Sunday, January 29, 2006

I said, "I came to revenge for the rhymes you stole


Now you must die/ because that is my mission/.

Sadam said f*ck you couch and got kicked outta court. Dude either has no idea that he is being prosecuted. Being a member of the axis if evil, he prolly know and just don't give a fizzle. This is like Micheal Jackson standing up in court and arguing with the judge.

California jails are employing gully ass*d prisoners as "peace keepers" then act hella surpise when one of them dudes eats some guards food. What the hell you think. This ain't the boy scouts. This is EAT or GET ATE, fam. NOW the state is investigating. I guess the same way Katrina is being investigated.

Public schools are for crack babies. They are. Who else would place a child in a sub-par school that is OVERcroweded and UNDERfunded, HYPER Violent and expect them to LEARN how to read and write. More than anything the young bucks come out knowing HOW TO SURVIVE.

Run the schools like you run Walmart, UPS and Microsoft.

The fundamental problem with schools is three things.
a. They are designed to underperform.

i. If it cost $15K to fund a child in a public school system, (peep the evidence) and the states/county and feds supply $4, $5 or 6K, the kids have lost the race before they knew they were in it.

b. Two suggestions.
i. All schools have 500 kids max.

ii. All teachers make...let me think about a forumla for that.

c. If this sounds expensive think of how much it costs to:
i. For tax payers to subsidize someone while they are in prison.

ii. How much money in taxes a working person contributes to the economy.

This article
, article talks, and this one talks about about how boys and black children are disadvantaged by the current education system. ALL OF THE STUDENTS a
re being underserved (Unless you are fortunate enough to go to a Montesorri or live in a neigborhood where the house taxes subsidize the schools).

On the real there needs to be a federal class action suit for the lack of equity in how schools are funded from district to district. Systematic solutions for systematic problems. Trust.

Memories of Crack's hey day in Oakland are fresh in my mind. DO I need t
o write the senators in Iowa and ask what are they going to do about this NEW MEXICAN METH?

Property is Freedom. That what my property professor said on the first day
of class, and that is some of the truest sh*t I EVER HEARD.
There is about to be A HUGE
WEALTH transfer in NEW ORLEANS. CONTRARY to what the mayor belives, IT will not be a chocolate city. That n*gga shit in NO is a wrap.
Trust. IT WILL BE condo/retirement/yuppie city.

Oh, please leave 'ya girl a messages. It's been awfully quiet on the boards. I know yall prolly a little depressed now that the Christmas credit card bills just came out. Show me some of that blog comment love fam:)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

'Yall better not tell Morgan Freeman,


Negro History Month is upon us.
Hattie Mc Daniel, American Model Minority
(She played a mammie so Halle could win).
  • Oprah told Frey, nigg@, f*uck you for 'tryna have my name all up in the game. Don't you know how hard I worked to get here? You better lean back. Well not exactly in those words. But you get the picture
  • White People sure do some creative parenting. I guess anything beats whupping your child into submssion.
  • Did 'yall know that Google is the only search engine that has not turned your search information over to the feds? I heard they were going to WIRE TAP GOOGLE.

Here's a little story I got to tell.


Drive By’s and Earthquakes

Athena was sitting at the bar minding her own business when this cat,Trench Coat, walks up and takes a seat at the bar. He asks the bar tender, “Ah, how you doing man?”

Tender responds , “fine….”. Trench Coat “Ah, you don’t remember me? I arn’y you the owner”.

Athena immeditaly starts thinking…Here we go, another negro comin’ up in her dive to start some 'ish. She was already flirting with this other dude that was playing pool, but he was just a harmless distraction.

He kinda looks like a transient. So between bites of her sandwich and flirting w/ the pool player he asked her "What are you writing there?"

Athena ignores him and it is very apparent that he is not used to be treated that way.

He says softly, " I like the way your hand looks, moves when you write."

Athena thought to herself, what kinda kinky ass complement was that? It is different though.

Athena realized that she was not going to be able to eat her sandwich in peace so she askes him "What is your industry?".

he answers "Finance?".

She asks again, slightly irritated,"Naww, nigga really…what do you do?"

"I sell financial services."

"Now was that so hard Mr. Wall street?"

Now he had her attentioe. He was not put off by her brash, and she was attracted to it. Athena loved to banter the way she loved food and sex.

Soon the pool player left her alone and she was holdin a conversation with Wall Street.

The he says, "So are we going to get otta here or what?"

Athena thought, No this nigga didn’t.

She just let out a, throw your head back, cackle and took a deep breath.

This cat was serious. Type A, Alpha DAWG.

She then looked him sqaure in hihs face and said, "You don’t know anything about me."

I know enough about you to conclude that I want to go home, get sticky with you, wake up, go to work, and you to school. Meet you work, go to the movies tonight, and do it all over again.

Is this nigga tryna fuck up my high?

Again you do not know me.

"My family gets on me all the time about not messing with black girls. I just don’t come across them in my line of work."

Athena thought, at least he was honest. Because if she closed her eyes and listened to his voice he show inna hell sounded like a WB to me. Can’t knock a brotha' for how he speaks. She couldn't can’t stand it when people comment on her usage of "the" languge.

She responded to him, coyily, "What if I told you I had that in my life already?"

He ignores her comment.

Total f*ckin’ alpha.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I have to ask/


Does Ye have a god complex?

It looks like he is pushing to envlope in '06. I wonder how long it will take for THEM to silence him. I know he is NOT Malcom. But he is an OUTSPOKEN BLACK male artist. You know that 'ish don't fly. He a mess around and be like Kobe'd, if he keep it up.

Be good. Be brokeback. Its irresistable.

So, look like WB and UPN
is about re-up they game to get more money from the advertisers that cater to hyper-sexed teenagers. I wonder how many people are going to lose their jobs. More New World Order consolidation.
UPN and The WB had both struggled to compete against larger rivals in the broadcast TV business, including Walt Disney Co.'s ABC, General Electric Co.'s NBC, CBS Corp.'s CBS and News Corp.'s Fox. Both place consistently behind their larger rivals in the Nielsen ratings race and have been financial burdens on their parent companies.

You Best Protect Ya Neck

DaimlerChrysler AG announced Tuesday morning that the company will cut 6,000 white-collar jobs, or about 20% of its administrative staff, by the end of 2008.

Again. Why Google is telling the feds, F*ck Yo Couch Nigg!.

Disney is BUYING Pixar. Do we own any Pixar stock? Blog family, lets get out weight up!

Monday, January 23, 2006

I clock G's/ While you clock Z's


and I dont smoke crack/ I smoke emcees/.

So I log off for a day and come back and Kobe don' scored 81 points. Is that legal?

I know ya'll musta been praying for me because the CONSTITUTIONAL law professor called on me today. (Peep the link. He is a big dude too.)

Understand blog family. He asks ONE STUDENT questions for the entire duration of the class.

I was nervous at first, then it just felt like we were having a "conversate"(tion) about the constituional, states rights, contracts and property. Whew. Talk about slaying dragons on a Monday afternoon. All I can say is that I AM GLAD I did today's homework. REAL TALK.

So you mean to tell me you got gully dudes on ships, jackin' fools and firin' at other fools. Sounds like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. First Cam and Jay funkin' and now real life Pirates. Next thing you know Hillary gon' run for president!

Friday, January 20, 2006

The chocolate boy wonder/ makin' heads bop/


So, I went out to Joes Pub last night.
There is nothing like being held at the door at a club and then getting inside and theres only 5 negroes up in there.

I like Joes b/c the lighting is warm and gentle and the couches are soft and cushy.
Pete Rock was spinning those joints. I didn't even know he was gonna be there so it was an added treat. He was on some WU 'ish, w/ Camay and some other Rae jawns ain't heard inna minute. Mainly, Nice and Smooth's "Funky for You". Singing along and dancing has got me feeling tired. But damn if I did not have to get up this morning and take my Model Minority self to Property.

Funny Dudes in Hip Hop
Apparently Cam's panties are inna bundle. He has decided to go at Jay, which is cool for hip hop I guess. He does a have a point about Biggie's Mom's needin' to receive some royalties. But at the end of the day, all of HH is about reusing, other peoples jawns and flipping it into something new and fresh. And how is Cam gonna go at Jay regarding Jays business w/ Dame. They are grown @ss men who are prefectly capable of negotiating with one another. Dave and Benzino have finally got booted from the Source. I wouldn't be surpised if the Feds weren't investigating THEM for money laundering and what not. Yo, that RICO act is real talk.

Why is Paul Wall starting
an online gold front store? Cool nigg@s like they fronts. Which is dope. I am all about
entrepreneurship in the hood. But fronts. Dude. He could do so much better. He need to call Magic and leverage that 'ish. $hit, if he was smart he would poly his celebrity into chain of stores that sold nothing but gold fronts and rims. Nigg@, what if nigg@'s rims matched their fronts. Okay, I am getting delirious and must stop typing.

Google is a damn fool. Why they just tell the goverment, f*ck yo' couch nigg@, and refused to turn over documents regarding an investigation on internet porn. Doesn't google allready have founk w/ mad publishing companies because they just D-bo'd their way into publishing excerpts from books witout getting permission.
Some Negroes Aint Sh*t
So you mean to tell me, you so cheap and so lousy and so unwilling to be a father that you are going to FAKE YOUR DEATH, to avoid paying child support. *SMH* He either needs to upgrade his brand of crack, stop watching TV or both.

Women are stupid for listening to Hip Hop
I refuse to have a conversation with someone who talk about the mysogony in HH and are unwilling to discuss the how the HATERED/ DISLIKE/OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN hatred in POP culture as a whole.

A rant in the Baltimore Sun
, that I have excerpted below, talks about how "WAIT" and GOLD DIGGER are mysogynistic AND are up for grammies. (courtesy of Spine)

See how it sounds, a little unRational. Only a selected few in this country activley cultivate their critical thinking faculties. And unfortunatley, in a Democracy that we live his greatly underutlized because of it, but that is another question. Women, especially, Black women are not honored, VISUALLY and MUSICALLY, in American Pop Culture and American CULTURE in general.

"The industry is so oversaturated with these types of songs," says Nicole Marzan, an industry insider and publicist for the Hyacinth Group, a New York-based public relations firm. "Women's lib — we've taken off our bras already and burned them. Women can wear the pants now in relationships, and they can like these songs without getting so offended."
What in the hell is she talking about women wear the pants in relationships? What relationships is she talking about. Women are disporportionatly everything. Disporportionaly infected with Aids, by heart disease, by diabetes, by breast cancer. Women as a WHOLE, ONLY make 75 cents on the dollar. Speak for yourself. I BEEN offended by the WAIT song. The same way I am offended by Hillary calling the White House a plantation, but thats just me.

Full disclosure: No matter the club I went to last year, an upscale joint or a hole in the wall, women in the place flocked to the floor whenever "Gold Digger" or "Wait" boomed through the speakers.
So. We dance to ignorant sh*t. Miles Davis use to beat the sh*t outta Cicely Tyson and was unapologetic about it. Consequently, I did not listen to ANY Miles until two years ago. I was being hypocritical in listenin' to Snoop's DOPE, anti-female music but, girl-cotting Miles. F.O.H.

"How do you expect the media or anybody else to get upset about these songs when the women don't?" asks Reed Baker, a New York-based hip-hop record producer and chief executive of Sophist Productions. "Women — the women I know — concentrate on the hooks and the beats, anyway. There's a general unawareness of the lyrics."
"The Media" is run by corporations. Corporations only care about the bottom line. People can care, but we would be doing a huge disservice to ourselves to expect the media to care. Its one of the many beauties of capitalism:)

"Hip-hop is all about talking about concepts and content that aren't comfortable," producer Baker says. "It challenges us to contemplate tough issues. The Britney Spears song isn't going to do that. 'Gold Digger' is a deep-song concept, more so than 'Wait.' It challenges some girls to think about situations they put themselves in. It challenges them to think about what they're going after in relationships."
A. I will beat his @ss for saying that WAIT is a high concept song. Right and Ms. Fat Booty is a "High Concept" song. NO dude. "Stakes is High" is a high concept sone. "I Usta Love Her" is a high concept song. "The P is Free" is a high concept song.
B. Ain't nare negro analyzing Brittney Spears nor Gold Digger. Negros don't care. They just wanna dance.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How can a man with a B.A./ make more than me/


/when Rashid got an emceeing degree?/

Something really significant must have happended today politcally, because the STRANGEST post-MLK day news has been coming out. Today sorta reminds me of when I was little I could tell, based on the clouds and the humidity, if an earthquake was coming. Walk with me now.

New Orleans Negroes killing fools in Texas. What would you do if you got evicited from your town and was being treated like the wicked step sister? Okay, prolly not murder people, but you proably would be angry enough to be rather violent.

And about New Orleans. Why is the Mayor walking around talking about Chocolate City. Does he know he will get the "getcho hand outta my pocket" treatment?" You can't walk around talking about your gonna have a "chocolate city" located on PRIME American real estate. I predict he will be resigning soon.

Dude. Methamphetamines
is the the NEW CRACK in rural, working poor white America. The fact that it is so pervasive, yet there is NOTHING substancial and significant being done to address it confirms my hypothesis that negroes and poor white are "going to hell in a special little handbasket" together.

Hillary Clinton
out there talking about the White House is being ran like a
ntation. Dude. A plantation. Maybe like a brothel. But a plantation. Does she think we really are that desperate to be liked? Okay, so we are, but it does NOT need to be broadcast on the news.

I didn't even have to use my AK/


/I gotta say it was a good day/.
  • Family Values folks wanna keep a HPV vaccine from women/girls. They think it enourages sex. I thought that was what TV is for?
  • Ex Steeler, Lynn Swann is running for Governer off Pennsylvania. Did I mention that he was running as a republican?
  • Tiombe, Cody Chestnut and Martin Luther are performing at South Paw this friday.

  • Bilal, Robbie (Robert Glasper), Roy Hargrove and other jazzy snizzles are gonna be performing at the Blue Note on Jan 25.
  • Beautiful Hustle has the NEW E-40 video up, Tell me when to go Dumb.Town bisness fam! By the way, why isn't there a Town/ Bay turf dance documentary. It really IS overdue.
  • On the Outs is a new movie that you need to peep. It is the story of three young girls, a drug addict, a drug dealer and a run away. I heard about this film a year ago and I am happy to see that it has gotten distribution. I hope that the young ladies are portrayed as compassionate human beings. After I see It will let you know whussup.
  • I ran into Kenji Jasper last week on the train. He has a new book out titled a, "House on Childress Street." He was generous enough to give me an advanced copy. I am up to my eye balls in Con Law and Property reading and have not been able to read it. However,my hat goes off to anyone who is a WORKING ARTIST in NYC.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I need a honey to give me the love/


give me the ism/ and put the cash in my hand/.

file this one under
I was thinking a couple of weeks ago about how sex and money are so pervasive in our lives, especially in the lives of women. However, I could not think of any place where the two issues were analized together. Bada boom bada bing. The sex and money post is born. Tell me what you think blog family.
  • Rapid HIV test,is giving some false positives. When it is finally up and running it WILL change how we date. Read here.
  • Wouldn't be dope if you get your potential smash buddy to take the rapid HIV test when slip a lil' but of "truth serum" into his taco? about a perfect date. All truth, no lies.

  • Pension removal countdown. So. You thought you were gonna retire and live cool. Sike. So far, IBM has got the ball rolling in '06 interms of making sure, employees understand that it is not about them, but the bottom line allways. Read Here.
Now everyone, including executives, will have their IBM pension plans frozen in January 2008. IBM will thereafter only contribute to their own private 401(K) pension plans.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oakland, California thats where I'm based/


And brothers out there say this is the place/
You see, the crew gets Stangs, the Zeniths the Daytons/
A Brother like me, man I am just debatin'/ - Richie Rich 415

Yall remember when Oakland AND Frisco was 415. I still remember my phone number from back then, 638-462*. Ha, you thought I was gonna put the whole thing on there hunh?

Blog Family
....I found some new treats for you. You can't ever say I never gave ya'll nothing.

  • Spinemag is one of the MOST thorough hip hop news sites that I have come across in a minute. Remember how True magazine usta be like a "hip hop" Vice? Thats what spine reminds me of.
  • The other jawn that I am obviously late peeping is the Smoking Section. Talk about brilliant minds thinking alike, (ahem, shamless plug). The Smoking Section just posted about Big L too, he must be communicating with heads from the other side.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Smilin' is cheesin', bleedin' is leakin'


Beggin is bummin/ if you nuttin you comin
Big L- RIP
Ohmylanta blog family, I got some treats for you in the 'ox, say '06 real fast, and thas what it sound like, ox.

You see in the Bay We LIVE in our language.

This one is for you Sal.

What do you think all that PIMP talk is about?

Of course on its face, pimpery is about gettin' cash. But I belive that it is also about using your language (albeit on women, just like the rest of American culture) to get what you want.

I be talking to people here, in NYC, and they be like WHAT.....with their faces squinched up. Now that I have had my negro history it' tis.

To have your property taken from you

Gaffled- Oakland

Jacked- New York

Dude, I got gaffled for my Pac Cd. Skan'less @ss females came to my house and got me when I went to the bathroom.

The truth, I am serious.(proper english translation)
Dead Ass- NY
Real Deal Holyfield- Oakland
Dave said, "The government is spyin' on fools, without warrants, for real."
Jean responds "Fam, that is real deal holyfield!"

Come back and let me talk to you for a minute.
I'm sayin' though Ma-New York

I'm saying though ma, you look mad good.

In NY dudes don't get at females in the street.

Unless the "SSSSSS", "SSSSSS", snake sounds that are made towards women in the Village or on 2fifth.
But in the town, please believe it goes do like.
You got a man?

You committed?

You in love?
Can you have friends? (assume she says no.)
Oh. Because I let my woman have male friends.
Ya feel me.
Because see in a relationship, I am
not trippin' off the next man kickin' it with my lady. On and on on....

Are you serious?

Fa' Real-Oakland
Word?- NY

So, y'all went to dinner AND the movies and she paid for everything? Say word? Word!

In the Cut- Oakland
Leaning Back- NY

I been in the cut the last few days working on my con law final.

Dude/Female that gets no respect.

Bootsie- Oakland
Herb- NY

Uuuuuh, he hella bootsie, tryna talk to me when 'errry body know he just broke up with his girlfriend.

Oakland/ Bay Area- gradiants from acquaintance to girl/boyfriend

Gettin' at- verb, someone you speak to when you see them, and let them know that you are interested, but for the most part, they are not reciprocal.
" I been tryna get a Keisha, but she ainn't tryna feel me."

Talking to
-verb, someone you are interested in, but you casually speak to on the phone with another a few times a week.
"Yeah, I am talkin' to Dawan, but his cousin look good too."

Do you understand?
Feel me?/Ya da da mean?-
Knowhut um sayin? verb
"My baby momma was trippn' off this, that and the third, but I had to tell her, she could not be calling my phone and hanging up like that, feel me?"

Hollern' at- verb, You have kicked it a couple of times, but are not exclusive.
"I was hollern' at Aisha, but she got a man though."

Add on and let me know wha'chu think.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lovin' ya' hole seed/ and be in there boo'/


7 End the year CD's.
I am cillin' at Cato's Ale House, in a city called Piedmont, a small town that cluster in the north eastern part of Oakland. I am enjoying some wifi and pondering my first post of '06.

Yeah...Imma put my backpack on and talk about my appreciation of CD's that I found my self listening to this year. So, it is not the traditional end of the year list, but it matters to me.

Happy New Year Blog family.
Been up since 4am, took a 7 am flight, and have yet to take a nap. But what would life be like without the grind.
topa' that/ you got the good power u!/.
Word Meth!?!? I didn't know you appreciated it that much.<<<>>>

1. Tical

I found myself listening to Tical right before my first final. It was like my pre-game, locker room, warm up song. Tical is so grimy and war like. Very approriate for helping me get my mind right for exams.
2. Dare is a Darkside
I got the stunt/ inna front/ with a blunt and moet.
Red and 'nem had some of the founkist jawns outside of Memphis and the Bay. And his skits are just as appealing as the damn songs. I listened to this the summer, while putting together some Ikea (those baaastads!), then started bumping it again a couple of months ago.
3. Voodoo
After the final was done, I would take a shower, turn on the the D'Angelo, proofread my answer, send to the registrar. Then just carry D w/me on the 'pod. There was something so sensual about hearing him slowly, Marvin Gaye it out where he was coming from, stating,
I am going to/take you/away from him
At the end of the day a girl, wants to be pursued & loved consistently, right? I guess after sitting down for L-school exams I needed to hear a song that was light and easy and made a sista' feel desireable, ya feel me?

4. Spoon
Who knew White boys could, rock, get founky and be soulful. They have some cool baselines, and some memorable lyrics and That is really the essence of a good song, hip hop or otherwise.
5. Extraordinary Machine.
Fee, fee. All I gotta say is, a white girl, whose major influence is Maya Angelou, and whose lyrics reflect it. And I quote,
If there was a better way to go it would find me,
I can't help it the road, just rolls out, behind me,
be kind to me,
or treat me mean,
I'll make the most of it
I am an extraOrdinarymachine.
6. Goapele
I ain't even GOT the new Gwop yet, but I rep her just on the strenght that she is from Oakland.
Yeah so I know it is about Hip Hop...but, fam...yall need to get up on that Spoon
7. Platinum Pied Piepers (PPP)
Yes, my girl Tiombe did come tight on that album. I can only imagine what wonderful things she will offer us this year. T is a sultry Libra, who has a deft hand a writing songs that are both vulnerable and inspiring. I think '06, no, I know, '06 is going to be a dope year for her.

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