Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mike Tyson, Drug Dealers & My Street Travels : A discussion.


Drug Dealers.

We all know them.

Sh*t. Some of yall reading is prolly 'bout to go grind Right Now.

Well. I saw a cat in Barnes and Nobles.

A white Hipster Cat.

With a Drug Dealer T-shirt on.
I kid you not. Now. Yall know when I see sh*t like that I be like.

Um. I wonder what his intentions are?
'Prolly to be cute.

Did he think that drug dealing is cute?

Yeah. Why not. Why should he care about d-boys. As long as he
get is e & we*d on Thursday nights.

Was he a d-boy?

Anything goes, this is NYC.

Did he think my appropriating it, it became a harmless label?

Probably. Thats the prollem' with some of that Urban Outfitters hipster 'ish. No one wants to be held accountable when their 'ish is out of pocket. And the moment someone steps up, the transgressor is quick to call the affected sensiti

But trust.

When your people are dying of AIDS, and your kids can't read,

and your music that has gotten you through the past hard times is damn near un-listen-able. It may be reason
able to catch feelings because a whipster wearning a drug dealer t-shirt.
Its like the pain of the block became his fashion.

Did he think he wasn't any different that them snowman cats?

Good question. Yes. His shirt is as bad as the snowman kids. However I expect more from the whipsters as they tend to have more education and thus should know better. The snowman kids are zombies. Plus they tend to live IN the be
autiful mess that their t-shirts represents which gives them a sense of ownership that the whipsters don't have.

BL is so damn crass. I told him about dude, and I talkin about I need to rock "YOUR DADDY WAS A SLAVE OWNER" t-shirts.

Maybe we need our own line of subversive t's.

Stop Shooting.

Reincarcerate Yayo.



That would cause a ruckus, right!?!?!!?!? God Help us.


Speaking of walking down the street.

I saw this cat a couple of weeks ago with a tatoo on his arm of Malcom.

So I tell him eh, I have a blog and I HAVE to take a picture of this.

He complies.

I ask him his name and he says White Mike.

I was like. Cool. You white. So thats acceptable.

Then he shows me other tats.

Come to find out this dude, is a boxer, and has a


Hence the Name White Mike makes since. The Boxing homies gave him the nickname.

Malcolm on one arm, Mike on the other.

Talk about progressive:)

And he had the nerve to be cute too.


Ok. So all asked for cultural critcism, and you got it:)
In return I would like to dialogue with you in the comments section.
Its enough in this post alone to get it poppin!



Anonymous said...

Raise your hand if you have a homie that either you or somebody else gave the name 'White Mike'? *raises hand*

I named my friend white mike because he was white only by complexion I guess, very 'progressive' as you say (?). Come to find out everybody else at school had been calling him that too.

The drug dealer thing I don't see as harmful so much... it's a known fact that drugs are in fact legal in the white community. So the shirt warrants a knowing snicker in hipster dialogue.
--T reynolds

Hummingbyrd said...

@ anon.

Thank you for stopping through.

How are drugs legal in the white community?

Or is it that there is no hand to hand in upperclass white communities.

You either have it delivered or go to the hood.

Its peace if you see it as harmless.

I thought that shit was outta pocket.

Re- White Mike.

There is a distinction between being white Mike that erry body know, and being a boxer CALLED white mike, because you have a mike tyson Tattoo and because you box.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having me. It's a great blog I check for it all the time now.

Anyways my point about the 'drug dealer' shirt is that while it implies literally the same thing as snowman shirts, that the wearer is a distributor of narcotics, the latter is a criminalized product from a criminalized situation (everybody is up in arms about the snowman shirts 'oh my god the horror' etc. - until the actual shirt itself is criminalized not just the act of holding drugs), while the first is not. The first a tongue in cheek product of a not-so-serious situation. I dont' think it's harmless as in not problematic... it's hard to convey sarcasm on the net... just that it's a by-product of a bigger problem which makes the same drugs MORE illegal in the hood than in white communities. You could almost go into a entire analysis of double standards in law enforcement and drug cultures by using the two shirts. I think you're onto somthing.

And with the White Mike thing that's definnitely a trip. That dude is one of a kind don't get me wrong, it's just crazy how many 'white mike's' are out there in the world.

--T. reynolds

J!!! said...

On the white mike thing. i know a "white mike", hes a rapper tho. there is definetly a "white mike" epidemic. Fierce, lets get a blog on the "white mike" epidemic.

Yes we need our own T's. the "Your daddy was a slave owner" one would be crazy. i wonder what the reaction would be. you should press one up, and do a little blogger experiment and wear it around new york , then report back to the readers all the reactions that you got. wouldnt the shirt say, "Your Great Grand Daddy was a slave owner"?


Hummingbyrd said...

You could almost go into a entire analysis of double standards in law enforcement and drug cultures by using the two shirts. I think you're onto somthing.
See. THis is why I blog.
Right chere.
You have an idea.
And poly it and build and argue and flesh it out.

This is that trill.

And with the White Mike thing that's definnitely a trip. That dude is one of a kind don't get me wrong, it's just crazy how many 'white mike's' are out there in the world.
One of my oldest "male" homies is Filipino Mike ( who got his name to differiente himself from all the other Mikes from East Oakland:)

White Mikes.

That is a good assed idea.

Hummingbyrd said...

Your great grand was a slave owner.

Are you trying to get me killed.


I would need to have a video camera with me to tape that sh*t.

It would be an interactive art project!

the prisoner's wife said...

lol@white mike. aint nyc grand?

hey sis...just wanted to say hello. i can't really blog much cuz i'm teaching and i'm TIRED as all HELL!

sorry missy...the munchkin & i came to the city and went. it was a short trip. we'll be back in a few weeks. i'll holla. hope you cool.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Girl white mike is one of a kind. I'm preety sure white folk have road his ass for that Malcolm X tatoo.

Hummingbyrd said...

Hi TPW...

I am just glad to hear that you two are ok and you got to see your sweet honey.

Everyone is adjusting to the fall schedules.

I have been looking at the comment sections like "where are my e-friends?".

Glad you came through.

Keep teaching.


Hummingbyrd said...

You know Miss Bib.

I never even thought what white people thought.

They would prolly think he was some sort of rapper or another kind of "millitant artist", yadada mean?

neo said...

Why did this post have a "crush" angle to it??? LOOL..juss playin...

I have a love/hate r/ship with tats..for the simple fact is them things are permanent save laser surgeries and I don't wanna be 89 with certain types of tats on certain areas feel me?

Speaking of Mike Tyson it is a bit sad yet a good thing. He seems to have come full circle a la learning from all the ups and downs and things he's been through. Read he's in Vegas doing some show-boxing for dough.

Hummingbyrd said...




Why you
come around
once a month?

I miss the banter.
Eat Black Panthers
roll in the dough
you feel my flow.

Ok.Time to go to sleep?

Perfect Storm said...

Damn! Only in NY. You never know who you are going to bump into. I am glad you have chosen to document our times.

Thanks so much for the link!! I am moving up in the blog world. Keep up the interesting commentary.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Perfect Storm,

Glad you appreciating the content.

I do's what I can do.

I had a whole Idlewilde review and Blogger froze.


neo said...

LOL I got you girl, I got you! I'mma be on the blog-tip more often.

Which reminds me gotta get to blogging...

Anonymous said...

Forget White Mike (for now) Let's talk about the white boy with the "drug dealer" T. This is crazy! Why do we put up with this kind of crap? Cause we put up with every other kind of crap that's why! We call ourselves nigga like it's some kind of f-ing badge of honor but we forget niggas was what the KKK hung from trees for looking at a white girl funny. So you see, we can't even get mad at white boy cause he's just imitating us. This sh!t is crazy! When do we learn? When do we f-ing learn???


Hummingbyrd said...


"I say N*gga with flavorful zestiness".

I have a post on the "N" earlier in June, I think.

Its in the archives somewhere.

I think that we have a complicated history consequently we should have a complicated language, w/ complicated rules.

One of those rules being the "N" word rule.

Anonymous said...

Well a word is just a word and it only has the power we give it so I feel you on that level, but the prblem is not just one word, it's a whole culture. Lemme ask you a questions: When did the divorce rate among blacks become as high as that of whites? Think about the answer and lets talk.

Hummingbyrd said...

Our divorce rate became what it is today in the 1970's.
In fact there were more of us married post slavery than there were of us today. Percentage wise, NOT RAW NUMBERS.

It isn't that family was any more valuable then.

It is because there was a huge incentive, if you were collecting welfare, to NOT BE MARRIED and to NOT have a man in the house.

It was like, in order to collect AFDC, which means that you were clearly poor, you could not have a man present.

The presumption is that if a man is around then he "SHOULD" be able to work.

Zay. That was a good a*sed question.

THAT. May be a post topic.

SO I got that and the interracial dating to do hunh.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Figures I would check this just as I have to go to class. I'll be back later to help us get a few facts straight. LOL

Blackamazon said...

I'm sorry my feeling on the whipsters is that they enjoy beings o privileged they can be flip which makes me wann flip over the nearest bridge.

We had a white mike , cool DUde!

and yeah the tats are bananas and he was kind of cute

*slinks into corner*

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Black Amazon,

That picture did not do him justice.

For trill.

Glad you agreed though.

Miss Ahmad said...

the white boys slanging in hollywood wouldn't be caught dead in a drug dealer tee shirt i can tell you that right now.

every where i have lived in hollywood i have been subject to white boys slanging and it's the pits lemme tell you. and they ain't really hipsters either. they are just regular dope dealers on the grind. super white tee shirts, to the throw away cellies, to the pit bulls...

white mike alright with me, as long as he's not slanging kane next door!

Hummingbyrd said...

Hi Miss Lady.

Where you been?

Cali d-boys are different.

That sh*t is way more equal opp out there.

Esp. I imagine in LA hunh!

Errry body's a thug.

Thats the irony of dude wearing the shirt.

He could have just as easy had on those "JEWISH GUYS ARE THE BEST" or "MICHIGAN ROCKS"....Crack is a lil bit toooo destructive to be made fun of in my book.

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