Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Academic /Artist Dudes vs Street Dudes.


A couple of weeks ago Minnesota McGuyver got in my @ss for saying that one of the major distinctions between street dudes and academic/artist dudes is that street dudes are far more likely to be transparent w/ their emotions. (They are also more likely to call you @ 3am talkin' 'bout can you stash me out?).

In addition he felt that we were breaking down cats into two strict categories, whereas hella cats fall into the gray area. That gray area is where the Academic and the artist dues overlap.

For him, it is offensive to say that street dudes are more emotionally transparent than the academics/artists. He felt that my homies were making that distinction because they have a thug fetish and they were using the "emotional transparency" argument as a convenient justification.

Consequently, women who fetishize the "bad boys" are not taking into
consideration that academic cats can have a lil street jawn to them. And, that academic cats can be "emotionally expressive". Which leaves us with the middle cats in the gray area.

Minnesota McGuyver major funk w/ me was a theory, posited by a couple of my girls, who's experiences demonstrated that street cats:
a. Are more transparent with their feelings, less passive agressive.
b. Are more likely to let you know where you stand, in relationship to the other women in their lives. They tend not to keep a jawn at arms length b/c they can.

c. Are more likely to treat you, the academic sista, as The Prize, with a captial T.

The artistic cats. Some of them are emotionally expressive. They typically channel their emotional expression into their art. From my personal experience, an artists first love is is ART and everything else tends to come second. (BBC was a scientist, so that was a whole other ball game. ) Lol. So consequently, I came to understand that there would allways be a third entity in our relationship, his art. Mo'Betta Blues has an extreme version of this dynamic.

Which brings me to
the new P video, Mac 10 Handle.
Ballerina P aka Pistol Pump P, aka P Lova from Queens.

Now ladies, tell me P, in all his corrupt darkness, ain't fly.

Physically, not really. Spiritually. Super gulls.

This video reminds me of why a lady checks for dudes who put his sh*t out there.


This is one of those posts that I contemplated for a couple weeks.

Then I hear MP in my head saying, gurrrl, let it dew what it do, so I let the words spill.



neo said...

The problem with the example you used is:

P ain't a street dude. He's a studio thug...we still love P doe..

Again, I gotta side with your boy on this. Those are two VERY broad categories where a lot of folk will fall into both. I for one am no street cat, won't pretend to be, but I sure am street smart and savvy..

M.Dot. said...


Gray area dudes get analyzed in the next post.

May gray area dudes fall in the mushy middle so sistas ain't trippin.

Iount know.

Pistol pump p alone.

M.Dot. said...

Maybe I will change it to Street dudes vs Academics & Artist Types.

That would certaintly start some sh*t.

The Minority Reporter said...

"let it dew what it do"...and it did.

i feel like i should have my own version of the boys, boys, boys rmx. i swear i done dated them all.

but i heart my hood dude. to me, he's been the realist...honestly..as in honesty.

But I'm getting my grown woman on now. Hanging out in different spots. Traveling. Exposing myself to different things.

Conversations get limited because I comprehend less and less of his world because I'm trying to focus on expanding mine. And maybe he's feeling left behind...but I'm speakin of a "real" street dude...so i'm unable to interpret the silence

Maybe I can't have it all. Maybe I'll try my luck with one of these grey dudes.


Unknown said...

As we grow, we want them to grow, too. So, so true.

I think, for me, NaS said it the best in "Made You Look" (a personal motto, perhaps):

"...ladies lookin for athletes or rappers / Whatever you choose, whatever you do / Make sure he a thug and intelligent too / Like a real thoroughbred is..."

I can't resist an intelligent thug! Not a brute. Just someone whose unstoppable and out to get his. I think a lot of the gray guys fall into this category.

Anyway, I'm a little tired of dudes right now :<

M.Dot. said...


My N.A.S shit is:

A street dude w/ morals.

What. Hustling *ggas w/ a code that they HONOR.


LightDigga said...

you're right. shit is started up in here...

and i have to say too that the only 'street dude' i ever f-ed wit was the only one i can recall really calling me on my shit when i hurt his feelings. definitely couldn't play cavalier with that one. lesson learned...and i haven't linked with a street dude since. lol.

Anonymous said...

That video is on some devil dude shit. If thats the direction MF'ers is trying to go, sell that shit to them white folkes.

M.Dot. said...

but i heart my hood dude. to me, he's been the realist...honestly..as in honesty.

Gurrrrl who you telling.

But, as you say, when you expanding ya world, all that shit has to be taken into consideration.

M.Dot. said...

and i have to say too that the only 'street dude' i ever f-ed wit was the only one i can recall really calling me on my shit when i hurt his feelings

Exact-a-f*cking-mundo girl.

Cats will tell you in a minute that chu out-a-pocket. And EXPECT you to respond.

F*ck that passive agressive, imma make you guess what Im thinking. That sh*t is crazy-making.

M.Dot. said...


Are you kidding me.

This harks right back to the essence of Shook ones.

You don't like Dark Grimey rap eh?!?!?

POPS said...

wow. you just got bookmarked on the strength of this post alone. shout out to the minority reporter. as for the grey area, i've never been a fan of generalizations. because some people will straight up surprise you. judging a book by its cover has its shortfalls.

M.Dot. said...

Peace pops.

Of course generalizations are dangerous.

However, there is something to be said for the lack of transparency w/ academs/artists.

Your blog is hot.

Thanks for the bookmark.


Anonymous said...

where is the emotion? Ballerina P lost the voice of desperation. he tells of emotion--paranoia, but i am not convinced of his 'performance'.

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