Monday, May 01, 2006

Is Martin Luther King Jr. Smiling?


Dear Jay Dilla.

I just received your latest CD as a gift. It is beautiful. I am glad it came into my life. I really needed it this past weekend. The audio textures and layers are magnificent.
I love hearing the elements of other songs on the instrumentals.
We miss, appreciate and love the soulfullness in your music. In fact I think that is why so many folks lament the loss of the Golden Age of Hip Hop.
We rock with the murder, murder, murder, kill, f*ck die, 9 bullets type of music, but we want the soul too.
The music on this cd represents an effort for you to connect the essence of Black american music, elements of cuban jazz, and Fela's afro punk in 47 audio minutes.
Some people/artist go their entire lifetimes and never accomplish what you managed to produce in one cd.
We salute you.


I am hungry.

Not hungry just thirsty. Sad, tired, flustered, lonely. I went to sleep lissening to illmatic. You know I must be feeling it if that sh*t was the soundtrack to my dreams.

I am glad Nasir has Kelis. They complement one another.

Sunny outside but contracts calls. I still can't focus. L-school is designed so that those in the MINORITY either drop out or do so poorly that they might as well.

I just found out that my 'sister' mean sexy is IN LOVE with a Mr. DJ from last year. Why nigg@s be coming out the woodworks with sh*t. Yall can't be putting me through changes like that. You gotta give me a heads up or something. Sh*t I'm flying on a wing and a prayer as it is.

It hurts to know this and experience it.

I just sent an e-mail apology to a friend who was going through the exact same thing three years ago. We were TIGHT. I mean super tight. I didn't know. We had a misunderstanding. I would love to hear from her but if I don't its cool. It just felt good to let her know that I NOW have an idea of what she was going through.

Gotty thank you for complementing my writing. It may seem innocuous to you but it
means a lot to me.


I love the fact that Jeff loves the Bay as much as I do.

Sh*t I AM the proverbial west coast underdog.
Brazilain sex. Read about a Brazilian Call Girls tell of sex and its various perceptions here.

I find this interesting.

I know of several men in NYC who like to "go to brazil" with their men friends for vacation.

I have allways suspected its is because of beautiful women for sale and the perceived Brazilian loose mores towards sex.

Carnival and the general sensuality that seems to permeate the atmosphere can give the impression that Brazil is unusually permissive and liberated, especially compared with other predominantly Roman Catholic nations. But experts say the real situation is far more complicated, which explains both Bruna's emergence and the strong reactions she has provoked.

"Brazil is a country of contradictions, as much in relation to sexuality as anything else," said Richard Parker, a Columbia University anthropologist who is the author of "Bodies, Pleasures and Passions: Sexual Culture in Contemporary Brazil," and has taught and worked here. "There is a certain spirit of transgression in daily life, but there is also a lot of moralism."



Speaking of Black men and Sex.

Onthe verge of dating white girls has a link to a naughty movie called "Diary of a Tired Black Man". Peep it and tell me what you think.


Compare gas prices from around the country. Depressing yet rewarding at the same time.
Hey there is allways vaseline!?!?!?!





The Smoking Section has a new interview up with DJ Neil Armstrong.
Real Talk.
Blogs bubbling' doin' they thing thy.

They gonna make me have to step my game up.

Speaking of game.
Grimm, where you at fam. I been tryna peep you.
Tell me whenna go.!?>!?>!??!?!?!
Oh and the plot thickens.
Here are the folks that need to speaking about about the affect of Mexican migrants.
Interesting how silent THEY ARE Walt.

I swear this is the real title.

Health Care: It's All About the Benjamins

Shouldn't Ice Cube or the writer of that film get some paper. Wait, Diddy did it furst.
So maybe he should. F*ck it, I just want a nod to the origin, Hip Hop Hip Hop.

U.S. prepares for 'A Day Without an Immigrant'

Organizers plan massive boycott on Monday to stop business as usual

If all goes as organizers plan, major American cities will be disrupted Monday by what's being called "The Great May 1st Boycott," or "A Day Without an Immigrant."

"Millions of workers, men and women without documents and their s

upporters who are, in fact, legal United States citizens will heed the call to not go to work," said Juan Jose Gutierrez, national coordinator of Latino Movement USA and one of the lead organizers of Monday's planned boycott. (Watch why organizers say the boycott is needed -- 1:40)

"Many hundreds of thousands of students, perhaps millions, will stay away from school and people will not shop and will not sell anything," Gutierrez said. (Immigration by the numbers)

Wowsa. It only makes me wonder what would happen if we threw in some under employed negros and white folks into the mix (HI WALT), what would happen?

So how was the weekend. Things are heating up politcally. Between, Darfur, the Mexicano's and Iraq, globalism is on our minds. Where is hip hop? I needs me a papoose mix tape. I heard the new m-o-b-b and I am not impressed. I still haven't gotten the new amel. Whachall lissen too? You see lebron? Is a flying carpet of basketball goodness.


the prisoner's wife said...

eeeeeeeee;jhnm vv

hey sis, that was the little one. he wanted to shout u out *smile*

but on the real...will get back to this after i settle him down66tgfvvvvvvve. see?

vik said...

rip jay d. donuts has a way of findin you when you need it.

i like liquor and tv said...

I love that pic of madlib and dilla.

Between Donuts and Ghostface, we've gotten a nice amount of soul in rap music this first quarter.

lol@the vaseline

What am I listenin to? Just a bunch of old stuff. TY - Awkward has been in my deck a lot lately.

M.Dot. said...

TY- What is TY?
That vaseline is the truth.
Prolly give you an infection anyways.
I shudda had a open mouth but thas prolly too crash. *crackin up*

@Vik You a so right.
I am kinda GLAD i was sleeping.
Gave me something to lissen to.

@Mrs. Momma/Wife/Writer
Girl. You are so sweet. Don't make me kidnap yo baby. We 'a bounce to Guantanmo and then Morocco and be outtt. Just kidding.
I told you I love there little chubby parts.

neo said...

Hey ma!

Just stopped by to check in..

LOL I posted the "diary of a black man movie clip" on my page to 0 comments..go figure lol!

Did you participate in any of the immigrant marches? If so how did they go?

Big Walt said...

1. All the conscious working class white people (there might be 4-5 at this point) heed thy call. Next time they do that, I'm skippin' school.

2.Donuts is better than actual donuts. And I really really like actual donuts.

3. How much you want to bet Mexico's murder rate drops through the floor?

i like liquor and tv said...

TY - cool UK rapper. He has some really good stuff.

M.Dot. said...

@ Walt
What are the policias currptos gonna do with out messing with petty drug users.
We soon shall see?
Walt you like powdered donuts with the jelly hunh.
Errry once in a while I likes me a glaze.
You know what I posted a reply last night, where did it go?

@ Neo I don't know why nobody said anything about that movie.
Did you give your opinion also?

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