Friday, September 29, 2006

Bill Clinton said "Let A N*gga Talk Real Quick".


I don't agree with all of his politics. Trust.

How he handled the Empowerment Zones, and the transfer of folks from
"WELFARE " TO "WORK FARE" is outta pocket.


But he said, on FOX NEWS THE OTHER NIGHT was trill, he said don't bring a n*gga no bubbly water.

He was like "I was after Bin Laden. You ain't gon Punk Me on Nathin' ock".

Bill Clinton been kickin' it in Baltimore or East Oakland.

Oh, thats right, he DO have that office in Harlem!

Real Talk.

Peace to My homie at the perfect storm for the viznideo.


My family James, in Minn put me on to the a Cat that is running for Senate.

Peep though.

He is black.

And he is Muslim.

Awwww. Sh*t.

As a muslim, he has to play it real close.

Its not a game.

But it is a game.

It is a game of intentions and perceptions.

Peep the Article.

Ellison said he had renounced Farrakhan and his group long ago because of their "bigoted and anti-Semitic ideas." But the issue may not die down.

His Republican opponent, Alan Fine, said after the primary he was "personally offended, as a Jew, that we have a candidate like this running for U.S. Congress."

Fine called Ellison a follower of the "known racist" Farrakhan who is a person who "believes that Jews are the scourge of the earth."

Ellison told the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas in a letter in May he got involved with Farrakhan 11 years ago because he cared about personal responsibility and self-sufficiency among black men.

He said he "wrongly dismissed" concerns that Farrakhan's views were anti-Jewish.

"They were and are anti-Semitic and I should have come to that conclusion earlier than I did. ... At no time did I ever share their hateful views," he said.

State Rep. Frank Hornstein, a fellow Democrat who sat next to Ellison [meaning that he led credibility to him] in the Minnesota state legislature, calls Ellison "a champion of human rights for all."

"As a Jew, I would always have concerns about Farrakhan, but I never felt Keith shared those views. It just never occurred to me that Keith Ellison would be hostile to the Jewish community or anti-Semitic," he said.

If you are in the public eye, you gotta be prepared to come with it.

For trill. Especially Being a Muslim at this time in World History.


Lil Friday blog jump off for the fam.

The air is EXTRA crispy outside.

I gotta see if my tights clean.

I might, MIGHT, break out my space boots.

Them sh*ts is fly fam.

Pweter gray, low rise jawns.

Girls be like "Uhhhh, she think she cute".


Monday, September 25, 2006

Do You Understand?


Even if you don't buy it, got to Barnes and Nobles and touch it.

It is one of the most beautiful Homages to an artist that I have ever witnessed.
And for my friends with a stable income, my burfday is coming up...****clears throat.

Times did a profile last week on Mike Thomas, a dead body collector.
Peep the article and the video.
These are the kinds of stories that THE SOURCE useta tell.

His tax forms officially read “body technician.” Unofficially, Mike Thomas calls himself body snatcher, grim reaper, night stalker, bag man. Whatever you call it, it is one man’s life.

Detroit is an annual competitor for the ignominious title of Murder Capital. Last year there were 359 homicides. Halfway through this year, there were 220. There are about 10,000 unsolved homicides dating back to 1960.

Mr. Thomas, 34, subscribes to a simple theory: Unemployment leads to drugs. Drugs lead to misplaced passion. Misplaced passion leads to death. And that’s where he comes in.

“There’s 360 ways to die, and I done seen them all,” he said, dressed in black, waiting on a hot evening to be summoned to the latest body. “I seen an old lady standing dead at her stove, her purse hanging on her elbow. I done picked up the pieces of a man who stepped in front of a train. I done picked up people just around this corner, here, from my house.”

Then he turned around and got FIRED FOR DOING THE INTERVIEW. Hear him tell it,

“I was just telling my life story,” Mr. Thomas said by telephone. “This is America, right? Don’t we still got freedom of speech?”

He has three children, no car and, now, no job — a bad combination when you live in the poorest big city in America.

The body job paid $14 dollars a corpse, though it did have its drawbacks: picking body parts from Dumpsters, ferrying corpses in an unrefrigerated van.

Mr. Thomas said he hoped his recent notoriety had hatched an entertainment career. Record people have been to his producer’s Web site, he said, and filmmakers are pitching the idea of a reality show based on his life.


Speaking of dead bodies. Are more mommas killing they babies, OR, is the news doing a better job of reporting it?


Cat Power is so g*ddamn fresh. She is my new Mary J. Blige. Watching her video, touched me the way early Tupac did. Straight to my soul fam. Like I ain't wanna see it, but the more I read, the more I needed to. Here is an excerpt...

With bizarre stage antics and aborted concerts, her erratic reputation was firmly established. Reviewing a show in The Times in 1999, the critic Ben Ratliff described her set as “staggering for its inversion of standard rock performance ethics,” adding, “Gone was the idea of exultation, or of showing what one can do; in its place was outrageously passive-aggressive behavior and nonmusicianship.

Still, fans flocked, some more than once, to see the singer with the long bangs obscuring her face — and to see a train wreck. Yet despite her condition, and with the help of veteran Memphis soul musicians backing her up, she managed in three days in August 2005 to record her now critically lauded seventh album, “The Greatest.”

About two weeks before its release in January, Ms. Marshall said, she lost her mind: “I was looking at death. I wanted to die.” Holed up in her Miami apartment for seven days, she turned off the phone, played Miles Davis on repeat, stopped eating and sleeping. She drank to oblivion and prayed to die.

Susanna Vapnek, a painter, came over to check on her friend. Ms. Marshall was acting bizarrely, obsessively chasing “bad spirits” around her apartment with a lighter and sage. Ms. Vapnek bathed her and stayed by her side. Eight hours later she took Ms. Marshall to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, where she was admitted.

Confined for psychiatric treatment, Ms. Marshall recalled refusing to bathe, hiding from her reflection and wanting to be drunk. “I asked God, I said, I’m tired, I can’t do this,” she said. “I was asking him to just take me.” She was terrified by the other patients who screamed at night and were comatose during the day.

Who, other than DMX goes through their TRAUMA, REBIRTH and REHAB, so painfully and so publically. I commend her.

In fact her and Fiona need to go on Tour together.

For True.

This is THE BEST WEATHER OF THE YEAR. I wish I could just bottle it up and put it in my pocket. I didn't have an coffee today. But I have a feeling imma have me some tomorrow. How yall been?


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let Steinbrenner Run the NYC Public School System.


Wowsa. Bush doing it.

Wow. It has been a hot minute blog fam. I have been tre busy.

Between. Nightlife, reading, class, studying, BL & WORKING out the love, I have had my hands full. Anyhoo, I danced so hard a Jump in Funk on Thursday night that my calves are sore. I feel like I am getting into the swing of things, as this is the first weekend in a HOT minute that I did not read the NY Sunday jawn.

Moe's was crackin' last night.

Apparently CL was up in there with a lovely lady on his lap. I wish I woulda known, because I listen to Main Ingredient almost once a day. For true. I told BL I was gonna go and give my appreciation, but BL was like, the lady on his lap prolly would not have liked it. Kenjii Jasper was in tha spot too.

I played a couple of games of pac-man w. my folks, and debated about whether there are actually prostitutes that LIKE being prostitutes. Yes, These are the types of conversations that me and my folks have on the late, late. Any hoo. On to the news updates.

Peep my Condi, showing 'em how its realy down.


Tutors for PreSchoolers. No one wants to talk about how expensive it is. But until that HONEST discussion is held, perpetual failure will be on the menu.

Peace to Gotty for the laink. The Five Family's. Five Oil Companies. The Big Five Record Labels.
The Five School Testing Firms.

Its not a game.

Get Familiar. My folks, Stephen Butler, discusses how education is the NEW CRIME. Meaning that politicians are building their careers of education they way they used to build them off crime.

The aforementioned Gang of Five is similar to the five oil companies. They control 96% of the education testing market, a multi-billion dollar industry. Just as the oil companies make money from the discovering, drilling, producing, refining and selling of oil, the Gang of Five produces the standardized tests, the benchmarks (pre-tests schools administer to keep track of readiness for the real tests), curricula to ensure passage of the tests, and remedial curricula, in addition to other products. Interestingly, this creates the perversity of some companies benefiting when children fail the test, since No Child Left Behind mandates schools to provide tutoring programs when a school fails to meet the passage requirements for three straight years. However, there’s one major advantage of the Gang of Five over the oil companies and one major difference.
I love when I read stuff that makes me feel smarter:)


Um. Libras. Stand. Up. Yessir!


Can Bill Gates Save Education? HELL IN THE F*CK YEAH!

Village Voice does he DO on Gates and the Cream he got floating through New York City Schools.

Gates went on to address the dangers of an uneducated work force, warning that his and other major corporations would not hire young people without a college diploma. Making matters worse, Gates explained, was the racial disparity in public education, with students in middle- and upper-class and mostly white school districts studying Algebra II while students in low-income and mostly black or Hispanic districts learn how to balance a checkbook. He challenged the governors to devote more resources to high school reform, and specifically to create smaller high schools where students would receive more personal attention. Gates, after all, had been devoting his own time and money to improve the country's high schools through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which over the last six years had given out over $1 billion in education grants.

Go Bill Gates. Its ya' birfday.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Public School Teachers Are Bound to Fail.


What I know is for True. Public School Teachers are bound to Fail. Only when they have shared history with the kids AND they get paid a salary on par with their nearest surburban counterparts OR they get complete control over thier classroom (within reason).

Peep what I found in the Oakland Tribune. A teacher in the 'Town breaks down what it means to be successfull WHILE in the trenches.

"Each one of them reminds me of a kid I grew up with," Martinez later said fondly. In his efforts to reach his students, he draws from his own background as an "ex-con, dope fiend, alcoholic," in his words. In his East Oakland neighborhood, going to the California Youth Authority is a rite of passage. "I never met anyone who said, `Hey, let's go to college,' " he recalled. "When you go to the Youth Authority they don't ask you to join a gang. You will join a gang. There you just learn more about the criminal element."

Like other adults working to prevent youth violence, Martinez criticizes a system that punishes young people but doesn't give them any skills.

"How are you going to be 17 and you read third-grade books? They are uneducated, unemployable. They have no skills and they're full of hate. Then you put them back in the community where younger kids look up to them." He thinks most of the violence-prevention programs are designed by people who don't know what they're doing.

"I go to providers meetings and everyone's patting each other on the back, saying what a great job they're doing. That night a kid gets killed. You have to get in the trenches. It takes time and effort."

He believes gangs and drugs are realities that are here to stay.

"The way you deal with gangs is to bring them to the table. You work with the leaders and the soldiers will follow. They can follow them to San Quentin or to Cal State Hayward. I always say the big yard at Cal State Hayward is better than the one at San Quentin. Bring the leaders to me."

Wow. Is all I gotta say and big up to Brenda Payton, the author, Gilbert Martinez, the teacher at Calvin Simmons Middle School.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ending Early Decision is a Marketing Ploy, that Helps 2 White Poor Kids and 5 Black Kids and Maybe 1 Latino.


Havard has everyone open because they ended early decision. They want a cookie now I guess. What is their decision on legacy admits? That what I am interested in. You see, blog family, legacy admissions is affirmative action for alums. Peep what Daniel Golden has to say in his new book

In “The Price of Admission,” a delicious account of gross inequities in high places, Daniel Golden tells me that I’ve gotten away cheap. A son of Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader, got into Princeton because the Frist family “had lavished tens of millions of dollars on a new student center” there. Margaret Bass, daughter of the oil magnate Robert Bass, got into Stanford after her old man gave the university $25 million. Jessica Zofnass’s Harvard-educated father endowed a scholarship in environmental studies around the time of her admission. Charles Kushner, a real estate developer who went to jail for witness tampering and illegal campaign contributions, pledged $2.5 million to Harvard — Kushner himself went to N.Y.U. — which did the trick for his son Jared (who recently bought The New York Observer).
Real talk.

And honestly, an institution can only be judged on their policies and their budget, correct.
Harvard may say it accepts 1 in 10 applicants, but, Golden writes, as many as 60 percent of the places in a top school are already spoken for by higher bidders, hence reducing, in the parlance, the “unhooked” applicant’s chances to . . . well, you do the math. Actually, if you do get into a college by merit alone, that may mean there’s something wrong with the college. You don’t want to be in a club that would have you as a member — which is the entire marketing credo of America’s top schools.

So Boom.

What if they killed affirmative action for alums, affirmative action for negroes and adopted
preschool classes.

Hold up, walk with me now because I am on a nice 'lil tear here.

  • If an Ivy League institution adopts a pre-school class (and for that matter every HBCU), similarly to what Oral Lee Brown did in East Oakland California, then the pipe line issue would be solved. There would be MORE CHILDREN WHO BY THE TIME THEY HAVE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOLS, WOULD HAVE SAT scores, and grades that make them attractive candidates to ALL COLLEGES.
  • The Problem with Affirmative action which I have benefitted from up the ying yang, is that it doesn't address the systematic pipeline issue. However affirmative action presumes that being smart enough will be the key to success. Being smart is only the begining. Its a daily struggle.
  • You have to dodge, early pregnancy, the hood, running with the wrong crowd, running with a cool crowd, that may have a bad seed in it and you STILL get taken out the game. Nay sayers. Family members jealousy. And when you are the FIRST PERSON in your family doing it. It almost seems easier to fly to the moon.
  • American culture downplays the significance of the informational transfer that happens between in a family. Especially when a family member ahead of you, went to college, went to medical school, published a book, played college ball, started a business, bought a house. The list goes on and on. They can pass on WHAT THEY LEARNED TO YOU.
  • In sum, having systematic support from DAY 1 of preschool allows for academic instituion to invest in the neighborhood in the form of investing in that neighborhoods human capital.
Wow. That was a mouth full. I KNOW yall got something to say about this herrre.

Monday, September 18, 2006

If the UN wants to Save Darfur, then they Need to Talk to the Walmart Board of Directors.


Wowsa. Things have been hectic in Ms. F's little world. Er. BL and I have caught a case of the Mr. Me Too's.

Meaning, he mad and Im like yeah me too n*gga.

And we got some of the good F*ck it its the end of the summer lets "reevaulate" the relatinshi*t founk.

However, when you been in the trenches w/someone it's one thing to think its over when you hella mad.

And another thing to feel the same when you calm and more rational.

We went to a Save Darfur fundraiser tonight, so all is not lost.

Yall know Imma libra and I love the love.

Speaking of Darfur.

Yall know my theory on it?

Basically I think it is an economic issue.

Not a moral issue.

China has an interest in Darfur continuing to be unstable. And China is Walmarts major supplier. So boom. Peep the article below.

China is Sudan's largest trading partner and the main foreign investor in Sudan's oil industry. China National Petroleum Corp. has a 40 percent share in the international consortium extracting oil in Sudan, and it is building refineries and pipelines, enabling Sudan to benefit from oil export revenue since 1999.

Although most Western oil companies have withdrawn from Sudan under pressure from human rights organizations, Chinese companies have turned a blind eye to the brutal way in which Sudan forced 200,000 to 300,000 of its citizens from oil-rich lands without compensation. Nor have these companies shown concern that Sudan uses oil revenue to purchase arms for its wars against its black African population.

As a member of the U.N. Security Council, China should be called upon to dispatch its foreign minister to Darfur to join international expressions of alarm at the unfolding genocide. It also should consider reducing its oil purchases from Sudan, should the Security Council decide upon sanctions.

Walmart, the largest employer in the UNITED STATES gets a substantial portion
of their product from China.

Savings are passed on to Americans.

So Boom.

Let Walmart know, they need to holler at China re-the oil game.


They fools don't hear me though.

Gotty. I know you think you gotta keep our concerns on that in which is in our area codes, but being a humanist, I guess Im global on mine.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

How Many People Know a Black Mike?


Black people love to give somebody a nick name.



Lil 'J.

From the last post, J strongly suggested that I do a post on the "White Mikes" of the world.

I am going to take it a step further and write about nick names in general.

When I started thinking about it.

I relaized that one of my oldest homies is Filipino Mike, from East Oakland.

I have known that fool since I was a virgin.

That was a hot minute ago.

We like brothers and sisters now.

In fact we have been for the last 10 years.

Do we talk as much?


Do we see each other frequently? No.

when I am in the 'town if, I am lucky.

But that's the homie.

And we he calls, I stop what I am doing and chop it up because he means that
much to me.

Now Filipino Mike got two homies named Light skinned Tony and Dark skinned Tony.

Affectionately known as Light Tony and Dark Tony.

Peep how the Tony's kept their name, but their skin tone is what
differentiates them.

I was thinking about my brother and how he got a Big Otis and a Little Otis.

The ironic thing about it is that Little Otis is HELLA big.


He is Younger then Big otis.

Big Otis is squattier and mad muscular.

Back to White Mike.

Other than the white Mike that I met with the Tattoos, I don't recall any other's.

I feel like I know some Black Mikes, but I am having a hard time placing him right now.

Perhaps you all do.

Spike Lee been making movies for 20 years. Deep hunh?

Peep what he said in NY Magazine about having to publicly apologize in the New York Times for his art. Could you imagine?

Lee says there is “a law you cannot have any Jewish person who is not a hundred percent honest” in a film, “because if they are not, you’re anti- Semitic and perpetuating stereotypes.”

There is, however, a fair amount of ground between a hundred percent honest and the moneygrubbing, fast- talking caricatures Mo and Josh Flatbush, the villains of Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues, who got Lee on the shit list of various critics and Jewish organizations. “B’nai Brith and the Anti- Defamation League, they were on my ass,” he says. “You don’t know what it is for someone to get on your ass until B’nai Brith and Anti- Defamation League … You know that shit, when they’re on you, you know it.”

Eventually Lee placated his persecutors by writing an op-ed piece for the Times, but the whole thing still makes him mad when he thinks about it. And the truth is, he’s not sorry about portraying Mo and Josh Flatbush as Jewish bloodsuckers, feeding off the talents of black musicians. “Here’s the thing, though: It’s more than being a stereotype,” says Lee. “In the history of American music, there have not been Jewish people exploiting black musicians? In the history of music? How is that being stereotypical? For me, that’s like saying, like the NBA is predominantly black. Now, if that makes me anti- Semitic ...” For a minute, he actually engages and sort of laughs. “I’m not writing any more op-ed pieces,” he says. “I did it once. I’m not doing it again. Seriously. I’m not doing it again.”

I like the fact that Jewish folks got in his @ss over the portrayal.

I think its dope when people are organized, and when they get offended they launch an attack.

To me its like this.

Spike had a right to create his characters and the ADL had the right to respond.
Spike apologized, I argue, prolly because it perceived it as being in his own best interest at the time. Simple as that.

Wachall think?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mike Tyson, Drug Dealers & My Street Travels : A discussion.


Drug Dealers.

We all know them.

Sh*t. Some of yall reading is prolly 'bout to go grind Right Now.

Well. I saw a cat in Barnes and Nobles.

A white Hipster Cat.

With a Drug Dealer T-shirt on.
I kid you not. Now. Yall know when I see sh*t like that I be like.

Um. I wonder what his intentions are?
'Prolly to be cute.

Did he think that drug dealing is cute?

Yeah. Why not. Why should he care about d-boys. As long as he
get is e & we*d on Thursday nights.

Was he a d-boy?

Anything goes, this is NYC.

Did he think my appropriating it, it became a harmless label?

Probably. Thats the prollem' with some of that Urban Outfitters hipster 'ish. No one wants to be held accountable when their 'ish is out of pocket. And the moment someone steps up, the transgressor is quick to call the affected sensiti

But trust.

When your people are dying of AIDS, and your kids can't read,

and your music that has gotten you through the past hard times is damn near un-listen-able. It may be reason
able to catch feelings because a whipster wearning a drug dealer t-shirt.
Its like the pain of the block became his fashion.

Did he think he wasn't any different that them snowman cats?

Good question. Yes. His shirt is as bad as the snowman kids. However I expect more from the whipsters as they tend to have more education and thus should know better. The snowman kids are zombies. Plus they tend to live IN the be
autiful mess that their t-shirts represents which gives them a sense of ownership that the whipsters don't have.

BL is so damn crass. I told him about dude, and I talkin about I need to rock "YOUR DADDY WAS A SLAVE OWNER" t-shirts.

Maybe we need our own line of subversive t's.

Stop Shooting.

Reincarcerate Yayo.



That would cause a ruckus, right!?!?!!?!? God Help us.


Speaking of walking down the street.

I saw this cat a couple of weeks ago with a tatoo on his arm of Malcom.

So I tell him eh, I have a blog and I HAVE to take a picture of this.

He complies.

I ask him his name and he says White Mike.

I was like. Cool. You white. So thats acceptable.

Then he shows me other tats.

Come to find out this dude, is a boxer, and has a


Hence the Name White Mike makes since. The Boxing homies gave him the nickname.

Malcolm on one arm, Mike on the other.

Talk about progressive:)

And he had the nerve to be cute too.


Ok. So all asked for cultural critcism, and you got it:)
In return I would like to dialogue with you in the comments section.
Its enough in this post alone to get it poppin!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stop Protesting and Start Investing


Model Minorities, Artist, Block Huggers and Artistic MM's need to step they real estate game up.

Peter Cooper Village on the west side is for sale for 5 BILLION dollars.

It is not a game anymore.

And artist, the poor, the working poor, and the middle class can't say nothing.

This is what happens when we don't think about the future, when we don't plan and when we don't anticipate getting evicted.

Fools better stop protesting and start investing before you and all your artist homies be communting in from Pennsylvania.


Lets take the Dj's from Body and Soul and the Neighborhood Fort Greene.

The DJ's from body and soul had the following to say in the village voice:

We all know that it's all about real estate. The club where we were doing Body & Soul got sold for $19 million, and they were gonna supposedly put all these fancy, multimillion-dollar lofts in there, and they still even haven't gotten their permits, the architects. The new clubs are not about love of music. They are about investors and cans of beers and counting and sales. The kind of people who are moving to Manhattan these days are very wealthy. To them, they think about the clubbing experience as a fashion accessory, like, "Oh, what kind of shoes am I going to wear tonight, what kind of club am I going to go to?" That's why, personally, I don't really participate or ever play in one of those new big quote-unquote superclubs. I think the vibe sucks. Let's just say it plainly. The vibe sucks.

Now lets take Fort greene.

In 1980-89, you would not rock over there.

Like in anyhood USA, that shit was super cracked out.

But peep.

Fort Greene Cats, Park Slope Cats and Prospect Heights cats are about to get displaced by the Ratner Stadium.

Peep this letter to the editor from the Village Voice:

Boomerang effect

Re Cindy Carr's "Life in the Footprint" [August 28]: I find it fascinating that no one gave a damn about Fort Greene and all the changes until a bunch of white people decided they were being treated badly. Basically, they don't want to happen to them what they did to the neighborhood in the first place. It really shows where the media and society stand when groups like Develop Don't Destroy, the anti-Ikea people, and the Gowanus Project are all run by white people and no one brings that up. They are the defenders, the great white hopewith the exception of vote-whore [wowsa] councilwoman Letitia James you see no black faces. Boo hoo, white people; change happens long before you show up. Fort Greene is a beautiful and vibrant neighborhood. I have lived here for seven years and seen many changes, both good and bad. Change happens; you can't stall progress.

Amy Patrick

So. Amy's arguement is that displacement is cool when YOU are moving in, but displacement AIN'T cool when you have to bounce because your house in standing in the way of "progress".

Hate the game. Hate the game.

Ahhh. Divine Real Estate Order.

So lets call the Ratner/Harlem/Peter Cooper Village the boomerang real estate effect.

The lesson in this is that you allways need to care about your neighbor who is downtrodden or of the social class below yours.

Cuz, after they go, you next.

I kid you not.

Sometimes I blog slow, somtimes I blog quick.


Im sweeter and thicker than a chick-o-stick. Wow. So much news so little time. I got hella blog ideas in my mind that I need to parlay, so I best to get to it.

Ron Isley is going to jail. Three words. Pay your taxes.

Whats gonna happen to his 'do, once he goes to jail?
Maybe I can get his PFN number and send him a wave kit. ________________

Crocodile man got murked. Its kinda sad, he was a true thrill seeker. He was the real like crocodile dundee. I wonder what kinda insurance his people had on him. ________________

It was a cool weekend. The parkway was cracking yesterday w/ 2 million carribean folks. My 'ol school homie visted from the Bay. She actually convinced me hop the fence on the parkway, so that she could cross the street. It actually was one of the iron parade barriers. All I could think of, was if I got arrested, I know the police would know that I SHOULD have known better. Defensless. Dude. Straight Defenseless.



You need to get your scripts ready.

Sherry Edmonds and the Weinstein Bros just linked up to get somma that negro paper.

She is running her own studio in partnership.
Maybe they can make that black woody allen movie happen!?!?! Yall know imma nerd. And don't act like you wouldn't go see it because you would.

Why do I allways have to be the feminst defender yall?

I am kickinn' it with my homie yesterday. Lets call him Mr. BedStuy.

Over veggie fish cakes at Red Bamboo, he tells me that he is not gonna f*ck with women from his circle no more cuz, the be mashing with mad dudes within the circle..
I told him that it sounds like he doesn't want someone who is been passed around.

I told him that at our age, any person you rocked w/ ain't gonna be a nun & and it was f*cked up for him to criticize female sexuality, but NOT THE behavior of his boys.

He tells me that yes I do have a point, be he ain't trynna rock with the dudes, he tyrna rock with the women, so, their behavior is what matters to him.

I shut up after that.


I think that is it for now.

How was our Labor Day?


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