Tuesday, January 09, 2007

White Teachers Save 'the Hood in Hollywood.


The latest installment in White Man/Lady saves the day flicks has arrived to theaters.
I have long had a proll'em w/ this genre for obvious reasons, the main one being the fact that hood 'kids allways gotta get bailed out of their horrible lives by some negro loving white teacher. The kids in the school in Freedom Writers apparently have a problem w/ how they are being portrayed. Say Word!?!?!

Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach is one of the school district's jewels. Situated near million-dollar homes, it's considered a "learning academy" where uniformed students study classics and others vie to make its waiting list.

But in the new Hilary Swank film "Freedom Writers," that same school is portrayed as a beaten-down inner-city nightmare, run by bitter burned-out teachers and populated with well-armed students.

"Anybody who knows Long Beach knows the high school is nothing like that," said Long Beach Unified School District Supt. Chris Steinhauser.

Despite that, Steinhauser considered the film uplifting. But other Long Beach residents — like the subjects of other true-life stories — are appalled at the Hollywood version. They aren't happy with its portrayal of the true story of Long Beach teacher Erin Gruwell and her at-risk students, saying it offers an oversimplified, insulting narrative about the community: poor racial minorities triumph over lazy, jealous teachers and The Man.

Freedom Writers
Hillary Swank (who I adore, btw, saves the day).

Dangerous Minds
Michelle Pfiffer Saves the Day.

Hard Ball
Keanu Reeves saves the Day.

Sunset Park
Rhea Perlmen saves the Day

Coach Carter **
Sam Jackson, w/ a f*cked up baldie, saves the Day.

Lean on Me.**
Ok. So a Black man saves the day.
But he is a mean old crankety Black man w/ a baseball bat.
** Apparently, Black teachers can save the 'hood too!


One day it will all make sense. -Common



Anonymous said...

How about an additon?

Half Nelson
Ryan Gosling saves the day. Or does he?
Or maybe Shareeka Epps saves the day?

- teáspoon

M.Dot. said...

I like Half Nelson, but I didn't see it b/c someone told me it was depressing and I was on a depressing movie diet that season. LOL.

But you Ryan prolly was the savior given how the ad's were laid out.


Anonymous said...

Overall I thought Half Nelson was more uplifting. Because Ryan and Shareeka had their own problems and used each other for support. The white teacher doesn't exactly save the day in this one.

I agree, Ryan took up the majority of ad space but given the mutual relationship they had, Shareeka should have received her due.

- teáspoon

M.Dot. said...

When I get my netflix reinstated, thats gonna be the first jawn that I rent.

Unknown said...

Thank you for saying it!!!

I heard this movie was aiight, but as an educator of color, I am personally offended by these movies! I have had to deal with the white teachers who think they are the end-all-be-all of this "poor, little, black kids'" lives.


You see these kids for 45 minutes a day, 90, tops, and how dare you think you are the moral compass and center of their lives!!! These kids have families, and maybe some of them are dysfuntional, but actually, most of their families are no more dysfuctional than ours! They have love in their lives, and no matter, how much you feel like you can "save" them, you can only impart a small part of your values in your 45 or 90 minutes, and hope some of it sticks. And, why are your values necessarily better, anyway??!!

They had influences BEFORE they came in your class, and will have more influences when they LEAVE your class. Get a grip!!

M.Dot. said...

And, why are your values necessarily better, anyway??!!

Simple answer.

White privlage.

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