Monday, September 18, 2006

If the UN wants to Save Darfur, then they Need to Talk to the Walmart Board of Directors.


Wowsa. Things have been hectic in Ms. F's little world. Er. BL and I have caught a case of the Mr. Me Too's.

Meaning, he mad and Im like yeah me too n*gga.

And we got some of the good F*ck it its the end of the summer lets "reevaulate" the relatinshi*t founk.

However, when you been in the trenches w/someone it's one thing to think its over when you hella mad.

And another thing to feel the same when you calm and more rational.

We went to a Save Darfur fundraiser tonight, so all is not lost.

Yall know Imma libra and I love the love.

Speaking of Darfur.

Yall know my theory on it?

Basically I think it is an economic issue.

Not a moral issue.

China has an interest in Darfur continuing to be unstable. And China is Walmarts major supplier. So boom. Peep the article below.

China is Sudan's largest trading partner and the main foreign investor in Sudan's oil industry. China National Petroleum Corp. has a 40 percent share in the international consortium extracting oil in Sudan, and it is building refineries and pipelines, enabling Sudan to benefit from oil export revenue since 1999.

Although most Western oil companies have withdrawn from Sudan under pressure from human rights organizations, Chinese companies have turned a blind eye to the brutal way in which Sudan forced 200,000 to 300,000 of its citizens from oil-rich lands without compensation. Nor have these companies shown concern that Sudan uses oil revenue to purchase arms for its wars against its black African population.

As a member of the U.N. Security Council, China should be called upon to dispatch its foreign minister to Darfur to join international expressions of alarm at the unfolding genocide. It also should consider reducing its oil purchases from Sudan, should the Security Council decide upon sanctions.

Walmart, the largest employer in the UNITED STATES gets a substantial portion
of their product from China.

Savings are passed on to Americans.

So Boom.

Let Walmart know, they need to holler at China re-the oil game.


They fools don't hear me though.

Gotty. I know you think you gotta keep our concerns on that in which is in our area codes, but being a humanist, I guess Im global on mine.


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