Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary for Prez, and Obama for VP in '08.


Last night, inbetween watching the Saints and sippin some Stella's, me and my folks West got into the Obama fight.

This fool started calling Obama RFK. Being Catholic AIN'T like Being Black fam.

First of all, his name sound like Osama.

Secondly, charisma & "vision" does not make a president. While it is refreshing.

Thirdly, Middle America is the truth, they vote like they love Jesus, and until the COASTAL cats and the Democrats realize this, will be permanant losers.

Forthly, Black people only been able to vote for like 10 minutes.

Just like the Virginia Legislator who said N*ggas need to forget slavery. There are Americans that feel that way. In fact I woke up to Chris Matthews and them talking bout how Obama transcends race because he isn't angry and doesn't harp on slavery or other racial injustices. His mom is white, and the inference is that he is half white, and consequently has managed to curtail his Black Male Racialized Anger.

However, you have your folks talking about how n*ggas need to get over slavery. My only question for them is would they be willing to forget, Abraham Lincon, George Washington, The Boston Tea Party, Christopher Columbus, Strom Thermond, The Civil War, The Vietnam war. Prolly not. Oh. The beauty of being white.

On last Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Frank D. Hargrove, a Republican lawmaker in Virginia's House of Delegates, said that instead of seeking a formal apology from the commonwealth for slavery, "black citizens should get over it." Hargrove also reportedly wondered how far such apologies should go. "Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?"

Frank Hargrove is one reason that young African Americans should never take their hard-won rights for granted. His outlook is also a wake-up call to some of my Jewish friends who think they have it made.

He has nothing I want, including an apology. But I'm not getting over slavery.

There's nothing quite like going to a county office building down in Culpeper County, Va., and finding evidence of your family's enslavement. I did that several years ago.

Pages of land records confirmed the story I had heard since I was a young boy: that my late mother's maiden name, Colbert (my first name), was taken from a white Culpeper County family that had the last name Colbert and that owned my great-grandfather and his siblings before the Civil War.

However. Hillary for Prez and Osama for VP, you couldn't beat that sh*t w/ a bat ock. You gotchur negro and your woman. It would certainly be an exciting time to be a Black Female, I tells ya.


Hillary/Obama '08



The Minority Reporter said...

"inbetween watching the Staints and sippin some Stella's"

u makin fun of my saints or was dat a typo????

"Hillary/Obama '08"

I'm already thinking bout the concept for my t-shirt

Hummingbyrd said...

Girl...I nevers clowns the NO.


Consider it fixed.

Lets get some Tee's crackin'.

I wanna do Obama/Hillary.

Then Sean Bell RIP.

And maybe some Lissen to Ghostface...
Just go hard like the back of a Berkely Volkswagon.

The Minority Reporter said...

Yeah, I need to get one for Dinerro Shavers also...

i guess spike needs to come back and do a continuation on when the levees broke huh?

on the flipmode side

OMG those Ghostface commericals "The world according to tony" be hilarious! see, i'm suppose to be finishing my paper and u gonna have me looking for those commericals on youtube. lol

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