a warm late May morning.

She bought be a poppiseed bagel and coffee.

I came to those words in the police report.

I thought he had a gun.

I thought he had a gun.

I thought he had a gun.

When I heard about Sean Bell. Those 5 words came to mind.

Five simple, innocous, yet powerful words. 5 words that serve as a defense to, what
would normally be considered murder.

All I could think about was the fact that my brother is a softpaw.

That he was handcuffed to a fence.

Fortunately, years have passed and

He has recovered and is doing well.

I am grateful that he lived through it.

He very well could have been Sean Bell.

My heart and spirit goes out to the Bell family.

What I will allways remember most about December 28th is that sensation of
"This sh*t can't be happening because I JUST SAW HIM'.

That was a personal M.Dot post.

We all have these stories, I would imagine.

I guess it was just time for me to share mine.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

What Does Sex Have to Do With It? Carmen, Video Vixens and Hip Hop.


Even Meylssa Ford Drives a Honda Accord
-Game "You Wont Get Far"

We always hear about rappers f*cking video vixens and women in general. We see video vixens in rap videos and on the cover of King, Smooth and Black Men. Little black and brown girls want to grow up to be video vixens.

But we never hear from the vixens themselves.

At least not until Karrine Stephans wrote her book.

The Madonna Whore
To a certain extent, the message being sent is that is theat the vixens are like children, they should be seen and not heard. Which brings me to Carmens book.

A couple of weeks ago I reading Eskay's post where he called Carmen a slore (slut + whore) and a spooge receptacle, I began to wonder:

a. If Carmen is a "slore" then what does that make Jay, Nas and AI?
b. If they are not worthy of any fancy derogative names
then the inference is that n*ggas can f*ck but women can't. However, if men are f*cking, and presumably hetero, then are are f*cking women. Talk about circular reasoning.
c. A major component of rap music is about getting at and snatching someone elses girl.
d. And that it is worth noting that having sex with Nas, Jay Z and AI constitutes a new version of promiscuity that is worthy of a new adjective.
e. W
hat would a rap video be without the The Vixens? f. That it is interesting that same kind of venom isn't reserved for n*ggas that sell crack and THEN rap about it.

Get off my D*ck and tell ya B*tch to Come Here
-Eazy E.

a. Its clear that it is acceptable for black and brown women to parade around in videos, a$$ cheeks glisten', looking available, sexy and expendable.
b. It is acceptable for Nelly to run tip drills.

c. But. Let a sista mash with a couple of these cats, then she is a slore. Let her write a book about it, then she is a slore who wants to make money off her "sloredom".

Yo honey-dips, summertime, fine Jheri drippin
See you on Pickens with a bunch of chickens how you're clickin
I catch shootin strong notes as we got close
She rocked rope, honey throat smellin like Impulse
Your whole shell baby's wicked like Nimrod
Caught me like a fresh-water scrod, or may I not be God
Ice Cream- Ghost Face

d. Which brings me to pimps. Its ironic that this a is a culture that values pimps, men who make money off of women who sell sex. But reserves the right to be derisive towards women who makes HER OWN money of her sexual exploits.
e. This is Especially deep in light of the fact that a substantial component of hip hop is men talking ABOUT THEIR sexual exploits.

Carmen is pretty. She grown. She can mash with whom ever she wants. While it reasonable to expect that that people "will talk". It is important to note when the name calling starts, and whether the men are criticized along the same lines as the women.
Why does it constitute sloredom that she mashed with the above mentioned?

Sex and the Big Picture
Sex has allays been a currency in Western culture and it arguably allays will be. That this notion arises in hip hop gives us an opportunity to talk about it within the context of a frame work that we are familiar with: Hip Hop.


That one has been on my mind for a couple of weeks.

Watchall' think?


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