Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where is Fat Lip and 'nem?


Now there she goes/ again the dopest Ethiopian.....

Now she's more sophisticated, highly edu-ma-cated/ not at all over-rated, I think I need a prayer/ to get in her book and it looks rather dry/ I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye/ Although she's crazy steppin, I'll try to stop her stride/ Cause I won't have no more of this passin me by/

I'm having me a Pharcyde appreciatiation moment.
When Pharcyde came out it was so siginificant for me. Here were these guys the my friend Nikia and I thought of as "fresh boys". They mighta slanged a little greenery, they were nappies, they hung out on the steps at Cal's campus, and they luved hip hop and the girls who lived hip-hop. Pharcyde showed me that there were boys that there were boys available that weren't necessarily thug's.

Not only does the Pharcyde represent a turning point in my perception of Black Men but it also represents a playfulness in hip hop that I seriously miss. You play their album and you feel like you are in the room with your friends. Some founky beats, some stories, and some folks not taking themselves so seriously so as to stifle their creativity.

Mac Jay Ask and ye shall recieve. E-40 gets punked. Basically there is the police, white woman aspect to dynamic to this skit. Me having the smart mouth that I have. You know I am going to have a problem with it.
If that is the route MTV felt they have to take in order to make it believeable. Watch it
and tell me what 'chall think.

Oh. Spring is here. And my appetite is back. I went to Trader Joes in Union square today. Wowsa. Well. I actually tried going yesterday. The line was 50 People deep out the door. They regulate how crowded it is by creating a line OUT THE DOOR BLOG FAM. WHAAAT.
They told ME whenna go.

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to apply for foodstamps and use them at trader joes.
Sh*t why not.
Mini crab cakes.
Raspberry preserves for P B and J.
Veggie lasagna. Ginger lemonade.

Crazy spicey sausages and Wheat english muffins. Organic coffee. No wonder the line was out the door.

I over heard one of the employees say that the reason why Trader Joes is EVEN at Union Sqaure is because NYU asked them to come. And the are looking for another location where the rent isn't astronomical.

Good Luck in Millionaire city where you give your first born, a lung and an artery for a down payment on a condo!

I saw Star of star and buckwild in the back of a recent Oldsmobile type car while I was struggling with my packages on the way to the train. I know I must have been a sight. Sh*t, come hell or high water, I was getting those groceries to my kitchen!
It ain't even May ONE and Oakland got 43 murders.
We are on our way to being Lil brazil , hunh?
What do you think of kids getting sex education through text messages?


WHY was there NO coverage of Sharpe James dropping out of the race against Corey Booker.

Newark hasn't always seemed a place worth fighting for. Sharpe James's political career began here in 1970, three years after the riots that (besides the airport, and Philip Roth) are what the city has been best known for. And though Newark has recently shown signs of revitalization -- the new arts center downtown has become a destination -- it's consistently ranked among the worst places to raise a child in America. James, who grew up in Newark, the son of a single mother who owned a restaurant, has tried to make their respective upbringings an issue, painting the contest in terms of race and authenticity. "You have to learn to be an African-American," he's said about Booker. "And we don't have time to train you."

James wrote that he is withdrawing because he opposes dual office-holding, a common practice in New Jersey. James is also a Democratic state senator.

"There is an abundant supply of individuals possessing the talent, intelligence and creativity to serve in public office without the necessity of one person occupying dual elected office," James wrote.

James has been a state senator since 1999, so it is surprising that he now considers holding dual offices a problem, said David Rebovich, a political analyst at Rider University.

Anyone seen this movie.

Darfur March. Keep hundreds of thousands of folks from being murdered.

Who knew that there was even an institute to study genocide.

I read their site and "I" feel smarter.

This one wasn't so long. It is sunny out. I had coffee but I don't really feel motivate. I actually feel like going to the movies, but seeing as a I have hella reading to do, that would be counter productive. Yall eat anything good lately? Oh. I have an e-mail now, readingiswhite@yahoo.com So come rock wicha girl.


i like liquor and tv said...

Yes, I love Pharcyde. I went to go see Fatlip when he came through here not too long ago. His CD is OK, I barely listen to it tho. I'm always playing my Pharcyde CD's...even Plain Rap, which people always diss.

Mmm, mini crabcakes. And I thought I was the only one that ate "grown up" PBandJ sammiches. I use some kind of jelly with fruit in it.

And to answer your question, I haven't eaten anything good lately. Just salads, sammiches, and fruit. I get like that sometimes. In a few weeks I'll be back to frying some stuff up.

M.Dot. said...


You 'ont even know about the PB & Jizzles.
I love 'em with a crunchy PB and a ice cold BECK's.

Its the truth.

SistaGirl said...

I think I'mm go pull out some pharcyde cd's today :-)I watched the E-40 punkd thing and that was a trip you can see E-40 getting pissed LMAO..ok imma say this cause I wonder if anybody agrees why is it when black people get punkd ashton never comes out what is he afraid!! LOL...

as far as eating anything good I just had California Pizza Kitchen mmmm

Lovin your site thanks for stoppin by mine, I'll definitely be back

i like liquor and tv said...

MM, I'm with ya minus the crunchy. I prefer creamy. The little peanut bits be getting stuck in my teefs..lol

I can't watch Punk'd. The show just makes me uncomfortable...lol. I don't like the tension.

LOL@Ashton not coming out when the blacks get Punk'd. I also heard that most of the black episodes feature the police or some sort of law enforcement.

SistaGirl said...

@ILL&TV first of all I love the name :-) second why do I feel you about the uncomfortableness of punkd? Its difficult to watch people embarasse(I need spellcheck) themselves

M.Dot. said...

@ l&t.v.
I also heard that most of the black episodes feature the police or some sort of law enforcement.
That makes sense. We should do a survey.

thank you for coming through.
I will be at your site also.

the prisoner's wife said...

1. the Pharcyde was DOPE! Cali to the fullest. "Passing me by" STILL is the joint. But...i saw the end of FatLip's freestyle career. back in my Wake Up Show intern days he came on & had a complete meltdown on he mic. it was sad to see, but funny as hell.

2. they have Trader Joes in Union Square now???! that big ol' Whole Foods got some competition!

3. thanks for the heads up on the site. time to get my learn on.

peace, sis.

M.Dot. said...


I knew you would appreciate it.

The trader joes is underneath the NYU's palladium dorm on 14th street.

Speaking of which I need to put some food in the oven.

When yall coming out here?

the prisoner's wife said...

not really sure. i know it'll be sometime during the summer. it was May, but it got pushed back. i will definitely let you know. hit me on email & we can discuss over IM if you want (i dont have ish the to here @ work!).


M.Dot. said...

Ok. On the phone now w/ poppi but will hit you up.

i like liquor and tv said...

Hey sistergirl - I don't know why I can't watch the show. I think I get too uncomfortable when I see people unknowingly being set up and embarrassed.

I heard they made one of the guys from D12 cry. I'm glad I didn't see that.

Anonymous said...

right on for the E-40 link, shit's kinda weak when I watch it again. 40 play it cool tho, hold it down fa da bay. thanks fa the link tho, youtube's the bidness

M.Dot. said...

YaY Mac Jay.

I am glad you saw it.

Where you get that stewey avi from?

Anonymous said...

it's a gif file. i'm really not sure where i got it from, i stay saving hella sick images to my desktop. my best guess would probably be from someone's myspace page. my homie made one with the same type a ipod commercial style, that got stewie throwing up the thizz and it say get stewie, ipop. that's anotha sick one, was gonna use that but i'm off that thizzle hype

M.Dot. said...

"I stay saving hella sick images"
Ohhh bayareaspeak.

You make me home sick jay.

A thizzin' stewie.

Thas crazy.

Anonymous said...

haha, y'all know how we get down out here. it's nuthiiiiiiin. here's the shit my bruh made.. amean amean...


M.Dot. said...


That is mad cute.

I didn't know there were two of you. Hah ha ha .

It runs in the family.

Anonymous said...

nah that ain't my actual brother that jus my older bruh bruh. my folkel

Mysticman said...

I was looking for some sex tip related stuff when I came across your blog....great read thanks http://www.joolsgold.com/guygetsgirl/

M.Dot. said...

my folkel
my folkery
my fizzles
my fam
I love all the permutations.

Anonymous said...

I often listen to Pharcyde for some of the same simple reasons. Moreover I too miss the fun the offered Hip Hop. I actually met those cats once in SF. It was like 1992 or something and nobody knew who they were (I guess that's SF for you).
I approached Quentin after the show and assured him that brothas had been checking for them ever since they came out. I also told him that if he wanted a more soulful audience, he had to cross the bridge and go to Oakland.

Which begs another question, why doesn't Oakland host more hip hop? Actaully, I know why... My bad.

neo said...


M.Dot. said...

Neo you crazy.

Them tacos look good hunh!>!>!>

Anonymous said...

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