Saturday, September 09, 2006

How Many People Know a Black Mike?


Black people love to give somebody a nick name.



Lil 'J.

From the last post, J strongly suggested that I do a post on the "White Mikes" of the world.

I am going to take it a step further and write about nick names in general.

When I started thinking about it.

I relaized that one of my oldest homies is Filipino Mike, from East Oakland.

I have known that fool since I was a virgin.

That was a hot minute ago.

We like brothers and sisters now.

In fact we have been for the last 10 years.

Do we talk as much?


Do we see each other frequently? No.

when I am in the 'town if, I am lucky.

But that's the homie.

And we he calls, I stop what I am doing and chop it up because he means that
much to me.

Now Filipino Mike got two homies named Light skinned Tony and Dark skinned Tony.

Affectionately known as Light Tony and Dark Tony.

Peep how the Tony's kept their name, but their skin tone is what
differentiates them.

I was thinking about my brother and how he got a Big Otis and a Little Otis.

The ironic thing about it is that Little Otis is HELLA big.


He is Younger then Big otis.

Big Otis is squattier and mad muscular.

Back to White Mike.

Other than the white Mike that I met with the Tattoos, I don't recall any other's.

I feel like I know some Black Mikes, but I am having a hard time placing him right now.

Perhaps you all do.

Spike Lee been making movies for 20 years. Deep hunh?

Peep what he said in NY Magazine about having to publicly apologize in the New York Times for his art. Could you imagine?

Lee says there is “a law you cannot have any Jewish person who is not a hundred percent honest” in a film, “because if they are not, you’re anti- Semitic and perpetuating stereotypes.”

There is, however, a fair amount of ground between a hundred percent honest and the moneygrubbing, fast- talking caricatures Mo and Josh Flatbush, the villains of Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues, who got Lee on the shit list of various critics and Jewish organizations. “B’nai Brith and the Anti- Defamation League, they were on my ass,” he says. “You don’t know what it is for someone to get on your ass until B’nai Brith and Anti- Defamation League … You know that shit, when they’re on you, you know it.”

Eventually Lee placated his persecutors by writing an op-ed piece for the Times, but the whole thing still makes him mad when he thinks about it. And the truth is, he’s not sorry about portraying Mo and Josh Flatbush as Jewish bloodsuckers, feeding off the talents of black musicians. “Here’s the thing, though: It’s more than being a stereotype,” says Lee. “In the history of American music, there have not been Jewish people exploiting black musicians? In the history of music? How is that being stereotypical? For me, that’s like saying, like the NBA is predominantly black. Now, if that makes me anti- Semitic ...” For a minute, he actually engages and sort of laughs. “I’m not writing any more op-ed pieces,” he says. “I did it once. I’m not doing it again. Seriously. I’m not doing it again.”

I like the fact that Jewish folks got in his @ss over the portrayal.

I think its dope when people are organized, and when they get offended they launch an attack.

To me its like this.

Spike had a right to create his characters and the ADL had the right to respond.
Spike apologized, I argue, prolly because it perceived it as being in his own best interest at the time. Simple as that.

Wachall think?


neo said...


It's a case of conditioning. Not being able to take the "ghetto out of the man?" I dunno. I guess in retrospect for Mike's case..did he really have any friends? If he did, he may have been cajoled by others who were out for his money to push them aside..I really have no answers.

Spike Lee is a modern day icon to me and hopefully to other black young folks on the come up.

Hummingbyrd said...

Neo, neo neo.

Mike is a test case of what happens when you have a lot of talent, no family, depression and fame.


But. Whatareyougonnado?

I have been thinking about writing about mike more, on the strength that he ascended and descended publically.

Spike is a cool cat.

I agree.

Anonymous said...

Lil' lady I know I been neglectin. you sumptin fierce (no pun intended) but I been havin issues. nonetheless, you are mad important to me and I really need you. Hola back, Puh-LEASE.

Xavier (Lovers Anonymous)

PS: Spike is a punk for appologizing, but we all make mistakes and I still respect his art.

beautyinbaltimore said...

If only our people got togeather to get on these idiots on MTV who Tom it up fot the white folks.

Since when has it been okay for whites to say niger. They think it is cool since Jay Z says it. Let that Jewish rapper(Mattishu?) call his people Hymie and see what happens.

jaga_d_schmoov1 said...

i see i'ma have 2 keep it reality_based 4 y'all.

the ADL cries 'wolf' WAY 2 often 2 be taken seriously...word.

and like the proverbial wht elephant in a room, i see my jewish friends do all sorta grimey, shady, shyt in their/our business dealings--and i understand that some of it is just part of their culture, but even when they explain how 'da game' goes i still don't like it and call them on it...kinda how nigerians are often on a real 'suspicious' grind (credit card & atm scams, etc.) and they're the 1st 2 admit it--hell, my nigerian friends always tell me NEVER 2 trust a nigerian...i can respect that level of reality_based-ness.

& i get that jews generally tend 2 do business differently than blk folks--maybe they're a bit more strategic in their tactics and we a bit 2 naive at times..?
hey, it is what it is.

but, how can you appreci8 a group that watches its constituents do dirt individually (slum-lording, real est8 scams on low-income folks, accountants & attorneys exploiting non-business saavy entertainers/athletes/etc.) & not say SHYT about it--then come 2gether and 4rms like voltron 2 visciously attack anybody who chronicles/documents/comments about or takes offense 2 tha dirt that their ppl have done..?!!
(NOT cool)

fck is what it is and the ADL needs 2 restrain itself from blindly attacking E'RYBODY and focus on those who really intend 2 do them harm--then i can have the ADLs back in those fights...naaaawmeeeen?..'till then they need 2 check themselves.

e'rybody wearing a ski-mask ain't a burglar--some folks are really 'bout 2 ski.
(real talk fam)


Hummingbyrd said...



Whats going on.

I gotchu?

The e-mail did not come through.

Check for me again via e-mail.

Tomorrow is crazy.

Lemme know the best time to reach you and
I will do it.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Ms. Beauty in B,

Black folks and jewish folks have similar minority politics, and different
language/power politics.

The N word is powerful because of Black folks history and their LACK of power in
this country.

I don't think that it would work the same for a jewish rapper.

It would be deep to see eminem use it, or any ethnic quasi slur type slang for that matter.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ J,

the ADL cries 'wolf' WAY 2 often 2 be taken seriously...word..
I disagree. For if I agreed then, I would be giving someone the room to
say the same thing about me.

but, how can you appreci8 a group that watches its constituents do dirt individually (slum-lording, real est8 scams on low-income folks, accountants & attorneys exploiting non-business saavy entertainers/athletes/etc.) & not say SHYT about it--then come 2gether and 4rms like voltron 2 visciously attack anybody who chronicles/documents/comments about or takes offense 2 tha dirt that their ppl have done..
1. Jewish folks are not the only people that have done anything wrong to people in this country. Errry body got people that do unconscionable shit to others as well as to people that look just like them.
2. I admire the fact that they stick up for themselves when they don't like how they are being presented.
3. Spike has a right to say what he wants to, and should anticpate the backlash.
4.That they form like Voltron is a testament to being organized and does not preclude other groups from doing the same thing.

Ski mask's.

J.You got personal founk w/ the ADL. They got atchu or something?!?!?

beautyinbaltimore said...

You said it would be deep for Eniem to use a slur. Please explain?

Anonymous said...

Anytime before 6pm is fine. Or after 10PM. use the 3188 number, that's my cel. or email

-Lovers Anonymous

Hummingbyrd said...

Ok. Cool.

Will holler around 1:30-2:30.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Ms. Bib,

It would be deep for him to call an asian a ch*nk, a negro a n*igga...etc...because he is WHITE and very popular and a media darling.

It would explode the notion of what it means to be a white rapper, because he would have crossed a very bright line boundary by using it.

It would make it very clear that, although he IS a Rapper he is WHITE first and foremost.

RD said...

Spike was unnecesarily targeted by the Jews. However, I think the reaction of the jews should serve as a standard for us black folks whenever we are unfairly stereotyped. Good Post


Hummingbyrd said...

I disagree RD.

Spike KNEW he was Gonna start some sh*t.

You do Not f*ck with Jewish Folks or Muslim Folks and not expect a backlash.

Especially in NY.

Like said. Be on some Said I meant it, bite my tongue for noone.

Simple as that.

You can call black people all kinda N*GGAS AND HOES...In fact I need to do a post on the Arnolds most recent rants.

cracktown! USA said...

This is both a fascinating and entertaining blog. I'm glad I stumbled upon it. You might like mine too, about my experiences living next to a crack house in Detroit.

Blackamazon said...

PLease do a post on Arnold and I see nothing wrong with anygroup defending themselves . Spike started some stuff * which was his right and vision* and the ADl came for him like they neede to.

And yes I'm STILL waiting for the NAACP and Latino groups to roast Arnuld

Anonymous said...

Well, when you say deliver, you f-ing deliver dontcha! You see stuff in my work that I thought was clear as day but no one else commented on. Class warfare being the most important one that comes to mind. I'd like to start incorporating your feedback right away, but I want us to talk about some of your comments first.
You obviously know your stuff and I'd love to have you represent me.


Hummingbyrd said...


Glad you found it useful.

I does what I cans.


Hummingbyrd said...

Senor Cracktown,

Glad you came through.

Your blog is funny too.


Miss Ahmad said...

well i had a home boy named long haired mike when i was back in the town..he was black, and it was another mike called mike and ike like the candy but long haired mike was the finest.

about spike. i think in the bigger scheme of things it' more important for him to continue making art than it is whether or not he apologized. had his lack of apology created a void where his films used to live, that would have been a greater tragedy!

Pumpernickle said...

Yeah, I think it's pretty good when someone gets their @$$ raked over because they try to portray someone of another race in a negative light.

Sometimes it takes a group of people to point out the facts for the rest of us to not set up crazy ideas in our heads about people and things we only know at a distance.

That reminds me of a post on this blog about crazy white people killing people out of the blue. If not for the last three comments on that post, I'd think all white people cared about was takin a brotha down.

Those three niggas shed a little light, and made me think twice about trying to say things that make me feel good at the moment without examining what true reality is.

Peep this thread and all the comments and you'll see what I'm sayin'


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