Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Duke University does not like Black women.


1. Exhibit A.
2. Phyllis Again.
. Mo Fe fe.
If you ain't know now you know/ nigg@.

So Duke dudes are alledgedly rapin' sista's and refusing NOT to talk now?

Money. Power. Privilage, Sex and THE Confederacy?!?!?!
They are going to hang it on the DNA?

Ha. Fam. So THAT is easy to tamper with, I can't even type any more about this.
That case is as good as closed.

So they are finally begining to see, High Fructose Corn syrups as sugar on crack. I think that is specifically correlated with ADD.

I went to sleep w/ CNN on, so I had a dream this morning th
at I was crossing the border w/ somma my holmes, and we actually managed to avoid getting caught.
Isn't the brain amazing?


There is no such thing as a Black doctor. Why don't you bring your boss in here to look at me.

Got that new Fishscale. Don't it seem like that is a album you should have a party and lissen to over and over again? I love the fact that HIP HOP could get you all excited about 'ish. Like Ghost be reuniting nigg@s and what not.


I ran into my Ol' school homie, Kambui who is havin
g his FIRST solo show. You all are all invited. All of the pieces are on Nina Simone. Yes. Nina. He told me that he chose her because "there is a thunder in her work that he would like to have in his" and "through Nina, he related to his momma, who passed away 9 years ago, so when Nina passed, it was like, what does this mean". Any grown ass*ed black man working out his grown in get 810% support in my book, so I will let you all know so we can hoo -ide on the opening:)
The three most intersting things the my blog shows up for when people google:
Thick Hip Hop Models - Oh. Okay. Don't that have porn sites for that.
Hip Hop Sexp- Again, aren't there OTHER sites for that.
3. 3-6 Mafia and the Oscars- Thats dope that people are interested
4. Old People and Hip Hop. Maybe I need to write about this. HMMMMMM.


So it looks like Po.po. messed with the wrong sista' this time.

Imma start a new drink called Blog Passion. Its gon' be stoli vanilla
and pineapple juice yes beeches, you saw it here furst!
Speaking of blog passion, Hardly art gotta whole jawn dedicated to
freaky a$$ songs with MP3 links mind you.

It don't get better than that! Well pe
rhaps it does, but maybe even more importantly, that post Demonstrates blog passion. Cheers fam.
The mobile homeless. I thought that was just my cousin
Lester when his wife kicked him out for the weekend.!>!>!>!>!>
So Just Blaze loves the Boom bap. You ain't alone baby.
"I'm not one of those dudes that needs to be living in the past all day, but there's got to be a balance, and right now the balance of hip-hop is totally like this," he says, miming an unbalanced scale. "That raw grittiness, the essence of it, is totally down here. I've done uptempo club records with no samples and keyboards; I'm not mad at that. But the more I notice things getting screwed up, the more I'm like I gotta play my part in balancing the scale a little more.

And if I fail, cool. I just gotta do what my heart tells me, and right now my heart is telling me that somebody's got to be at the front of people bringing it back. There's not too many people from the boom-bap East Coast era who are even in a position to make a difference in hip-hop. I'm one of the few who anybody even has half of an eye on. A lot of my heroes wouldn't even have the opportunity to do it. It's almost like I have to do it."
I wanna 'spress my preciation for you f*ckin' with me the last couple weeks,
that blog la familia love is priceless.


CA said...

im in full support of a ghostface fishscale party.

i've offically played out "Underwater". lol

M.Dot. said...

yeah. Dude.

I am so glad that los internetos cares.

Long Live Ghost.

neo said...

R.A.G.U = nostalgia..

Hip hop really got exciting this year..I ain't gon' toot my horn but this mixtape I got coming out is worth checking for..( for snippets and such.

Corn syrup..they're just knowing that now????!!! Funny enough my pathophysio instructor was telling us during lecture he suspects its SUGAR and not FAT causing the problems as far as High BP, heart failure etc. That or is just genetics, strictly.

I love me some boom-bap..though being around some of the music I interact with on a daily basis you get tired of folks trying to sound like the next preem, pete rock or 9th..

M.Dot. said...

@ Neo
pathophysio instructor = Whats that fam?
Dude, HFCS ain't even real sugar, its like fake crack sugar. Craziness.

After losing Jay D we deserve to have some cool 'ish jump off right!?!?!

neo said...

Pathophysiology ma...

basically stuff about the main organs in the body..I'm a bio major..hehehe..

No doubt..@ Dilla..

the prisoner's wife said...


i need to cop that Ghost album. i'm so excited. he's the only one holding down Wu. period.

and a whole show based on Nina? that's hot. she definitely deserves it. she has definitely inspired my writing.

be easy.

Anonymous said...

so funny that you bigged up Phylly. I put up a post on my site that will drop in between the day she died and her birthday (a few days apart). I loved her to death (no pun intended).

great minds think alike, I guess it's the Libra in us

i like liquor and tv said...

The new Ghost is HOT. Ghost always brings the old school soul sound to his albums.

Yeah the Cynthia McKinney mess is getting blown up. I mean, what about the real crooks in Congress? Man this morning I was on and they had a big photo of the Director over at Homeland Security that was caught soliciting sex from a cop posing as a 14 year old girl over the internet. A few mins later, the story gets replaced by the Cynthia McKinney story saying that she instigated the incident with the cop. Hey everyone look at the crazy black chick, don't pay any attention to the pedophile. Man they made me so mad this morning.

i like liquor and tv said...

OK after the Cynthia story was up all day, they decided to put the pedophile's pic back up. That's what I THOUGHT!

M.Dot. said...

L & TV

'use a F-O-O-L and I LOVE IT.

Thats what I am talkin' bout.

Reg-a-late on them fools.

If we don't who will??!!?!?

Anonymous said...

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