Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Academic /Artist Dudes vs Street Dudes.


A couple of weeks ago Minnesota McGuyver got in my @ss for saying that one of the major distinctions between street dudes and academic/artist dudes is that street dudes are far more likely to be transparent w/ their emotions. (They are also more likely to call you @ 3am talkin' 'bout can you stash me out?).

In addition he felt that we were breaking down cats into two strict categories, whereas hella cats fall into the gray area. That gray area is where the Academic and the artist dues overlap.

For him, it is offensive to say that street dudes are more emotionally transparent than the academics/artists. He felt that my homies were making that distinction because they have a thug fetish and they were using the "emotional transparency" argument as a convenient justification.

Consequently, women who fetishize the "bad boys" are not taking into
consideration that academic cats can have a lil street jawn to them. And, that academic cats can be "emotionally expressive". Which leaves us with the middle cats in the gray area.

Minnesota McGuyver major funk w/ me was a theory, posited by a couple of my girls, who's experiences demonstrated that street cats:
a. Are more transparent with their feelings, less passive agressive.
b. Are more likely to let you know where you stand, in relationship to the other women in their lives. They tend not to keep a jawn at arms length b/c they can.

c. Are more likely to treat you, the academic sista, as The Prize, with a captial T.

The artistic cats. Some of them are emotionally expressive. They typically channel their emotional expression into their art. From my personal experience, an artists first love is is ART and everything else tends to come second. (BBC was a scientist, so that was a whole other ball game. ) Lol. So consequently, I came to understand that there would allways be a third entity in our relationship, his art. Mo'Betta Blues has an extreme version of this dynamic.

Which brings me to
the new P video, Mac 10 Handle.
Ballerina P aka Pistol Pump P, aka P Lova from Queens.

Now ladies, tell me P, in all his corrupt darkness, ain't fly.

Physically, not really. Spiritually. Super gulls.

This video reminds me of why a lady checks for dudes who put his sh*t out there.


This is one of those posts that I contemplated for a couple weeks.

Then I hear MP in my head saying, gurrrl, let it dew what it do, so I let the words spill.


Drama, Cannon and the Future of Mixtapes


The record industry is notorious for operating under quasi legal auspices.

Cannon and Drama need to do two things. Get Gotti's attorney. If I recall, Gotty had a RICO charge.

Once they get his atty, he/she needs get down the Georgia attorney general and see about putting the record labels on the defensive by requesting an investigation into the labels practices of paying to have songs placed on mixtapes, then PENALIZING the DJ's w/ a raid for selling too many mix tapes. **Cue DMX, DONT BE GREEDY.

The labels are gonna try and eat. They are institutions. Thats what they are built to do, like alligators. However, invading n*ggas houses, thats a declaration of war.


Fools are sitting up here citing the fact that label execs PAY DJ's to put songs on Mixtapes. And? These n*ggas orchestrated payola for hella years too. Whats new?

Jeff Leeds breaks it down in The Times.

The labels’ reliance on the D.J.’s is complicated further by the fact that many of the top mixtape creators also double as radio D.J.’s on major rap stations. Many label executives acknowledge that when they write checks to certain D.J.’s to produce a mix CD for an artist, there is often an expectation that the D.J. will play the artist’s music on the air — an arrangement that recalls the industry’s recent radio corruption scandals involving illicit pay-for-play, or payola.

And many more people now know: last week, local authorities, working with the recording industry’s trade association, stunned fans and music executives alike by raiding DJ Drama’s studio in Atlanta and arresting him and a fellow D.J., Don Cannon, on racketeering charges. Investigators seized more than 81,000 allegedly pirated CDs and say the pair were producing unlicensed recordings and selling them without permission.


I thought this was a copyright infringement case.
Then I came across this @ analoguehole.

The Georgia Supreme Court recently considered and upheld Georgia's own "true names" law, Ga. Code. § 16-8-60(b), against a similar challenge in Briggs v. State,

In both these cases, the court majorities found that the state laws in question were not preempted because the state offense included an "extra element" (lack of an identifying label) beyond the elements of a mere copyright violation. (The "true names" provisions are also drafted so as to apply regardless of the copyright status of the underlying work, or whether the copy was authorized by a copyright owner, so arguably the state true names offenses lack some of the elements of a copyright offense as well.)

However, Georgia's state antipiracy statute goes beyond requiring "true names" labeling, treading into what clearly seems to be copyright territory. The Georgia law makes it a crime to "[t]ransfer ... any sounds or visual images recorded on [any disc, tape, or other] article ... onto any other [disc, tape, or other] article without the consent of the person who owns the master [disc, tape, or other] article from which the sounds or visual images are derived" or to distribute (or possess with intent to distribute) copies of any article to which which sounds or images have been transferred, "knowing it to have been made without the consent of the person who owns the master [disc, tape, or other] article from which the sounds or visual images are derived." Ga. Code Ann., § 16-8-60(a).

Drama's case is a tricky issue b/c there are notions of federal copyright law as well as notions of notions of state racketeering law involved.


He goes on to address the distinction between MIX TAPES AND BOOTLEGS and the
applicable law and tests.

Unlike a typically street vendor of pirated CDs, a DJ selling mixtapes would want to identify the product as his own, and also will generally (in my admittedly limited experience) identify the various tracks included in the mix. So a "true names" violation is unlikely. Perhaps the Georgia authorities have other RICO predicates in mind that are unrelated to the content of DJ Drama's mixtape CDs (like state tax or licensing violations, or maybe someone has been taking DJ Drama's compilation label, "Gangsta Grillz," too literally). But given the involvement of the RIAA in the raid, and the public statements from the RIAA's Bradley Buckles, et al., it appears that the charges are indeed based on the mixtapes themselves.

If the basis for the DJ Drama RICO charges is indeed a claim of "unauthorized distribution" under Ga. Code 16-8-60(a), then we should expect some vigorous challenges to the statute. It would seem that Simmons and Cannon likely have the means to mount a vigorous defense, and they certainly have the incentive to do so. And given that Georgia's "unauthorized distribution" law so closely mirrors federal copyright law, it also seems quite difficult to see how the Georgia statute could withstand such a vigorous challenge.

Ummmm Sticky legal questions!


I think that is a whole weeks worth of blogging fam.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Amy Winehouse is like a sultry Mary J. w/ a Splash of Billie +Tiombe Trapped in a White Girls Body.


My girl s.bot put me on to the new Amy Winehouse on Friday. Right now I am trying to get my hands on a copy of Frank, her last sh*t. Please believe I listened to Back to Black ALL weekend.

Damn near 72 hours straight blog fam.

S.bot said that I like "that dark sh*t". I was like um. We all have a dark side. The difference is in how we manage it. Just like Dilla's Donuts, this was the right album @ the right time for me.

First of all the album is like love in a dark cave whose only light is a cigarette flame.
Life gets trill. Whatareyagunnado?

I was waiting for my final grades this weekend which had the potential to affect 6 or 7 other things in my life, like my living situation, future job opportunities, the whole 9.

And my brother f*cked around and got into it with his wife on Saturday and the popo got involved. You know I was heated.

I was like god, I KNOW you not about to take my brother away from me on some stupid sh*t b/w him and his lady.
And on top of all that lovliness BL and I called it quits recently. So your girl is out here in NYC trynna get a handle on this chess game they call dating and/or being single.
Suffice it is to say that Amy's tells of rehab, likker, sex and live stung me in the spine this weekend.

Fortunately both my school and my brothers situation's worked out.

But. This weekend. I was feeling it ya'll. I had no idea how life was gonna shape shift this month.

So, Amy got play. Infact no soul music has moved like this album since the My Life album.
I know. Mary refers to it as her dark period.
But d*mn if those songs aren't timeless. Infact I ain't bumped a WG so hard since Fiona Apples Extraordinary Machine.

Yes the CD is dark. Drug Laced. Affair ladened. And down right depressing @ times.

But sh*t. Who sings up tempo ballads w/ lyrics that you can f*ckin identify w/ when you are feeling blue?

Sometimes, out of the darkest periods come the hottest music/art.

Think Pac, Basquiat, Fridah, Coltrane.
They ALL had issues and their art was BANANAS.

I wish Amy all the best in O7.

Here is a link to her You Tube Jawn.



Its brick as h*ll outside. The Clipse are in town tonight.

While I would like to go, Im not down to stand up for hella hours for a show. I did that sh*t when I was 16.

Even though I would love to hear Keys Open Doors. LIVE.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary for Prez, and Obama for VP in '08.


Last night, inbetween watching the Saints and sippin some Stella's, me and my folks West got into the Obama fight.

This fool started calling Obama RFK. Being Catholic AIN'T like Being Black fam.

First of all, his name sound like Osama.

Secondly, charisma & "vision" does not make a president. While it is refreshing.

Thirdly, Middle America is the truth, they vote like they love Jesus, and until the COASTAL cats and the Democrats realize this, will be permanant losers.

Forthly, Black people only been able to vote for like 10 minutes.

Just like the Virginia Legislator who said N*ggas need to forget slavery. There are Americans that feel that way. In fact I woke up to Chris Matthews and them talking bout how Obama transcends race because he isn't angry and doesn't harp on slavery or other racial injustices. His mom is white, and the inference is that he is half white, and consequently has managed to curtail his Black Male Racialized Anger.

However, you have your folks talking about how n*ggas need to get over slavery. My only question for them is would they be willing to forget, Abraham Lincon, George Washington, The Boston Tea Party, Christopher Columbus, Strom Thermond, The Civil War, The Vietnam war. Prolly not. Oh. The beauty of being white.

On last Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Frank D. Hargrove, a Republican lawmaker in Virginia's House of Delegates, said that instead of seeking a formal apology from the commonwealth for slavery, "black citizens should get over it." Hargrove also reportedly wondered how far such apologies should go. "Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?"

Frank Hargrove is one reason that young African Americans should never take their hard-won rights for granted. His outlook is also a wake-up call to some of my Jewish friends who think they have it made.

He has nothing I want, including an apology. But I'm not getting over slavery.

There's nothing quite like going to a county office building down in Culpeper County, Va., and finding evidence of your family's enslavement. I did that several years ago.

Pages of land records confirmed the story I had heard since I was a young boy: that my late mother's maiden name, Colbert (my first name), was taken from a white Culpeper County family that had the last name Colbert and that owned my great-grandfather and his siblings before the Civil War.

However. Hillary for Prez and Osama for VP, you couldn't beat that sh*t w/ a bat ock. You gotchur negro and your woman. It would certainly be an exciting time to be a Black Female, I tells ya.


Hillary/Obama '08


Sean Bell Grand Jury Starts Today


Last Friday, I was in Whole Foods in Union Square, my Happy Place, w/ S.bot.

I saw this cat go down the stairs w/ a SB RIP hoodie.

I grabbed my camera and raced down the stairs, no jacket, no nothing, to catch this cat and take a flick.

I caught up w/ him outside on 14th street.

I tapped him, and look at me like he had just looked death in the nose and was cool with what he saw, for trill.

I asked him to take the flick, he took the phillie out his mouth and pulled the hood up and lowered his head.

I took the image and thanked him and ran inside to escape the 20 degree chill.


NYC nights are the craziest.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hip Hop Against the World.


Art by Juxtaposition Art Students



There is nothing like waking up and arguing over who is the better emcee.

Trite as the debate sounds, passion is hot, ock.

I spent the weekend in Minnesota and got put on, by my folks JT.
His theory is that Jay only went hard and started braggin after Biggie/Pac died.

In the meantime Nas was still that dude that was holding it down.

So when J went at Nas, he got ethered, and that was all she wrote.

His theory is that, you can't call ya'self the best, if you ain't the best in your own region.

And that it appears suspect that the Hova talk began post Pac/Big. Consequently, Jay could never be "hov" b/c he didn't go for the crown when there was super comp. And when he went for it, he got ethered.

Interesting 9am talk, right ?!?!??!?!

F*cking Minnessota has a 3 story Target.

It was all clean and uncrowded, unlike that lil sh*t they have @ the Atlantic Mall. Which I like but, it was just a whole new browsing experience.


I saw Pursuit of Happyness. And unlike myfriend Drew Ricketts, the film resonated with me on two levels. The first level pertained to what a parent goes through in order to ensure a stable future for their children.

The second level is Wills ability to demonstrate his hunger for the stockbroker job, while simulltaneously being humiliated. Thats deep. Because being humilated tends to make people feel like victims, give up and get angry at the world for their situation.

Whereas w/ Will it fueled his determination and that was hot.


Obama has taken a substantial step towards running. I am interested in seeing who aligns themselves w/ him vs. Hillary and what the consequences will be for their choices.


Young women in Oakland are using Craiglist as a tool for prostitution.

Along San Pablo Avenue, International and MacArthur boulevards, underage women hang out talking on cell phones.

The calls they take are in response to Craigslist sex ads they've posted, said Jim Saleda of the Oakland Police Department's Child Exploitation Unit.

Over the years, police and local agencies have seen the phenomenon of child sex trafficking increase tenfold, officials said Thursday.

To combat the complex problem, county and city officials and service agencies have launched a public awareness campaign that includes two one-minute public service video announcements created by the Youth Uprising staff.

"What we found as prosecutors is that a great number who are abused as children ... end up being very vulnerable to predators we know as 'pimps,'" said San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who helped write a recently enacted state Senate Bill (SB 3042) that allows pimps and Johns to be prosecuted more harshly.


Jerry Browns Legacy for Oakland: Some really beautiful Condos and 148 murders. Thats hot.

Oakland isn't a city — it's a nightclub. It's the seedy dive that languishes near the waterfront for years, then somehow, for fifteen minutes, becomes the Place to Be Seen. The proprietor may be in hock, the sewage lines may be about to burst, and next week, someone here will probably get shot. But for one glorious Friday night, bottle-blond pop stars show up in black Escalades and look fabulous for the paparazzi while the bartenders trade their authenticity for a few fat tips and the breathless exhilaration of finally being noticed.

At least, that's how Mayor Jerry Brown treated Oakland for the last eight years. Watching Hizzoner exploit this desperate city to reinvent his public image and glide back into national prominence has been an exercise in endurance, to say the least.

I was reading the newspaper in the airport yesterday, and remember gasping outloud that "Alice Coltrane is dead?".

I love Alice.

I love Alice because John loved Alice.

I like the fact that he chose to be with a brown skinned lady, at a time when entertainers practiced the white(or almost white) is white theory when it came to selecting women to be with.

For Alice.

I miss John as a fan
I can only imagine
how your life has been

without your friend

after your loss
your embraced your inner mystic
performing, meditating, playing gigs
with your son
you were adored
that you will be mssed.


This was such a good weekend for football dude. Saturday night I sat infront a tv screen damn near as big as my bathroom, read Vanity Fair, and watched Reggie Bush and 'nem do tha damn thing.

Can I become unflappable like Tom Brady?

Them Cold Blue Eyes don't communicate a damn thing!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Can Oakland Residents Sue the City for Murders Happening in the Streets?


I have been back from the town for a couple a weeks and I realized that I have not done my typical bay area/town recap.

I was in San Jose w/ my auntie and I came across these hoo
d @ss, ^^^, Mac Dre T-Shirts.

Then there was also the typical hood death t-shirts.


David Bell from Sony BMG sent me a link to the new Pack video.

I like the spirit they rep, but the song is okay.

I think its dope that they are fusing the skateboard world with the scraper world.

Next thing yo know, n*ggas will be trynna ghost ride the whip and skate bo
ard at the same time, lol.

My homie Dekka was suppose to direct that jawn, but I guess they will get up w/ him on the next project. (Dear Sony, Dekka is NICE w/ the visuals in addition to being both business and artistically inclined).

Lupe the Pack and NERD need to go on tour together.

They rep the same stee, plus it would be fun to see them cats perform together.


Only in the town will you get Cajun Prawn Buritto. Mexico meets New Orleans,


I went to my neice's Xmas pagent at Maxwell Park school in East Oakland. While
sitting in the Cafeteria/auditorium I noticed that there were pen and paper dispenser machines w/ big @ssed locks on them. Here is a photo below.


Too Short was in the Tribune because he is "giving back" to Oakland.
He feels that w/ all the murders going on, he should do something constructive to
help the young bucks.

The startling jump in Oakland homicides, which has attracted national attention, has compelled Too to return home and find out just what was going on.

"I was a young adult in the early '90s, the last time the murder rate was this high," the rapper told me in an interview. "In my day, people were dying behind drug wars, and there were lots of spots where people were making a lot of money. Now, it's more of a war over attitude: 'You piss me off and I'll kill you.'

"That's a new element, and it's combined with the old feuds over family, neighborhood and longtime grudges."

The growing carnage on Oakland's streets has prompted a response from Too -- the adult. These days he is more likely to run into the children of his contemporaries, including one brief encounter that really stuck with him.

A young man in his late teens whose father had grown up with Too introduced himself at a video shoot a few months back. When the young man told Too his father's name, it rang a bell, "but I couldn't put a face with the name," the rapper said.

"Can you tell me what he was like?" the young man asked. "I never met him. He was killed."


Apparently Oakland has one of the best emergency rooms in the country because of the number of shooting victims that they treat.

"There are people there I thought had no chance," Anderson said. "I had some bad luck to get shot in Oakland. But it was good luck I went to Highland."

Hospital officials, citing patient confidentiality law, declined to comment. The emergency room there is widely considered one of the best in the nation in part because the medical staff has so much experience with shooting victims.

Jones, who investigated nonfatal shootings before joining the homicide team, said Oakland police are often in awe of how the staff at Highland Hospital saves lives.

"They perform miracles at Highland," Jones said. ''There was a case where a guy was shot right in the middle of his forehead - I looked at him and thought, 'He's dead, that's homicide,' but they brought him back. I've interviewed the victim several times. He still suffers from his injury - how can you not? - but he walks and talks like nothing happened."

Why go to Iraq, when you can go to Highland?

On June 6, Anderson was walking into a hair salon at 45th and Market streets when a gunman surprised him from behind and demanded his gold chain necklace.

"When I turned, he shot me once in the chest," Anderson said. "He stood over me and tried to shoot me again, but the gun jammed. He grabbed my necklace and ran away."

Anderson couldn't move his legs or stand. But he didn't wait for an ambulance - a friend drove him to Highland Hospital in Oakland. The bullet cut an artery and damaged nerves along his spine, he said.

"I flatlined - I was dead for five minutes, but the doctors brought me back," Anderson said. "The bullet went through my stomach, tore up my liver, went through the main artery that pumps blood to my heart, and then it got my spine. I was unconscious for eight days."


Someone needs to do an economic analysis of the impact of the number of murders has on Oakland's budget for public spending.

Perhaps the murders can be framed as a public finance issue.

For example, I wonder if the argument can be made that the murders in Oakland are sufficient to constitute a fiscal crisis because of the amount of money that tax payers spend on
subsidizing the costs of having bullets removed from n*ggas backs.

Hear Toni Cook, Keith Williams and Olis Simmons talk about violence in Oakland.

Here is a CSI style map of all the murders in the town in 2006.

Even more interesting. Peep the overlap of the murders and the likker stores.

Which leads me to wonder if the people of Oakland can sue the City in a class action for allowing these stores to operate and create and sustain an environment that is conducive to crack and murder.
Peace to Gus D'Angelo for an amazing piece of graphic work.

This is one of the most powerful images that I have seen in a while.

Other than this one below from the SF ZOO.


Wow. I just feel like I left a piece of my soul on the page.

How yall doing?


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

White Teachers Save 'the Hood in Hollywood.


The latest installment in White Man/Lady saves the day flicks has arrived to theaters.
I have long had a proll'em w/ this genre for obvious reasons, the main one being the fact that hood 'kids allways gotta get bailed out of their horrible lives by some negro loving white teacher. The kids in the school in Freedom Writers apparently have a problem w/ how they are being portrayed. Say Word!?!?!

Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach is one of the school district's jewels. Situated near million-dollar homes, it's considered a "learning academy" where uniformed students study classics and others vie to make its waiting list.

But in the new Hilary Swank film "Freedom Writers," that same school is portrayed as a beaten-down inner-city nightmare, run by bitter burned-out teachers and populated with well-armed students.

"Anybody who knows Long Beach knows the high school is nothing like that," said Long Beach Unified School District Supt. Chris Steinhauser.

Despite that, Steinhauser considered the film uplifting. But other Long Beach residents — like the subjects of other true-life stories — are appalled at the Hollywood version. They aren't happy with its portrayal of the true story of Long Beach teacher Erin Gruwell and her at-risk students, saying it offers an oversimplified, insulting narrative about the community: poor racial minorities triumph over lazy, jealous teachers and The Man.

Freedom Writers
Hillary Swank (who I adore, btw, saves the day).

Dangerous Minds
Michelle Pfiffer Saves the Day.

Hard Ball
Keanu Reeves saves the Day.

Sunset Park
Rhea Perlmen saves the Day

Coach Carter **
Sam Jackson, w/ a f*cked up baldie, saves the Day.

Lean on Me.**
Ok. So a Black man saves the day.
But he is a mean old crankety Black man w/ a baseball bat.
** Apparently, Black teachers can save the 'hood too!


One day it will all make sense. -Common


Monday, January 08, 2007

Model Minorities, Niggas and U.C. Berkley


I have some homies that think that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. I agree.

However, I also know that having a Montessori Elementary education gives a student an unparalled advantage in our modern world.

I often think about what it means to be a model minority who is interested in education. I think about what it would take for the rural folks, the urban folks and the folks in between to care about how ALL CHILDREN WERE EDUCATED, not just their own.

Sunday Times has an education life article on the number of Asian Americans @ Cal.

You see. I love the fact that there are so many Asian folks at Cal, because it forces people to talk about quotas, model minorities and affirmative action w/o Black people being @ the center of the debate.

The oft-cited goal of a public university is to be a microcosm — in this case, of the nation’s most populous, most demographically dynamic state — and to enrich the educational experience with a variety of cultures, economic backgrounds and viewpoints.

But 10 years after California passed Proposition 209, voting to eliminate racial preferences in the public sector, university administrators find such balance harder to attain. At the same time, affirmative action is being challenged on a number of new fronts, in court and at state ballot boxes. And elite colleges have recently come under attack for practicing it — specifically, for bypassing highly credentialed Asian applicants in favor of students of color with less stellar test scores and grades.

While the article states that Affirmative Action has a neutral effect on White applicants. I would like to see the statistics that support this statement. There is a distinction b/w being a minority and and underrepresented minority.

University administrators and teachers use anguished words to describe what has happened since.

“I’ve heard from Latinos and blacks that Asians should not be considered a minority at all,” says Elaine Kim, a professor of Asian-American studies at Berkeley. “What happened after they got rid of affirmative action has been a disaster — for blacks and Latinos. And for Asians it’s been a disaster because some people think the campus has become all-Asian.”

What? Quotas @ Cal. Seems to me like, Affirmative Action.

I wonder what White Parents of college bound age kids think ab
out the Asian presence at Cal? Do they think that the number of Asian students should be limited? I would imagine that some feel that those slots awarded to the approximate 100 matriculated Black and Latino freshman students whose test scores and g.p.a are far below "Cal's Standards" shouldn't be admitted.

What I find interesting is the lack of attention paid to legacy students.

But back to the equal opportunity. Of course Cal is a pure meritocracy. So what if some people don't have access to AP tests and SAT tutors. Everyone has same opportunity right? Thats what my friend thinks.
“I really challenge this idea of a pure meritocracy,” says Mr. Liu, who runs mentoring programs that grew out of his book “Guiding Lights: How to Mentor and Find Life’s Purpose.” Until all students — from rural outposts to impoverished urban settings — are given equal access to the Advanced Placement classes that have proved to be a ticket to the best colleges, then the idea of pure meritocracy is bunk, he says. “They’re measuring in a fair way the results of an unfair system.”


Go Model Minorities!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hip Is Dead and so is Sean Bell.


Hip Hop is Dead. But Rap is Alive. By now we have all marinated on the new Nasir.

My favorite song is the new single Can't Forget About You.

When I first heard it, I gasped and said, this fool done mixed the Boom Bap w/ Nat King Cole.
This album is Nas's love letter to black music. "Tell me you don't agree w/ me that HH is DEAD".

I don't like that song w/ the Game. Its just sounds forced. Any black man that says,

"I pray my daughter grows up and don't wile out like the Hilton sisters" is aii'ight in my book.
(remind me to tell you'all about my theory on black men with daughters and how they are different from ones who don't have them). Im tired of n*ggas complaining that Nas ain't freakin' Illmatic type jawns. Can he live?

Isn't Crisette Michelles voice sultry and good?

I would love to hear her over some Just Blaze jawns, some Jay D, some more Ye ye.

But back to n*ggas still wanting Illmatic, my pov, after Outkast dropped Idlewilde, was that ARTIST EVOLVE as do HUMANS.


Roots ain't gonna be the same.

J ain't gonna be the same.

Sh*t my momma ain't gonna be the same.

Thats life.
Accept it.


Did I ever tell you that I hate janky a$$ed wireless service.

Talk about having an incentive not to post.


Everytime I visit the town, it never ceases to amaze me how many people ask if Im gonna move back.

Im like dude.

The food is hot. The land is blaze. But the hip hop night life.

Sh*t is janky.

Last night was confirmed for me when Bobitto played, at APT this SONG.

When he thru that sh*t on, I took my coat off and started grooving in the little a$$ APT walk way and two things came to mind.

Im a big a$$ed b-girl.

I can go home now because I heard a song that has been floating in my head all week.

This moment can only happen in NYC.


Speaking of the town.
I enjoyed my fam.

I got together w/ my brother and a COUPLE o
f his daughters and one of my high school homies.

We went to this spot called Arts Crab shack.
We had to pay for our food before it came to to the table.

I kid you not.

I took a picture of the menu to prove it.

L-o-f-ckin' L.



It feels good to be back.You know you ain't lived till you wear "raiders pannies"! LOL.

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