Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lovin' ya' hole seed/ and be in there boo'/


7 End the year CD's.
I am cillin' at Cato's Ale House, in a city called Piedmont, a small town that cluster in the north eastern part of Oakland. I am enjoying some wifi and pondering my first post of '06.

Yeah...Imma put my backpack on and talk about my appreciation of CD's that I found my self listening to this year. So, it is not the traditional end of the year list, but it matters to me.

Happy New Year Blog family.
Been up since 4am, took a 7 am flight, and have yet to take a nap. But what would life be like without the grind.
topa' that/ you got the good power u!/.
Word Meth!?!? I didn't know you appreciated it that much.<<<>>>

1. Tical

I found myself listening to Tical right before my first final. It was like my pre-game, locker room, warm up song. Tical is so grimy and war like. Very approriate for helping me get my mind right for exams.
2. Dare is a Darkside
I got the stunt/ inna front/ with a blunt and moet.
Red and 'nem had some of the founkist jawns outside of Memphis and the Bay. And his skits are just as appealing as the damn songs. I listened to this the summer, while putting together some Ikea (those baaastads!), then started bumping it again a couple of months ago.
3. Voodoo
After the final was done, I would take a shower, turn on the the D'Angelo, proofread my answer, send to the registrar. Then just carry D w/me on the 'pod. There was something so sensual about hearing him slowly, Marvin Gaye it out where he was coming from, stating,
I am going to/take you/away from him
At the end of the day a girl, wants to be pursued & loved consistently, right? I guess after sitting down for L-school exams I needed to hear a song that was light and easy and made a sista' feel desireable, ya feel me?

4. Spoon
Who knew White boys could, rock, get founky and be soulful. They have some cool baselines, and some memorable lyrics and That is really the essence of a good song, hip hop or otherwise.
5. Extraordinary Machine.
Fee, fee. All I gotta say is, a white girl, whose major influence is Maya Angelou, and whose lyrics reflect it. And I quote,
If there was a better way to go it would find me,
I can't help it the road, just rolls out, behind me,
be kind to me,
or treat me mean,
I'll make the most of it
I am an extraOrdinarymachine.
6. Goapele
I ain't even GOT the new Gwop yet, but I rep her just on the strenght that she is from Oakland.
Yeah so I know it is about Hip Hop...but, fam...yall need to get up on that Spoon
7. Platinum Pied Piepers (PPP)
Yes, my girl Tiombe did come tight on that album. I can only imagine what wonderful things she will offer us this year. T is a sultry Libra, who has a deft hand a writing songs that are both vulnerable and inspiring. I think '06, no, I know, '06 is going to be a dope year for her.


Salvador said...

Hey. Id like to see you do a comparison of Oakland slang to NY slang.

Oakland slang is the FUNNIEST


Danyel said...

Oakland! Piedmont! I used to live and work over there. Feeling nostagic ...

Hummingbyrd said...

What is even more crazy was that I was only there for a day, then came back...Ya'll don't even wanna know....I am going to compare the slang fam...

Wassup D....long time no see...

David M. said...

hey model minority --

i found your site via my referer logs and noticed you have a dead (old) link to the amazing fiona apple photo. you might want to update it with this:


thanks! and happy 2006!!

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