Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Duke University does not like Black women.


1. Exhibit A.
2. Phyllis Again.
. Mo Fe fe.
If you ain't know now you know/ nigg@.

So Duke dudes are alledgedly rapin' sista's and refusing NOT to talk now?

Money. Power. Privilage, Sex and THE Confederacy?!?!?!
They are going to hang it on the DNA?

Ha. Fam. So THAT is easy to tamper with, I can't even type any more about this.
That case is as good as closed.

So they are finally begining to see, High Fructose Corn syrups as sugar on crack. I think that is specifically correlated with ADD.

I went to sleep w/ CNN on, so I had a dream this morning th
at I was crossing the border w/ somma my holmes, and we actually managed to avoid getting caught.
Isn't the brain amazing?


There is no such thing as a Black doctor. Why don't you bring your boss in here to look at me.

Got that new Fishscale. Don't it seem like that is a album you should have a party and lissen to over and over again? I love the fact that HIP HOP could get you all excited about 'ish. Like Ghost be reuniting nigg@s and what not.


I ran into my Ol' school homie, Kambui who is havin
g his FIRST solo show. You all are all invited. All of the pieces are on Nina Simone. Yes. Nina. He told me that he chose her because "there is a thunder in her work that he would like to have in his" and "through Nina, he related to his momma, who passed away 9 years ago, so when Nina passed, it was like, what does this mean". Any grown ass*ed black man working out his grown in get 810% support in my book, so I will let you all know so we can hoo -ide on the opening:)
The three most intersting things the my blog shows up for when people google:
Thick Hip Hop Models - Oh. Okay. Don't that have porn sites for that.
Hip Hop Sexp- Again, aren't there OTHER sites for that.
3. 3-6 Mafia and the Oscars- Thats dope that people are interested
4. Old People and Hip Hop. Maybe I need to write about this. HMMMMMM.


So it looks like Po.po. messed with the wrong sista' this time.

Imma start a new drink called Blog Passion. Its gon' be stoli vanilla
and pineapple juice yes beeches, you saw it here furst!
Speaking of blog passion, Hardly art gotta whole jawn dedicated to
freaky a$$ songs with MP3 links mind you.

It don't get better than that! Well pe
rhaps it does, but maybe even more importantly, that post Demonstrates blog passion. Cheers fam.
The mobile homeless. I thought that was just my cousin
Lester when his wife kicked him out for the weekend.!>!>!>!>!>
So Just Blaze loves the Boom bap. You ain't alone baby.
"I'm not one of those dudes that needs to be living in the past all day, but there's got to be a balance, and right now the balance of hip-hop is totally like this," he says, miming an unbalanced scale. "That raw grittiness, the essence of it, is totally down here. I've done uptempo club records with no samples and keyboards; I'm not mad at that. But the more I notice things getting screwed up, the more I'm like I gotta play my part in balancing the scale a little more.

And if I fail, cool. I just gotta do what my heart tells me, and right now my heart is telling me that somebody's got to be at the front of people bringing it back. There's not too many people from the boom-bap East Coast era who are even in a position to make a difference in hip-hop. I'm one of the few who anybody even has half of an eye on. A lot of my heroes wouldn't even have the opportunity to do it. It's almost like I have to do it."
I wanna 'spress my preciation for you f*ckin' with me the last couple weeks,
that blog la familia love is priceless.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ghost Ride the Innernetos.


Summer Jump off concert. Nas. The Roots and Erykah at a Jay D benefit concert in May. Who's with me??!?!?!?
This what is so beautiful about hip hop. People w/ similar interests coming together to argue and obsess over obscure Nas disses, the viability of Papoose as an emcee and audio-textual layers of a Premier beat. DJ Premier Blog
E-40 and his SON Droop E inna article in the New York Times. The Bay Is Bubblin' fam.

Eventually Mr. Stevens, who raps as E-40, became renowned for a vocal style that takes bits and pieces from each of his identities, a spirited, intricate gobbledygook of carefully tweaked lingo that reveals itself fully only on repeated listens. The same could be said of regular conversation with him, which is punctuated with phrases — "I'm from the land of the slick talkers and collar poppers," "When I was a young mustache," "I hung in there like a hubcap in the fast lane" — that demand careful attention, and maybe a little context (in order: boastful, wistful, defiant).

In a sense, E-40 wa
s hyphy before hyphy existed. (The word refers both to the music and its attendant culture, which includes, among other things, unusually loose-limbed dancing and ghostriding, an unusually risky form of stunt driving.) "On the old Sick Wid It records, he would get on one of those slow bass lines and he would quick rap over it," Mugzi said. "Now, the music is catching up to him."

Beverky Cleary, age 90. Y'all know y'all usta read Ramona the Pest and Ramona and Beezus!

All I wanna know is where is his son?
Remember all that ying yang about the port situation. Well come to find out DUBAI allready owns ownership intersts in hella US companies. So let me get this reasoning straight. Dubai can run the docks but they can have an ownership intrest in Chrysler:
Dubai International Capital is the third-largest investor in DaimlerChrysler, and through investments with the Carlyle Group and JPMorgan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has dollars and dirhams in a wide range of U.S. companies. Each Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, Baskin-Robbins sundae, Hertz car rental, and Alain Ducasse dinner New Yorkers buy makes the sheikh richer. Don’t tell Congress.
Speak with me fam. I know yall munchin on the fakin bacin' watching VH1 soul cuz its chilly outside. I can't wait for it to warm up. I got some sandals I am ITCHIN' to wear.
Eat. Pray. Love.

Friday, March 24, 2006

You see chillin in my '66 stang, rollin' around the town doing super big thangs.~MM


Ain't that 'Stang hella clean. I was eating some brunch at Mommas Royal Cafe in Oakland last week, waiting for the owner of the car to come out. As soon as a saw him I raced out and asked him if I could take a picture in front of it.

Come to find out he repairs and sells cars for a living. I love the stangs. Family, when he fired it up, it sounded like a ninja honda.

So LA sherrifs are dropping off homeless people recently discharged from jail and the hospital on LA's skid row. Also other counties are droppin off their homeless. Frankly, the images look like a cross between post-Katrina New Orleans and "Hamsterdam" from HBO's the wire.
If you want to know what HIP HOP thinks of about the fact that the FEDS are trying to give Supreme the Chair, people NAH RIGHT. Ain't nothing like an analytical discussion about hip hop.
You have a cousin in prison. A mother. A brother. Well, while prison culture is apart of our every day lives very little is written about what it means to have a loved one in prison. I recently came up on The Prisoners Wife blog and she does a beautiful job of addressing what it means to have your father, to not have your father, to only be able to communicate with him via letters (God, there are so many of use) and the toll that it takes on the other relationships in our lives.

If you wanna get stomped the f&ck out go a Papoose show talking about peace and stop the violence. Click to see Kay Slay instigate and to see what los innernetos is bubbling about.
Death Row Records may become owned by Bank of America.

LOS ANGELES - A judge on Thursday ordered Marion "Suge" Knight to appear at a hearing next month to discuss his assets — or risk having the court take control of the rap-music mogul's Death Row Records.

Knight has been in a legal battle since he lost a $107 million judgment last year to a woman who claimed she helped start the record empire.

Attorneys for Lydia Harris and her ex-husband, an imprisoned drug dealer who is seeking half of the award as part of their divorce, urged the judge Thursday to place Knight's company in receivership.

Michael Harris' attorneys accused Knight of trying to evade his legal obligations by failing to show up for debtor examinations three times. He was absent from Thursday's hearing.

"Enough is enough," said attorney Steve Goldberg. "It is time for a receiver and an order for contempt. There are rules of court that should be obeyed and Mr. Knight is making a mockery of it."

More here.


I am the Juggernot Beech! I know yall seen this on those internetos.

Best quotes:

"She fuckin' w/ my helmet, I got this sh*t in 4th grade".

"Charles, what the F&ck is this sh*t, Im trippin off acid".

"Im the Juggernot beech, I will beat you w/ your own pimup".

"I don't hoes, I sell candy, don't you see my outfit, Ima part time skiripper and I do hayer".


Lets tawk blog family. Whatchall' doing for the weekend?


Thursday, March 23, 2006

I said it, I meant it, bite my tongue for noone. ~I miss B.I.G.


Lets analyze the above photo. You have negros and white folks. 40's. Flavor Flave clocks around the neck. And Jeri curls. God I love Hip Hop.
Ok. So staying up for 24 hours DOES allow me to be productive. But I have ended up spending the last two days trying to regulate my internal clock. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the clip:~

I learned about Erica's work from the Eastbay Express last week.
The fabric that she uses is delish an inspiring. I also like the fact that she uses a lot of solid colors. Some of the pieces could be a little bit
more sopisticated. However overall they are imaginative and capture the laid back spirit of the bay.

Why didn't anyone tell me that McCoy Tyner and Ravi Coltrane were performing tonight at Aaron Davis Hall for $10. Yes, matilda, count them ten dollars. You know I adopted John into my network of spiritual angels in 1996. What a rough year? Mills College. Contemplating moving to New York. Being out of my mommas house for the first time. Breaking up with my first love. But I digress.
So Ladies. If we are going to get a paper up we have to start some clubs where we compare salaries, take the findings to our bosses, and request pay equal to men.
Lenore Skenazy of the Daily News

"A lot of women assumed inevitably we'd all get equality, but there's nothing inevitable about it," says Murphy, a former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. That's why she wants women to start forming "wage clubs" - small groups where women can research salaries and determine how to present their findings to the boss. (To start a club, go to
Only the boss can change things - on this, Murphy is adamant. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for instance, a female professor requested a larger lab and was refused. So she measured the labs of her fellow faculty. Guess what? Tenured women like her had an average of 1,500 square feet. Tenured men: 3,000.

Armed with these statistics, she and her female colleagues went to the college president and he agreed to universitywide change.

Without gathering the facts, women cannot approach the boss. Without approaching the boss, as a team, women cannot gain parity.

Starting a wage club may sound daunting. Losing out on $2 million sounds worse.

Where is Benecio del Toro and why hasn't he been in a BIG movie since Traffic??!?!!??! --------------------------------------------------------
Ice Cube is starring in the film version of Welcome Back Kotter. What next, is 50 cent gonna star in a movie about an inner city high school basketball coach who leads his players, who don't know how to read, to a season ending championship?

Frisco native Kevin Epps has a new documentary out, Rap Dreams. They are showing it at the Parkway. For those of you that do not know, the Parkway is a movie theater for grownfolks where beer is served and movies are watched on couches. Talk about some good living.
Leave me some good tawk. It is nice hearing from you all. I know, somma yall got some big 'ol moufs too:~

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

They killed a homie that I went to school with ~ Cube


The second day I was in Oakland last week I found out that an old friend, Benjamin Weaver, was killed in a hit and run in San Francisco. The driver hit him and drug him several blocks (Santana, Ben is Philly from the train station's little brother. So sad right.) Ben had a one month old baby.
The SFPD has located the killer. What do you say to yourself when someone you knew since you were 16 was alive the last time you went home and is now dead?

Good morning. It is 5 am I have pulled my first all nighter blog family. The brief had to be rewritten, the hair had to be retwisted and the con law, contracts and civ pro reading had to get done.

This may be the first time that I have alone/not tipsey and saw the sun come up, since ever. I wonder if Johnnie Cochran pulled all nighters. I wonder if Condi does. She prolly has to w/ Bushi invading fools and selling ports and what not.

They are building condos and houses on top of Leona Quarry in O
akland. Isn't anything sacred? I know land is at a premium, but damnnnnnnn Gina.
You ever wake up and just wanna listen to Only Built for Cuban Linx? I wonder what that means. Does it mean that I am gonna have a f8cked up day?

Hol up. Hol up. South Dakota done banned abortions now they talking about you can carry gats and buck at fools. Its going down in South Dakota. South Dakota is like France. Why every time I turn around, fools in France is rioting.

They do not care out there. At least they are not blaming the riots on Hip Hop, at least not yet.

There can't be a murder in the "good part" of Oakland. What is the world coming to?

OAKLAND — The fatal shooting Friday morning of an insurance salesman in his Grand Lake district office has residents and merchants wondering whether the bloodshed usually seen in East and West Oakland is seeping into typically safe areas.

Bill Lester 'gon teach NASCAR and them REALLY how to ghost ride the whip.

Leave me messages. I like to tawk.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Drink your Hypy juice and go dumb.


This is one of those Powerful Impact boom with the Cannon posts.
I took the above picture at Tower records in emerville yesterday. I know yall would not have believed me if I told you that there is IN FACT hyphy juice that you can buy.

Eastbay express takes on extacy and thizz culture. Did you know that cut that 'ish with meth. Not cool fam.

Its good to hear that someone is doing SOMETHING TANGIBLE
to help the people suffering from Hurricane Starkeysha.

If we truly want to help the poor, rather than just congratulate ourselves for generosity, he argues, rich Westerners have to give up our grand ambitions. Piecemeal problem solving has the best chance of success.

When aid agencies handed them [mosquito nets] out in poor countries nets are diverted to the black market.... or wind up being used as fishing nets are wedding veils.

Charging for nets may sound hardhearted but prices provide more vital information about commitment.

read more here.

2-Pac, Ras Kass and Moss Def on a Jay D track. A minority can dream right.When is someone gonna do something about Meth.

The Washington Post is sitting up here asking whether Meth is the new crack. I been could have told you that.

At least a prominent news paper is discussing it.

In new sex news about teens, apparently there is a group of teenagers at "prominent" Stuvesant High school who gather together in a "cuddle puddle" where "girls are petting girls and and girls are a petting guys and guys are petting guys.

Is she gay or is she "metroflexible"? Listen, don't blame the messenger, I am not making this up. Metroflexible comes straight from the article.

The article is interesting in that it portrays these kids as some special braniacs engaging in the experimental orgy behavior. When in reality, the kids are responding to the hyper sexualized images that they being fed on the daily.

Some nuggets from the article

It is also true that the puddle is just a clique at stuvysant and that Stuyvesant can hardly be considered a typical high school. It attracts the brightest public school students in New York, and that may be an environment conducive to fewer sexual inhibitions. In our school Elle says, peopleare getting a better education, so they are more open minded.

If this is the best and brightest NYC's public schools have to offer, we are in a world of trouble. How can sexual experimentation be connected to ones educational level?

"My mom's like Alair, I don't understand you. I want to be your friend, but I have no control at all...As a person your'e awesome. Your hilarious, you entertain me, your so cool. I would totally be your friend. But as your mother I am worried."
a. Mommas cannot be friends w/ kids. It is called having boundaries. b. She needs to be worried because she has failed to grasp the concept of Momma's being a Momma, not a friend.

Speaking of things that I want more of in life, I just
finished asha bandele's article in this weeks times. They managed to keep that on the super slunder under hunh?
Three words. She
is gifted.
I saw my life as a series of mistakes. He set that lie aside , made me see myself through his eyes until I could love my reflection.

But mostly I was worried whether I would be able to raise a black girl safely in a world that seems to expand in its ability to hate and destroy.

I hate having to be the sole emotional and financial provider for my child. The pressures are too great. If you slip,. there is no one to catch you. But worse, there is no one to catch your baby. Read more here.
Where is here fiction/ memior class? Becuase I want to sign up!

Dagmar O'Conners sex workshop drew so many executives that organizers had to add a second show.

Ready to Die is turning into another kind of
classic now. Biggie can't rest in peace can he?
You mean to tell me that PUFF of all people did not make sure that the samples were cleared? He should have settled. I doubt that the record companies wanted to litigate from the get go.
Why would the judge ban it from being sold? Would they ban Elvis? Sinatra? Is this not a little bit extreme. The album is more thant ten years old for christ sake. It will be interesting to see what is the alterior motive working here.

John Heilemann is hella funny.
" Now let's be clear, the point here isn't that accidently shooting a septuagenarian in face is automatically a firing offense".

Cheney has long been, as Noonan put it last week, "the administration's hate magnet." Now he is a vivid symbol its incompetence as well-- the poster boy for the Gang That Cann't Shoot Straight.

I can't wait to see A Guide to Recognizing your Saints.

Moral Minority meet the Model Minority.
Today's art world is powerfully drawn to Kentridge because he's mastered one of our periods greatest challenges: how to create an art of cultural authority, one that takes the moral measure of hour time. He seems unusually free. He does many things at once. He creates films, drawings and operas. He tells stories. He crosses genres and makes new connections. He has roots in South Africa but moves easily around the world.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Won't catch me runnin'.


Yo, yo, yo, yo, baby-pop/
Yeah, you come here, gimme a kiss/
Better make it fast or else I'm gonna get pissed/
Can't you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would?/
Now push it/

Kanye is starring in the adaptation of the Wiz. He is playing the Scarecrow.

If someone takes another persons torn up credit card application, and applies for credit, they will the get it. G

Chris Lighty is "tawkin" about how there is no Hip Rolling Stones. 1. First of all hip hop does not care about older artist. 2. Hip hop by definition is driven by what is new, young and new. 3. Chris needs to get at me so that we can start throwing these hip0-hop cruises. Between my charisma and his contacts, we could be For Hip Hop, for real.

We are we going to have a conversation about urban schools AND surburban schools.
When are we going to talk about how their fates intertwined?

Elliott Spitzer 1. Suckas. 0.

Oakland Revealed.
1. Going home is NOT the same as going on a vacation even if you are visiting the lovely Bay.

2. No one is marriage material until they have dealt with the disruptions that occured during in childhood. ~my pops.

3. San Jose has some good living.

4. The Oil/Car lobby must be hella thick in Cali b/c there is no reason for any one to sit in traffic 30 minutes to go two miles.

5. The New E-40 is cool. There is a section at Rastputin's that is dedicated entirely to Bay mixtapes. I almost bought Rass Kass's, "Instituionalized." But decided not to. I know the beats on there are prolly hella inconsistent which furstrates me about his product.

6. La Vals Pizza in Berkeley is closed. I have been going there every since I was a teenager. Get my pizza,
play a little pool watch the A's on the big screen.
It was a nice U.C. Berkeley amenity that a 'lil Oakland girl could appreciate. When I got old enough I could get a beer to go with my pizza. I musta rolled up there on Monday, La Val's pizza had a fence around it:(

7. Found out that to some people, "I Love You" is the same as "I am IN Love With You.'
Who knew? I personally think that they are seperate.

8. Blog Dedicated to Kelis's husband.

You have managed to do what the Klan has been trying to achieve.

10. Under cover police shot a dude who was shooting into a parked car occupied by two women last Saturday. In broad daylight. So, The
Commissioner is considering a "State of Emergency". Does that mean state troopers to arrest D boys? More Police. A curfew?

11. Bay Area My Block Jawn. You tube baby. So, much pride beaming from my heart when I saw this. Tell me what 'chall think.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The 3-6 mafia backlash effect.


I never let a statute tell me how nice I am.

Oakland is cold 'yall. It is the rainey season. Green and wet. Sorta like a young buck hunh?
I have not done a spring break in How many years????!?!!?!?!?

time I am Brazil bound, trust.

I will say it is hella cool chillin' w/ so many people and their mommas, and observing how their momma's mess w/ them the same way mine be being extra w/ me.
For example.

a. "Are you wearing your hair like that to work tomorrow?"
Whats wrong w/ my hair. Nothing is wrong it looks fine. Well, why did you ask then. ----------------------------------- Classic momma and daughter jawns.


So many mommas have had a comment about the 3-6 mafia winning the Oscar.
The discussions that they have had a work a
s a result. White folks are apparently angry. I personally more into the cultural relevence and the discussion that has developed because they won, more than I am into the fact that they did win.

To me it is another example of how anything Affirming Blackness will not be rewarded.

In the last 48 hours I have:
a. Taken a 7 year old to a carnival. Never do that. They want everything.
They are full of energy. Here I am trying to re-live being 10, not realizing that this child is ready to ROLL.

b. Attended a birthday party of my 14 year old neice. She ACTUALLY hesistated to give me a hug at the end b/c her friends were there. I just let it go b/c I remember how we do NOT wanna be huggin "old people" in front of our friends.

c. I went on a tour of a chocolate factory. Dude bitter sweet chocolate taste like a chocolate tea bag. And Cacao beans look like they are in the squash family. I am like a quasi chocolate expert now! d. Had some amazing Thai curry that had sweet potatoes in it. My homey had the duck. I was like why are you eating Donald? Did you know that E-40 has a radio show on the equivilent of Hot 97, in the Bay Area?

The funniest thing is hearing a 7 year old talking about Ghost Ride the Whip.

The Sopranos family. What Nas say,
in the end," A girl in the hood will lead you to your own hidden evil."

Even though it was not a woman, I interpreted it as someone close to you will lead you to YOUR own hidden evil.

I have been meaning to post about the searches that my blog pops up for.
People BE FEENIN' for sex fam. For example:
1. Hip Hop Models.
2. Hip Hop Sex.
3. Tamala Jones in Smooth.
4. Hip Model Sex.

Thank you Rob Brezney. I have taken your advice.
Libra (September 23-October 22)
America's finest news source, the newspaper and website known as The Onion (, reported recently that President George W. Bush has hidden the nation's report card in his sock drawer. Having received a D in international relations, a D in economics, and an F in military history, the Commander in Chief was too embarrassed to share the evaluation with anyone. I implore you to *not* be like him in the coming week, Libra. It may be hard to imagine, but you will generate good luck and healthy relationships if you freely admit your mistakes and shortcomings. This is one time when power can come from revealing your vulnerabilities.

Friday, March 10, 2006

3-6 Mafia does not care about Black People


Howie maui feel the good vibrations/ so many females so much inspiration.

Blog family I have been through it this week. You name it I have prolly experienced it, saw it,
felt it or touched it.
a. I got my first brief back and I learned that I made a VERY critical mistake.
A sloppy mistake.
b. I started panicking about getting a summer job.
c. Bronx Logic (BL) and I were going back and forth about the extent of our relationship. I love Sag's but yall are capable of keeping sh*t to your selves in a way that drives me bananers.

d. A friend that I thought I made thought I made has just UP and stopped talking to me. This is significant because I took it personal, but thats him you know. I learned a valuable lesson.

e. My EX black bill clinton ("bbc") is moving to Chicago this summer. We are hella cool friends now, and it is gonna hurt to not have him a phone call or just a couple of blocks away. We all have to move on. In a wierd way, its like breaking up again. But I think he will be happier there. New York city women be doing three much and likes his g.r.i.t.s. (girls raise in the south).
Like I said this been one of those weeks that, lets just say that I am glad to have it behind me.

Now th
at I have that personal jawns addressed, why Mos Def Gotta look and sound like a slave in Most of 16 Blocks. Was it really necessary for him to sound like Richard Pryor, right before he got a hit, talking out the side of his face and 'ish. I will say that I am glad that Mos is going by is name, family, don't let NOBODY give you no bubbly water.

Innerts is going nuts about that 3-6
mafia performance at the Oscars. Like Chris Rock said. Hip Hop, you are making it very difficult for me to defend you.
My god, I am turning into one of those old crusty people who says thinks like "That song is so ignorant". What is happening? ***Says it like I am turning into the incredible hulk***.

The Academy and friends rewards Black Art that is non threatening or or just plain self hate.Never the positive though. Never.
Halle. Denzel. Kara Walker. The Known World by Edward P. Jones. How are you gonna give a book about a BLACK SLAVE OWNER A PULTIZER. That showed me A WHOLE LOT of character right there fam.
Oh. Its getting darker at 6- 6:30 yall. Thats hella fresh. Plus the sun be coming up a 6-6:30. I hate that dark sh*t. Have you stayin' depressed.

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