Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stop Protesting and Start Investing


Model Minorities, Artist, Block Huggers and Artistic MM's need to step they real estate game up.

Peter Cooper Village on the west side is for sale for 5 BILLION dollars.

It is not a game anymore.

And artist, the poor, the working poor, and the middle class can't say nothing.

This is what happens when we don't think about the future, when we don't plan and when we don't anticipate getting evicted.

Fools better stop protesting and start investing before you and all your artist homies be communting in from Pennsylvania.


Lets take the Dj's from Body and Soul and the Neighborhood Fort Greene.

The DJ's from body and soul had the following to say in the village voice:

We all know that it's all about real estate. The club where we were doing Body & Soul got sold for $19 million, and they were gonna supposedly put all these fancy, multimillion-dollar lofts in there, and they still even haven't gotten their permits, the architects. The new clubs are not about love of music. They are about investors and cans of beers and counting and sales. The kind of people who are moving to Manhattan these days are very wealthy. To them, they think about the clubbing experience as a fashion accessory, like, "Oh, what kind of shoes am I going to wear tonight, what kind of club am I going to go to?" That's why, personally, I don't really participate or ever play in one of those new big quote-unquote superclubs. I think the vibe sucks. Let's just say it plainly. The vibe sucks.

Now lets take Fort greene.

In 1980-89, you would not rock over there.

Like in anyhood USA, that shit was super cracked out.

But peep.

Fort Greene Cats, Park Slope Cats and Prospect Heights cats are about to get displaced by the Ratner Stadium.

Peep this letter to the editor from the Village Voice:

Boomerang effect

Re Cindy Carr's "Life in the Footprint" [August 28]: I find it fascinating that no one gave a damn about Fort Greene and all the changes until a bunch of white people decided they were being treated badly. Basically, they don't want to happen to them what they did to the neighborhood in the first place. It really shows where the media and society stand when groups like Develop Don't Destroy, the anti-Ikea people, and the Gowanus Project are all run by white people and no one brings that up. They are the defenders, the great white hopewith the exception of vote-whore [wowsa] councilwoman Letitia James you see no black faces. Boo hoo, white people; change happens long before you show up. Fort Greene is a beautiful and vibrant neighborhood. I have lived here for seven years and seen many changes, both good and bad. Change happens; you can't stall progress.

Amy Patrick

So. Amy's arguement is that displacement is cool when YOU are moving in, but displacement AIN'T cool when you have to bounce because your house in standing in the way of "progress".

Hate the game. Hate the game.

Ahhh. Divine Real Estate Order.

So lets call the Ratner/Harlem/Peter Cooper Village the boomerang real estate effect.

The lesson in this is that you allways need to care about your neighbor who is downtrodden or of the social class below yours.

Cuz, after they go, you next.

I kid you not.


Anonymous said...

More madness on the homefront:


jaga_d_schmoov1 said...



Hummingbyrd said...

Hey anon.

That must be you mean sexy:))))

Thats so funny.

I wrote down in my notebook to google Pinnacle group, but I did not write WHY???

Thank you for reminding me.

Ghot Dayuuum!

I never seen the real deal before.

I almost came when I opened it up.

An ENTIRE NYC Real Estate mag.


I got put on today.

Hummingbyrd said...

Wassup J.

I think that is you.

How you doing?

the prisoner's wife said...

it's a crazy situataion. i used to ride the bus down to the Target on Atlantic/Flatbush and you'd see signs on people's b'stones saying..."SAVE MY HOUSE!" and things like that. i love brooklyn cuz it's brooklyn. it's a different vibe. when all of manhattan spills over into bk, it's not the same. i like buying jerk chicken patties, hearing biggie or sizzla on every block, block parties...when "other" people start moving into 'hoods where the culture was so thick it just takes something away.

Hummingbyrd said...

Yeah Mrs. PW.

You have to admit the irony of folks displacing the crack era residents, then getting mad when Ratner displaces them.

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