Sunday, September 24, 2006

Let Steinbrenner Run the NYC Public School System.


Wowsa. Bush doing it.

Wow. It has been a hot minute blog fam. I have been tre busy.

Between. Nightlife, reading, class, studying, BL & WORKING out the love, I have had my hands full. Anyhoo, I danced so hard a Jump in Funk on Thursday night that my calves are sore. I feel like I am getting into the swing of things, as this is the first weekend in a HOT minute that I did not read the NY Sunday jawn.

Moe's was crackin' last night.

Apparently CL was up in there with a lovely lady on his lap. I wish I woulda known, because I listen to Main Ingredient almost once a day. For true. I told BL I was gonna go and give my appreciation, but BL was like, the lady on his lap prolly would not have liked it. Kenjii Jasper was in tha spot too.

I played a couple of games of pac-man w. my folks, and debated about whether there are actually prostitutes that LIKE being prostitutes. Yes, These are the types of conversations that me and my folks have on the late, late. Any hoo. On to the news updates.

Peep my Condi, showing 'em how its realy down.


Tutors for PreSchoolers. No one wants to talk about how expensive it is. But until that HONEST discussion is held, perpetual failure will be on the menu.

Peace to Gotty for the laink. The Five Family's. Five Oil Companies. The Big Five Record Labels.
The Five School Testing Firms.

Its not a game.

Get Familiar. My folks, Stephen Butler, discusses how education is the NEW CRIME. Meaning that politicians are building their careers of education they way they used to build them off crime.

The aforementioned Gang of Five is similar to the five oil companies. They control 96% of the education testing market, a multi-billion dollar industry. Just as the oil companies make money from the discovering, drilling, producing, refining and selling of oil, the Gang of Five produces the standardized tests, the benchmarks (pre-tests schools administer to keep track of readiness for the real tests), curricula to ensure passage of the tests, and remedial curricula, in addition to other products. Interestingly, this creates the perversity of some companies benefiting when children fail the test, since No Child Left Behind mandates schools to provide tutoring programs when a school fails to meet the passage requirements for three straight years. However, there’s one major advantage of the Gang of Five over the oil companies and one major difference.
I love when I read stuff that makes me feel smarter:)


Um. Libras. Stand. Up. Yessir!


Can Bill Gates Save Education? HELL IN THE F*CK YEAH!

Village Voice does he DO on Gates and the Cream he got floating through New York City Schools.

Gates went on to address the dangers of an uneducated work force, warning that his and other major corporations would not hire young people without a college diploma. Making matters worse, Gates explained, was the racial disparity in public education, with students in middle- and upper-class and mostly white school districts studying Algebra II while students in low-income and mostly black or Hispanic districts learn how to balance a checkbook. He challenged the governors to devote more resources to high school reform, and specifically to create smaller high schools where students would receive more personal attention. Gates, after all, had been devoting his own time and money to improve the country's high schools through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which over the last six years had given out over $1 billion in education grants.

Go Bill Gates. Its ya' birfday.



Perfect Storm said...

Being on the front lines of this education thing, I know how real it is! Gates would be a great welcome. Our kids (minorities) are the subjects of state-legislated apartheid. It sucks!

Hummingbyrd said...

Front. Lines is the truth sis.

I am working on a idea that would allow for students, and their famlies, their strenghts and weaknesess to be monitored like Wall Street Stock.

This would allow for their strenghts and weaknesses can be asessed and addressed.

neo said...

Ken Saro WIWA!!!! chyall know 'bout him?!

Hummingbyrd said...

WIWA is the truth.

I was gonna usta baby daddy him back in the day.

His sexy is so intelligent it is bananas!

Wachu know about the Wiwa's?

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