Friday, January 06, 2006

Smilin' is cheesin', bleedin' is leakin'


Beggin is bummin/ if you nuttin you comin
Big L- RIP
Ohmylanta blog family, I got some treats for you in the 'ox, say '06 real fast, and thas what it sound like, ox.

You see in the Bay We LIVE in our language.

This one is for you Sal.

What do you think all that PIMP talk is about?

Of course on its face, pimpery is about gettin' cash. But I belive that it is also about using your language (albeit on women, just like the rest of American culture) to get what you want.

I be talking to people here, in NYC, and they be like WHAT.....with their faces squinched up. Now that I have had my negro history it' tis.

To have your property taken from you

Gaffled- Oakland

Jacked- New York

Dude, I got gaffled for my Pac Cd. Skan'less @ss females came to my house and got me when I went to the bathroom.

The truth, I am serious.(proper english translation)
Dead Ass- NY
Real Deal Holyfield- Oakland
Dave said, "The government is spyin' on fools, without warrants, for real."
Jean responds "Fam, that is real deal holyfield!"

Come back and let me talk to you for a minute.
I'm sayin' though Ma-New York

I'm saying though ma, you look mad good.

In NY dudes don't get at females in the street.

Unless the "SSSSSS", "SSSSSS", snake sounds that are made towards women in the Village or on 2fifth.
But in the town, please believe it goes do like.
You got a man?

You committed?

You in love?
Can you have friends? (assume she says no.)
Oh. Because I let my woman have male friends.
Ya feel me.
Because see in a relationship, I am
not trippin' off the next man kickin' it with my lady. On and on on....

Are you serious?

Fa' Real-Oakland
Word?- NY

So, y'all went to dinner AND the movies and she paid for everything? Say word? Word!

In the Cut- Oakland
Leaning Back- NY

I been in the cut the last few days working on my con law final.

Dude/Female that gets no respect.

Bootsie- Oakland
Herb- NY

Uuuuuh, he hella bootsie, tryna talk to me when 'errry body know he just broke up with his girlfriend.

Oakland/ Bay Area- gradiants from acquaintance to girl/boyfriend

Gettin' at- verb, someone you speak to when you see them, and let them know that you are interested, but for the most part, they are not reciprocal.
" I been tryna get a Keisha, but she ainn't tryna feel me."

Talking to
-verb, someone you are interested in, but you casually speak to on the phone with another a few times a week.
"Yeah, I am talkin' to Dawan, but his cousin look good too."

Do you understand?
Feel me?/Ya da da mean?-
Knowhut um sayin? verb
"My baby momma was trippn' off this, that and the third, but I had to tell her, she could not be calling my phone and hanging up like that, feel me?"

Hollern' at- verb, You have kicked it a couple of times, but are not exclusive.
"I was hollern' at Aisha, but she got a man though."

Add on and let me know wha'chu think.


Salvador said...

"Bootsie" is a FUNNY term.

MAN this blog is SO funny.

I got homies from out West. Whenever they come holla at me all I do is laugh. Oakland, Frisco, Seattle.......all them spots got funny slang

Hummingbyrd said...

Hey dude....I am glad you feelin' it.

That was my first funny blog comment.


Anonymous said...

man you make me realize how much i miss oakland AND how much new york is rubbing off on me!


Hummingbyrd said...

Jonzee..Your a dork...I am glad you are peepin' me though...I got some joints up my sleeve for '06...some Wu-Tang Meets the Bush administration type

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