Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where is Fat Lip and 'nem?


Now there she goes/ again the dopest Ethiopian.....

Now she's more sophisticated, highly edu-ma-cated/ not at all over-rated, I think I need a prayer/ to get in her book and it looks rather dry/ I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye/ Although she's crazy steppin, I'll try to stop her stride/ Cause I won't have no more of this passin me by/

I'm having me a Pharcyde appreciatiation moment.
When Pharcyde came out it was so siginificant for me. Here were these guys the my friend Nikia and I thought of as "fresh boys". They mighta slanged a little greenery, they were nappies, they hung out on the steps at Cal's campus, and they luved hip hop and the girls who lived hip-hop. Pharcyde showed me that there were boys that there were boys available that weren't necessarily thug's.

Not only does the Pharcyde represent a turning point in my perception of Black Men but it also represents a playfulness in hip hop that I seriously miss. You play their album and you feel like you are in the room with your friends. Some founky beats, some stories, and some folks not taking themselves so seriously so as to stifle their creativity.

Mac Jay Ask and ye shall recieve. E-40 gets punked. Basically there is the police, white woman aspect to dynamic to this skit. Me having the smart mouth that I have. You know I am going to have a problem with it.
If that is the route MTV felt they have to take in order to make it believeable. Watch it
and tell me what 'chall think.

Oh. Spring is here. And my appetite is back. I went to Trader Joes in Union square today. Wowsa. Well. I actually tried going yesterday. The line was 50 People deep out the door. They regulate how crowded it is by creating a line OUT THE DOOR BLOG FAM. WHAAAT.
They told ME whenna go.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to apply for foodstamps and use them at trader joes.
Sh*t why not.
Mini crab cakes.
Raspberry preserves for P B and J.
Veggie lasagna. Ginger lemonade.

Crazy spicey sausages and Wheat english muffins. Organic coffee. No wonder the line was out the door.

I over heard one of the employees say that the reason why Trader Joes is EVEN at Union Sqaure is because NYU asked them to come. And the are looking for another location where the rent isn't astronomical.

Good Luck in Millionaire city where you give your first born, a lung and an artery for a down payment on a condo!

I saw Star of star and buckwild in the back of a recent Oldsmobile type car while I was struggling with my packages on the way to the train. I know I must have been a sight. Sh*t, come hell or high water, I was getting those groceries to my kitchen!
It ain't even May ONE and Oakland got 43 murders.
We are on our way to being Lil brazil , hunh?
What do you think of kids getting sex education through text messages?


WHY was there NO coverage of Sharpe James dropping out of the race against Corey Booker.

Newark hasn't always seemed a place worth fighting for. Sharpe James's political career began here in 1970, three years after the riots that (besides the airport, and Philip Roth) are what the city has been best known for. And though Newark has recently shown signs of revitalization -- the new arts center downtown has become a destination -- it's consistently ranked among the worst places to raise a child in America. James, who grew up in Newark, the son of a single mother who owned a restaurant, has tried to make their respective upbringings an issue, painting the contest in terms of race and authenticity. "You have to learn to be an African-American," he's said about Booker. "And we don't have time to train you."

James wrote that he is withdrawing because he opposes dual office-holding, a common practice in New Jersey. James is also a Democratic state senator.

"There is an abundant supply of individuals possessing the talent, intelligence and creativity to serve in public office without the necessity of one person occupying dual elected office," James wrote.

James has been a state senator since 1999, so it is surprising that he now considers holding dual offices a problem, said David Rebovich, a political analyst at Rider University.

Anyone seen this movie.

Darfur March. Keep hundreds of thousands of folks from being murdered.

Who knew that there was even an institute to study genocide.

I read their site and "I" feel smarter.

This one wasn't so long. It is sunny out. I had coffee but I don't really feel motivate. I actually feel like going to the movies, but seeing as a I have hella reading to do, that would be counter productive. Yall eat anything good lately? Oh. I have an e-mail now, readingiswhite@yahoo.com So come rock wicha girl.

Sunday, April 23, 2006




* note to self. Do not try and post new blog topic and IM at the same time. The message will self destruct. I was tryna watch the game last night, IM with the South African Homie and post at the same time. Lesson is learned. And I knew better. Classic m dot, doin' too much as they say in the bay.

Speaking of N*ggas. Nigga jeans.
Whats next, slave jeans? My kids cain't read because reading is white jeans?
Oh, reading is white jeans?
That actually MIGHT work. It is ignorant enuf.

Be careful where you blog. You might get fired.

My homie, Kambui's show, was hella fresh. I saw some people I have not seen in 6, count them six years.

Being there reaffirmed my desire to work with artists.
One of the dopest things that he had were these name plates, that were actually phrases that he created that represented women from Nina Simone songs. They were so Brooklyn. If you are in the village stop by and see the show.


These shoes are sooooo effin BE-YU-TIFUL.
And sooo soft and comfortable to walk in . I don't need to go to italy for Italian shoes.
I just need to go the Century 21 in Brooklyn. If you ain't know now you do blog fam.

So Newsweek is diggin into the Duke Lacross Rape Case jawn.

The two players arrested last week fit the rich-kid stereotype, though they were praised by neighbors and teachers as exemplary young men. Seligmann's father works in finance; the family lives in a stately brick Georgian in Essex Fells, N.J., assessed at $1.35 million in 2005. Seligmann, who was recruited by Harvard and Princeton as well as Duke, was described by Essex Fells Mayor Ed Abbot as "in many ways a role model to all the boys." Finnerty's father is a Wall Street financier with a $2 million Dutch colonial next to the Garden City (N.Y.) Golf Club and a $4.3 million summer home in West Hampton Beach, complete with motorboat and tennis court. Finnerty is said to be soft-spoken, a team player, reserved, even passive, though a bit of a wise guy. Last November, he and two high-school teammates were arrested for jumping and punching a pair of recent college grads on a street in Washington, D.C.'s preppy Georgetown, well after midnight. Finnerty and his mates had taunted their victims by calling them "gay." (Finnerty agreed to perform community service to avoid being formally charged. It is unclear if the rape arrest will affect that case.) [Sense of entitlement anyone?]
The evening ended in recriminations. The defense lawyers say that Roberts mocked the boys' manhood; Roberts says the boys called her a "n-----." The neighbor heard one of the boys yell, "Hey b----, thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt." Roberts called 911 and complained to police that some students at 610 North Buchanan were taunting her and her friend with racial epithets. She told NEWSWEEK that she yelled out at the boys, "I called the cops, you dumbasses."
The transcript of the 911 call makes it sound as though she and the other dancer were just passersby being racially insulted by students. [This makes sense now]. "I was angry and I had to tell somebody," says Roberts. "I didn't want everyone to know I'm a dancer." During her interview with NEWSWEEK, she disputed the defense timeline, but she would not go on the record to be specific about the discrepancies.

At first, Roberts says she did not think the other dancer had been raped. She was mad at the other stripper, who was almost passed out in the car and not talking. Roberts said she had not collected all the money owed them for the dance, and she wondered if the other dancer was somehow hustling her. She drove to a local Kroger supermarket and told the security guard there that she had a woman in her car who could barely move. The police arrived and radioed back to the dispatcher that the woman was "passed-out drunk" but otherwise appeared unharmed.

Police logs show that the woman was taken to the Duke hospital at 2:31 a.m., after a stop at a substance-abuse center, and that she claimed she had been raped. She was examined by a sexual-assault nurse and likely given a battery of blood and urine tests. According to Nifong, a hospital report later showed that her injuries and emotional state were consistent with having been raped. According to a police affidavit, she later claimed she had been held down, beaten, strangled, and raped vaginally, anally and orally. She identified the first names of three men at the lacrosse party, but said the players were using different names at different times (none of the first names in the police affidavit match the first names of the two players indicted last week).

Walk with me through this story.
Bronx Logic: Call me back, I got something to tell you. [Voice mail message].
Mm: Hey sweets.

Bronx Logic: Oh, I was at Virgin and I got Ghostface for you.
Mm: Oh. Sweets thank you but I allready got ghost.
Bronx Logic: Oh. [I hear dissappointment]. Um. I can exhange it. I think I saw Jay Dee.
Mm: Word. I need that in my life.
Bronx Logic: Cool.
Cool than. We can do that tomorrow. [thinks to self, how BL is trying to show tha b-girl love.].

First Mobb Deep and NOW Ghostface at Columbia University. 116th street Bassstads.

My girl Tiombe is gettin some much deserved burn over at the fader.
I see you sis.

Dear Billy Sunday.
Don't be tryna talk about stuff the same day I'm gon talk about it on the same day imma talk about it.
I have been thinking of a way to unite the disempowerment of Latinos and Negros.
And After con law today I got it.

In Texas there are Displaced NEGROS AND MEXICAN immigrants.
The residents of Texas, many of whom are both Black White and Latino DO NOT want these folks there.
I said a long time ago that going forward, New Orleans WILL not have a concentrated Black majority simply for the purpose of making a Lousiana a state that the Reblican stronghold during the Presidential elections. Believe. That.
What is going to happen in the next elections in Texas. It will be excellent. I can see it now.

Slogan on a banner. "Elect me and I will get rid of the dag-gon-it Messican and then Rowdy @ss Niggras". Makes my inner MLK smile inside thinking about it.
You got mad negros and mexicans.
Maybe they will claim their own land. That would be CRAZY. No I do not endorse it. I think people should live in peace. However, it would have manifest destiny a whole new meaning. Eh.
How was yer weekend Blog familia? You lissening to anything new? Yall see that Soprano's. It is so wierd with Tony being all Zen'ed out. Why did Christopher had to go snort. I shouted no Chris don't don't.

Thursday, April 20, 2006



Gallery 138

138 West 17th 5th floor NYC.
April 20th-May 18th 2006
Opening reception TONIGHT.
GYEEEAH. I will see yall tonight @ 5:45.

I am feeling so good blog family. My family from cali just left. I cooked dinner for them. Baked Salmon, mashed potatoes,green salad, and I slid a chicken from BBq's in the on the low(a sista cain't make everything). So the garlic bread was a lil hard. Shit. Its hard out here for a _____. I got my favorite aunt (who is like a momma) some Monterey Resiling. She was all at BBq's asking for Reisling, I was like lord help us:)
WARNING Neo this is one of those posts that you lovehatelovehate.
There is something special about eating with your family. I know I may be stating the obvious to you all, but when it goes RIGHT it is REALLY energizing.
I also went to all three classes yesterday too. Big Wednesday is what I called them. Lemme find out though. Con law dude called on me again. How you 'gon have 125 people in your class and call on baby girl twice?!?!?!?!

Mind you it was a MAD SOPHISTICATED topic. The topic was how to determine when a private entity is a state actor (ie the goverment), which then would allow them to be sued for violated federal civl rights. So for instance, if a school/college is found to be discriminitory, the question whether they are a state actor, and if so, we can then can sue them for those violations.

The entire class was buzzing when he called on me. I was looking cute that day. I ain't gonna lie I was in a little deer in the head lights. But you know what F&CK them. I was not going to give them little shark bait a$$ nigg@s the satisfa
ction of seeing me ask for a pass. So I knuckled up and answered the questions. Needless to say I got some pretty boy Floyd type swagger jumping off.

LL Cool J is a stand up dude. I saw him on Tavis the other day talking about BLACK WOMEN in music videos. I got to thinking. If anyone has the leverage to be the center of a coaltion on images of BLACK women in music videos, its LL. Peep part the transcript below.

LL Cool J: I can give you a lot of positives, but the one critique, being as that's the word you used, the criticism I would give is that there's room for more love in the music. And there's room for better treatment of women in the music. Like it's interesting, I made songs about women my whole career, and love and relationships, and I did that before I had daughters.

So it's not like my daughters caused that. But as a guy who has three daughters in addition to a son, but three daughters, when I look at the way the girls are treated in the video, it's not that I don’t wanna see somebody look sexy. Please. It's not like I don’t think a woman can be in a bikini, that’s ridiculous.

But sometimes, it's the way they’re treated and the way they’re constantly portrayed that can get a little, I think, it can be a little disappointing. A little disappointing. I think that a woman has the right to look at this music and look at the videos and be inspired to be something more than just one thing. And I think that's the only thing that I see as a problem.

That, and just there's room for more love. I think a little less anger, a little more love; I think the music would be a lot healthier. I think it's just a little one-sided now.

Tavis: But you’re not hating on the "Around the Way Girl,” though.

LL Cool J: No, no. No, no, no, no. "Around the Way Girl,” but see, "Around the Way Girl” was about the girl next door, lifting her up. And I want a girl with extensions in her hair, bamboo earrings, like, I was...

Tavis: At least two pair.


CUNY and the NY TIMES DOES NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK MEN. Okay. Maybe the TIMES cares, but they are clearly sending out inconsistent messages regarding our plight.

So let me get this straight.

Black men are suffering, according to the NY Times. Well, duh, like WE didn't know that.

Harry Holzer, an economist at Georgetown University and a co-author of one
of the recent studies, typifies this attitude. Joblessness, he feels, is
due to largely weak schooling, a lack of reading and math skills at a time
when such skills are increasingly required even for blue-collar jobs, and
the poverty of black neighborhoods. Unable to find jobs, he claims, black
males turn to illegal activities, especially the drug trade and chronic
drug use, and often end up in prison. He also criticizes the practice of
withholding child-support payments from the wages of absentee fathers who
do find jobs, telling The Times that to these men, such levies "amount to
a tax on earnings."

His conclusions are shared by scholars like Ronald B. Mincy of Columbia,
the author of a study called "Black Males Left Behind," and Gary Orfield
of Harvard, who asserts that America is "pumping out boys with no honest
There is a program
at CUNY that addresses the rentention of Black men in college.

And low and behold, this organization says, says that the program is disciminitory.

CUNY Program to Help Black Men Is Called Discriminatory

A New York advocacy organization asked the United States Department of Education yesterday to look into whether programs aimed at helping black male students at the City University of New York and its Medgar Evers College discriminated against women and students who are not black.

In a complaint filed with the department's Office for Civil Rights, the group, the New York Civil Rights Coalition, asserted that the Male Development and Empowerment Center at Medgar Evers, and other programs at the college and at CUNY, violated federal regulations prohibiting discrimination by race or gender.

The student body at Medgar Evers, which is in Brooklyn, is 94 percent black and 76 percent female. The college created the center to help it attract and retain male students and to help them graduate. The center offers workshops and other services for men.

"This is plainly wrong," said Michael Meyers, executive director of the coalition, a 20-year-old group that describes itself as having been founded "to promote racial integration and racial reconciliation and to vigorously oppose racial separatism, segregation, prejudice and all other forms of racial idiocy."


Michael Meyers, Executive Director New York Civil Rights Coalition

Michael Meyers is President and Executive Director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition (NYCRC), which he co-founded in 1986.

Meyers assumed the post of NYCRC Executive Director in 1991 from his senior staff position in the New Jersey Department of Higher Education, where he had served as Special Assistant to the Chancellor of Higher Education, T. Edward Hollander. Meyers took his B.A. from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH and his J.D. from Rutgers University School of Law. He has spent his entire professional career working in the fields of civil rights, civil liberties, law and education, and urban affairs, and, as such, is regarded as an expert on civil rights matters and race relations. Born in Harlem, Michael Meyers knows first-hand the ghetto experience which, as he puts it, "contributes to the defeat of the human spirit; the only way to end the ghetto is to get out of it." [ Clearly no love for the hood or the people that live in it].
You mean to tell me that an HONEST, WONDERFUL, TAX PAYER SUPPORTED program
is illegal because it excludes WHITE PEOPLE AND WOMEN.

How is Mr. Myers going to co-sign on eliminating a program that helps MEN that look just like him. *SHAKES MY HEAD*.

What are black men suppose to do? Just crawl under a rock and DIE?
Peep this article and interview from the MSNBC. A cab driver who picked up two of the Lacross team players said he heard one of them say LOUD AND CLEAR, SHE WAS JUST A STRIPPER. [NICE].
In an interview on MSNBC, Mostafa said he returned to the house later to pick up another customer. He said he remembered that person “said in a loud voice, ‘She just a stripper.”’

Wassup with it blog family? Its sunny outside. I am wearing the FLY 1940's fuschia, thats right, FUSCHIA dress to class today. LIKE WHAAAAT. Wassup for the weekend? Watchall' 'lissen to? Who got Roots tickets?

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I have been feeling like Crazy Sexy Cool lately. Is it spring or just the nostalgia of that era is haunting me right now?

So they have decided to STOP arresting people for being DRUNK IN BARS in TEXAS.
We never said that Texas WASN'T gully.
Now if the police ain't have nothing to do. Im sure Oakland would gladly put them to use.
Whoever is doing E-40's PR has been grinding. Its nice to see the fam get somma that NATIONAL exposure. Its about time.
Tip Drill!?!?!?! You can apparently tell a lot about a person based on how they treat a waiter. Well duh. Its about power. If you feel that you are insulated from held accountable . Why else would believing in Karma be such a powerful deterrent.?!!?!?!?!?
Many Mexicans have jobs before crossing.
Thats interesting. So mexicano's be getting they network ON BEFORE they even bounce.
This whole immigration jawn IS SO incredibly racist. It gives me a headache thinking
about it.
So the sista who was allegedly raped is not a respectable victim. Well put. Peep Mark Anthony Neal do his grown man analysis on the Duke Lacross team rape case.

But such demonization takes on another dynamic within the world of “black respectability.” It was clear from the outset, that for some black communities in Durham, NC, the young women was not a “respectable” victim. The concept of “black respectability” can be traced back to the struggles of African-Americans in the early days following “emancipation”, where so many of the former enslaved sought to find common ground—a shared humanity—with the white citizenry. The strategy behind “black respectability”—exemplified in the late 19th and early 20th century by the Black Women’s Club Movement and the New Negro Movement and much later by the NAACP Image Awards—was to put the “best face” of the race forward. Accordingly, it also meant that less savory black bodies and antics had to be reduced to so-called “dirty laundry”—never to see the light of day. It was a logical strategy, given the pervasiveness of white supremacy in the century after emancipation and the desire of many black leaders to fight racism, disenfranchisement and racist violence on moral grounds.
Uptown is kickin it.

Miss Amhad Blogs here baby!

Anybody that names a post Cynthia McKinney vs. One time is hella fresh.

I think her mouth is smarter than mine (is that even possible blog fam?).

Miss Glamazon wants to talk to you.

On the Verge of Dating White Girls.
Hood Antrhopoligist UNite. Brooklyn Bloggers are the Gullies. These fools are using Blogs to counter gentrification. Thats hella fresh. ------------------------------------------------------------------
Dude. Their abortion clinic is a BARN. A f8cking Barn. -------------------------------------------------------------------
Why not legally and financially re-segregate the schools. My main question is will there be equal financing now?!?!?!

Supporters include the legislature's only black senator. They say the plan will give minorities control over their own school board. And they say it'll make sure minority children aren't shortchanged in favor of white youngsters.

But state senator Pat Bourne of Omaha denounced the measure, saying, "We will go down in history as one of the first states in 20 years to set race relations back."

Dude. We need these in the hood.
Yall heard about that little kittie that was stuck inbetween TWO building for allmost two weeks. Well her name is Molly and she was rescued.
"In small-town America, people are used to animals living and dying," Mr. Moss said. "In a city of eight million, we're accustomed to the problems of people living and dying. When we hear about a lost animal or missing animal, it grabs people in a special way."

Wow. Things change and we STILL keep it moving.


Blog family. Needless to say I missed yall.

I got a nice post up for you.

Mo dot is back like a fried balonie sammich with the edges curled up!!?!?!?!?

I thought "the MAN" had finally did me in:(

I was all IN THE blogger help group threads, *Help, my blog died and I miss the nerdy discourse:(".

I just stayed up tonight and was like, I am GOING TO FIX this blawg jawn before
I go to sleep tonight. Like I don't have hours of reviewing and reading to do. At any rate. Lemme hear from you. Its been a minnate.
Whats crackin' for the weekend? This weather is wack. But we will pull through. Right. Tulips are up all over the city. Aren't they beautiful!?!?!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Women WHO think are sexy.


I remember the first time I saw Neneh Cherry. She was so fresh to me, like Freddie from a Different world mixed with Denise Huxtable all rolled up into one. Never underestimate the impact of a visual image on a young person. I think she was my first FRESH GIRL. A girl who read Sassy, had fresh-re: nappy and or natural hair and was UNAPOLOGETIC about it. Neneh was an introduction to a another way of thinking and being. If you remember Sassy and the Source magazine from the early 90's, then you KNOW what I am talking about.

Nick Adams has a new book out, "Making Friends with Black People". My question is when is he coming to Brooklyn Barnes and Nobles?
------------------------------------------------------- Basquiat was a bad #ss dude family. Can you imagine putting all those racial jawns, the art jawns the spiritual jawns all on display for the whole world to see? Sh*t it is hard enough for me to blog about quasi personal issues. And you KNOW artists are notoriously sensitive.
There is a link at ----damn, I can't remember where these shirts are being sold. But they are #ella fresh right!?!?!?
Yall peep that duke argument over at Dallaspenn? Its kinda going down in the town. Is it a joke? You tell me.!!>!!>!>>!>!
Females account for approximately half of the Earth’s population. What do they do with this plurality? They buy cosmetics and raunchy panties with the pussyhole cut out. They buy stiletto heels and birth control pills. They support their degradation 24 hours a day. There should no longer be any act of violence against a woman considered a crime until they start taking responsibility for the carnage that they have co-signed. The next time you are in the club and the song gets played where the rappers say, “Bitches aint shit, but hos and tricks”, watch how many women jump up to dance.

I can't go to the Chloe website b/c I see 'ish like this and it makes me cry. Aren't they precious?
ABC news chimes in on the death of Proof of D12,
The killing of Eminem's right-hand man highlights the paradoxical set of issues that bolster rappers' careers while putting their lives in danger. The result has been a nearly 20-year series of rap murders that underscores the increasingly perilous state of young black men in America.

So blog family, tonight I am going out to, "Trust Me" the Guru Jawn, Nice and Smooth's "Funky for You", and I picked up the first Organized when I was in Cali last month so Imma start bumpin' nat too. Watch'all lissenin' to?

Friday, April 07, 2006

We make the music, you get the good schools, its in the contract.


Hip Hop Stand UP!!
Executive Decisions: 30 Years of Powerful Women in Hip-Hop

Monday, April 10 at 7:00P.M.

This exciting event will bring together pioneering women in hip-hop who have worked as record label CEOs, presidents, and senior executives to reflect on the challenges they faced climbing to the top of a male-dominated industry. Panel includes: Ann Carli, (former senior executive at Jive), Lisa Cortes (former president of Loose Cannon), Carmen Ashhurst (former president of Def Jam), Monica Lynch (former president of Tommy Boy), Denise Brown (former president, Warner Brother Records, Urban), many others. Moderated by acclaimed author and journalist Danyel Smith. Hip-Hop Retrospectives is a three-part discussion series that takes a look back at the road paved by hip-hop pioneers and a look forward at a global culture that some feel has yet to realize its greatest potential.

In the bay we do things a lil different.
I peep that is at yamecca.
Tell her whenna go?!?!??!!?!?!?

Here is what white people have to say about going dumb.

As usual Blog family, I love hearing from you. Its spring sorta, whachall gettin' into this weekend. I have to review contracts, but I also wanna see Friends with Money. Who going to that NYU jawn? It is gonna be dope. They allways put out one nice HH event a year.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

::::Buffie the Body is Venus Hottentot::::


Kermit an 'nem be blinging. I wonder how BG's wealth could have been transformed if he had "BLING" tradmarked. Just wonderin'.
So, Billy Sunday asked me when I was going to address the Venus Hottentot.
Here is a little about her history.

And some other ish about her.
But then I was stuck.

I felt I needed to say somthing more relevent.
Then I landed at this site and saw the photo below, and was like Holy shit,
Buffie the Body IS Venus Hottentot.

There is a very similar dynamic here, but there are also differences.
1. Both women are on display in a culture that says that women ARE for display.

2. What does it mean to us as a people that these women, whose bodies are ridiculosly similar were on display a hundred years ago and and still on display hundred years later.
Humans have allways enjoyed looking at the human body,
black white or otherwise. Fair enought.
But there is a distinction between a woman showing off her wares, at her own will, and negotiating who is going to see it and for how much and how long.
Buffy is being placed in music videos as eye candy and in Venus's case being displayed in a jar at a museum, far away from her loved ones.
In fact, negroes take very seriously burying our loved ones. So not only could Venus not rest while alive, she was not able to rest in peace. Until recently.Get it. Period. Stop.
Neither Venus, nor Buffie are in control of how their images are ultimatly displayed. And perhaps that is ultimatly how they are connected both visually and historically.

Dear White Boy that stopped talking to me,
I will admit that I was kinda thrown off at first, because I thought that I made a friend. I find it ironic that you were so enraged at the courts reasoning over Brown v. Board of education, but in your relationship with me, you continued the tradtion of seperate but equal. How, you ask? I am struggling right? So when I ask you for notes, last month, it is because I need it right. When you did not respond to my request, AND decided to stop talking talking to me you made it clear to me that you as much as a bigot as the justices, who apparently enraged you, who mandated seperate but equal.

A sista reached out to you and you said f*ck you by not responding. You are just as culpable as those bigoted justices. If I have made it clear to you that being in school is difficult and you recuse yourself from our relationship without a word, then you let me know that you are NOTHING but shark bait to me fam.

Hol up, waiiit.....
Ghost and Papoose on Saturday the 22nd at the Nokia Theater.
Why isn't anyone talking about this.
Who is going.
Tix are $33. I don't know spongebob.
Black girls don't like standing up for hella hours at a hip hop show.
Ghost or not. I ain't 16 no more.
Mike Figgis shoulda blew Matt Dillons *ss up. How you gon' feel on a sista' then get offered redemption. And KILL LARENZ TATE. Fuck outta
here fam.
Heads up to DP for the laink.

So, “Crash” is white supremacist because it minimizes the reality of white supremacy. Its faux humanism and simplistic message of tolerance directs attention away from a white-supremacist system and undermines white accountability for the maintenance of that system. We have no way of knowing whether this is the conscious intention of writer/director Paul Haggis, but it’s emerges as the film’s dominant message.

While viewing “Crash” may make some people, especially white people, uncomfortable during and immediately after viewing, the film seems designed, at a deeper level, to make white people feel better. As the film asks us to confront personal prejudices, it allows us white folk to evade our collective responsibility for white supremacy. In “Crash,” emotion trumps analysis, and psychology is more important than politics. The result: White people are off the hook.
Mass has same sex unions and now they are about to get Universal health care.
They are doing three things.
Business will have to pay a flat amount in the form of a tax for every employee that
is uninsured.

Poor folks making less than approx 10K/year will have state subsidized health insurance.
Then depending on how much you make, you will pay for health care.
If you choose not to, you will pay more in taxes. That is an interesting way of
dealing with the issue.

Tax help for women who like to let men feel on their feet for cash.
Who knew that you could even GET PAPER like that?

Raekwon the Chef needs to move over, there are new negroes in the kitchen.
White folks gentryfying other white folks. Only in Manhattan.

In the current real estate market, a 2,000-square-foot loft like Mr. Hasen's, which rents for only $850 a month, could sell for $2 million or more, and a new generation of building owners is stepping up the pressure on tenants in lofts and small rental buildings all over Manhattan to move out. Dozens of owners have filed applications with the state to evict tenants so they can demolish the buildings.

Under state law, elderly people like the Hasens, who are long-term rent-regulated tenants, are protected from eviction if the owner wants their apartment for use by his own family. But they are not protected from eviction if the landlord gets approval to demolish the building.

In many cases these are demolitions with a difference. There are no wrecking balls. Walls do not tumble in clouds of dust. The plans filed with the Department of Buildings do not call for new buildings. Instead, they look like alteration plans that the same owner might have filed for an ordinary condominium conversion of a prewar building. Sometimes entire floors are left intact. Tenants fear that if the landlords succeed with such evictions, hundreds more may soon follow.

To spur the tenants to move, owners may begin to carry out the renovations of buildings long before their demolition applications are approved. Tenants are left to cope with dust and disruptions as walls of apartments around theirs are knocked down and rebuilt, destroying any vestige of the life they have known.

At issue are differing interpretations of the language and intentions of the laws governing rent regulation. Tenant lawyers say that when the Rent Stabilization Law states than tenants may be evicted when an owner "intends in good faith to demolish the building," it means tearing down the building, not just altering it. But landlords contend that tenants may be evicted when only the interior is being changed, even if some floors are kept intact, or when the building is demolished in stages.

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Sex Tourism is in Atlanta along with Thailand and Brazil. Lets see some laws dealing with this senators!
It took place in Atlanta, the buckle of the U.S. Bible Belt, where the world's busiest passenger airport provides a cheaper, more convenient and safer underage sex destination for men seeking girls as young as 10.

"Men fly in, are met by pimps, have sex with a 14-year-old for lunch, and get home in time for dinner with the family," said Sanford Jones, the chief juvenile judge of Fulton County, Georgia.

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