Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oakland, California thats where I'm based/


And brothers out there say this is the place/
You see, the crew gets Stangs, the Zeniths the Daytons/
A Brother like me, man I am just debatin'/ - Richie Rich 415

Yall remember when Oakland AND Frisco was 415. I still remember my phone number from back then, 638-462*. Ha, you thought I was gonna put the whole thing on there hunh?

Blog Family
....I found some new treats for you. You can't ever say I never gave ya'll nothing.

  • Spinemag is one of the MOST thorough hip hop news sites that I have come across in a minute. Remember how True magazine usta be like a "hip hop" Vice? Thats what spine reminds me of.
  • The other jawn that I am obviously late peeping is the Smoking Section. Talk about brilliant minds thinking alike, (ahem, shamless plug). The Smoking Section just posted about Big L too, he must be communicating with heads from the other side.


Ekko said...

Richie Rich, man, that's a blast from the past

Hummingbyrd said...

Hell know I had to take it there....

Mr. Wilson said...

first time visitor...i think i will be back...

Hummingbyrd said...

Dude, come through, kick it chill. Do you, 'cuz you know I got those treats:)

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