Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Smithsonian decides to put on Bonita Applebum.


Hip Hop is coming to the Smithsonian musuem.
Giving me ANOTHER reason to visit DC this summer.
There is nothing like GOVERNMENT sponsored Hip Hop.

Master P catches a Gun Case.

This fool dances with the start by day, runs around town
with a gat a night.
Oh the beauties of being black,

Be easy Shark Bait, be easy.

Ann go ahead and get your wealth redstribution on.
I see you girl.

Between her and Mariah, they are walking examples of reasons why you never count a down sista out.
I know Anna ain't no sista. But they way there are trying to make her fight for her paper, you would think she was Anita Hill at the supremes and what not just to get the cash that HER BABY DADDY promised her.

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