Monday, March 13, 2006

The 3-6 mafia backlash effect.


I never let a statute tell me how nice I am.

Oakland is cold 'yall. It is the rainey season. Green and wet. Sorta like a young buck hunh?
I have not done a spring break in How many years????!?!!?!?!?

time I am Brazil bound, trust.

I will say it is hella cool chillin' w/ so many people and their mommas, and observing how their momma's mess w/ them the same way mine be being extra w/ me.
For example.

a. "Are you wearing your hair like that to work tomorrow?"
Whats wrong w/ my hair. Nothing is wrong it looks fine. Well, why did you ask then. ----------------------------------- Classic momma and daughter jawns.


So many mommas have had a comment about the 3-6 mafia winning the Oscar.
The discussions that they have had a work a
s a result. White folks are apparently angry. I personally more into the cultural relevence and the discussion that has developed because they won, more than I am into the fact that they did win.

To me it is another example of how anything Affirming Blackness will not be rewarded.

In the last 48 hours I have:
a. Taken a 7 year old to a carnival. Never do that. They want everything.
They are full of energy. Here I am trying to re-live being 10, not realizing that this child is ready to ROLL.

b. Attended a birthday party of my 14 year old neice. She ACTUALLY hesistated to give me a hug at the end b/c her friends were there. I just let it go b/c I remember how we do NOT wanna be huggin "old people" in front of our friends.

c. I went on a tour of a chocolate factory. Dude bitter sweet chocolate taste like a chocolate tea bag. And Cacao beans look like they are in the squash family. I am like a quasi chocolate expert now! d. Had some amazing Thai curry that had sweet potatoes in it. My homey had the duck. I was like why are you eating Donald? Did you know that E-40 has a radio show on the equivilent of Hot 97, in the Bay Area?

The funniest thing is hearing a 7 year old talking about Ghost Ride the Whip.

The Sopranos family. What Nas say,
in the end," A girl in the hood will lead you to your own hidden evil."

Even though it was not a woman, I interpreted it as someone close to you will lead you to YOUR own hidden evil.

I have been meaning to post about the searches that my blog pops up for.
People BE FEENIN' for sex fam. For example:
1. Hip Hop Models.
2. Hip Hop Sex.
3. Tamala Jones in Smooth.
4. Hip Model Sex.

Thank you Rob Brezney. I have taken your advice.
Libra (September 23-October 22)
America's finest news source, the newspaper and website known as The Onion (, reported recently that President George W. Bush has hidden the nation's report card in his sock drawer. Having received a D in international relations, a D in economics, and an F in military history, the Commander in Chief was too embarrassed to share the evaluation with anyone. I implore you to *not* be like him in the coming week, Libra. It may be hard to imagine, but you will generate good luck and healthy relationships if you freely admit your mistakes and shortcomings. This is one time when power can come from revealing your vulnerabilities.

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