Sunday, May 21, 2006

Revenge of the Hip Hop Nerds.


Another beautiful jawn from the folks at digital gravel. It looks all scientific and NASA like right!?!?!


I think I saw John McWhorter on the train yesterday which made me think about the way that he feels about our slum beautiful children. Brown and black children can read, write and are fully capable of meeting any challenge you put in front of them.

However, THEY have to make a conscious choice of WHAT kind of life they wanna lead. They know that this is a world that is indifferent to their existence. In fact, one of the reasons I think I have enjoyed being around young bucks so much recently is because they are so perceptive about humans.

Which is the exact opposite of being around wanna be attorneys who want to argue to see who can out-obnoxious one another. For example, even with all the education and opportunites I have had [and happily took advantage of], at the end of the day, I had to make a choice that I was going to move forward, and be responsible for my life.

I remember after graduating, and I knew that I wanted to publish a book about natural hair. What I did not understand was THAT BOOK publishing is a side hussle. That I needed to work and pay bills but continue to work on my side hussle. What I did not understand then, that I get NOW is that working for your self is a PRIVILAGE, not a right.

At that time I did not see myself working everyday for someone else. I think I just went wonder years on yall. Walk with me now. However if you wanna EAT in NYC, you learn to do jobs that YOU NEVER thought you would do, and you do them sh*ts WITH a smile.

I saw Keeping up with the Steins with Bronx Logic, I loved it, he tolerated it. The movie touched me because it was about class, growing up, forgiveness between a father and a son and familial rituals. I sat there wishing that negroes had something similar to a bar/bat mitzah.



How come no one has said anything about the Common and Rakim show. Lupe 'gon be there too. I learned about it of all places, Fat Beats.


You think po po can't run up into your spot and seize evidence. Well, the court is getting ready to flip the script. What ever happened to Due Process? No taking of property with out proper procedure being followed? Who needs a constitution anyways?

The case tests previous Supreme Court rulings that police armed with warrants generally must knock and
announce themselves or they
run afoul of the Constitution's Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches. The court has said that police can enter after giving people 15 seconds to 20 seconds to get to the door.

In this case, officers called out their presence at Hudson's door then went inside three seconds to five seconds later.

The ruling will be announced next month, and liberal justices declared that the stakes are high.

Justice Stephen Breyer said if the court rules against Hudson "we'd let a computer virus loose in the Fourth Amendment. ... It strikes me as risky and unprecedented".

Justice David H. Souter said that the court has said "there is enough respect for a person's home. ... The police should not barge in like an invading army."


Nagin won. Surprise, surprise. Seriously. With the wealth transfer and land grab that is gonna take place down there, I figured BIG REAL ESTATE would ensure that he was removed.

Nagin won back some of the conservative white voters who supported him four years ago but abandoned him during the primary.

Many had sought new leadership after complaining of the slow rate of rebuilding and Nagin's tearful plea for the federal government to "get off their (behinds) and do something" in the aftermath of Katrina. His remark on Martin Luther King Day that God intended New Orleans to be a "chocolate" city sparked outrage — and then an apology from Nagin.

But during the run-off campaign, Nagin actively courted conservative white voters by emphasizing his business background in contrast to Landrieu, a longtime politician and a member of Louisiana's equivalent to the Kennedy family. He would have been the first white mayor of New Orleans since his father, Moon, in the 1970s.

"After the Martin Luther King comments and his post-Katrina comments, his political obituary had been written," Lee said. But Nagin won with "an unusual political shotgun marriage between conservative whites and progressive African-Americans," he said.

Speaking of Nagin. Corey Booker won in Newark home of corrupt cops and and mad block huggers. These two new black mayors need to be easy and not oversate exactly what they will be able to accomplish. There is a reason why Detroit mayors, Oakland Oakland mayors and LA Mayors have never been able to return their cities to previous

Their motivation is admirable. But, I will tell you, I had to learn the hard way, watching Mayorga lose to De La Hoya a few weeks ago that Heart w/o fundementals is a recipe for failure.

Newark nor New Orleans has the infrastructure that necessary to sustain a town. Booker is in a better position because is town wasn't demolished by an act of nature. However, I fear, that in setting their goals too high, that they will not meet them and thus be considered failures. I will keep and eye on them in the up coming months to see how they progress.


1/136 Americans in Jail. Hmm. Who is going to do something about it? I wonder how many of them have felonies, and consequently CAN'T VOTE nor qualify for government benefits.


You thought the LA police was gully. These fools have 'em beat. New York City Cop was real serious about keeping it all up in the family.
She helped her UNCLE ROB D-BOYS. Hard out here for
a cop-pimp hunh?!?!

A former New York City police officer was indicted on charges of helping her uncle rob drug dealers while she was still on the force, the authorities said yesterday. She got involved in the plot, they said, after she borrowed money from her uncle to pay for a class to prepare for a sergeant's test.

The officer, Kirsix De La Cruz, accepted the loan from her uncle last July, the authorities said. Soon after, he asked her if she could help him find someone to help him rob drug dealers, and she introduced him to Luis German, a drug dealer known as Pedro, they said.

So the New York Times thinks that Italian teenagers in Howard Beach are tolerant [read not racist] because they listen to 50 cent and wear "baggy clothing". I would have been more interested in hearing what the kids parents had to say about the way their children dressed.

It has been two decades since a gang of whites here chased a black man to his death, and about a year since Nicholas Minucci was accused of fracturing the skull of a black man with a baseball bat. [Just a friendly game of baseball hunh?!?!?] Howard Beach is still a mostly white, mostly Italian neighborhood, with a lingering — and, people there insist, unfair — reputation for prejudice.

But it is now also a neighborhood where the mostly white, mostly Italian kids favor the same style and music as their peers over in East New York and New Lots.

There may still be a few people around here "who have a problem," Mr. Rea allows. "But if they don't like black people," he said, "they're still dressing in the clothes, listening to the music."

Whether such emulation is heartfelt or superficial is always up for debate, and it is in the hate-crime trial of Mr. Minucci, who admitted to investigators that he called out a too-familiar word beginning with the letter "n" to the man said to be his victim, preceded by the greeting "What up?"[ Gotty I know you gone have something to say about this and I am not trying to fight wichu about it. I like sayin it niggie, niggie, niggie, niggie].


Dude. They had me at "Digital Chocolate". That is pure marketing genius.

So blog family. It has warmed up a bit here. But it's mad windy. Im still bumping that Lupe the killer and OH Word got some "Stop Shootin" tee-shirts they selling, so gon' head and spend some money with tha folks.



Anonymous said...


It's Oh Word that has the Stop Shooting shirts. Also in that linking you're linking to some denzel picture on your desktop.

You're talking crazy. Have you been huffing again?

- R

Anonymous said...

damn, still doing ya thing. Always a good read

M.Dot. said...

I am linking to a Denzel Jawn on the desktop. Is that even possible.
Will investigate that im-eeeeed-ialty.

@ Raymond. Glad you stopping through. Blogging is fun:)~

Anonymous said...

Did I tell you I Love your blog? :)

M.Dot. said...

@ mdean.

Ah yall, OnBlast media is inna house. Whaaat!?!?!/

Thank you. I love writing it.

Keep poppin' through.

vik said...

great post. so much goin on. may need to read it again to comment meaningfully.

working for yourself is a privilege, couldn't agree more. how we get there, is the hard part.

nagin won. that was a shock. i'm surprised he wanted the job. his life must be tough.

the use of the n word in the trial will be interesting to follow.


M.Dot. said...

N word in what trial? Who talking about "n*ggas"?

Yeah man, yall be trippin off long (neo) and rambling (gotty) the posts can be, but just imagine what it is like for ME to keep track of these jawns and map 'em out in my head. Hard out here for a model minority blog pyump.

Come back and give it a good read. We will be here. **e-smiles**

vik said...

the nicholas minucci howard beach trial. the defense does not want it classified as a hate crime, hence he's trying to convince jurors that minucci's use of the n-word is a common, non-racist, NYC white-boy thing.

i'm tellin you, this sounds like classic, "i ave black friends, hence i'm not racist" argument. i wear g-unit, therefore i'm not racist.


Gotty™ said...


M.Dot. said...

Oh my god.

Dude. I am totally gonna do a post on it.

I see you gotty.

This attorney is QUITE clever I must say!!!!!

Mr.Slish said...

Okay I'm new here..I had to swim into the deep end of the pool for this post, because I'm usually hanging in the shallow end. Since I want to learn to swim better I will have to read this post

M.Dot. said...

Oh. Come on in.

The water is fine mihijo.

Glad you spending time here w/ and the homies.

Yeah. Baby girl be blawing all over the place.

Tell me wachu thainkin'.

the prisoner's wife said...

There may still be a few people around here "who have a problem," Mr. Rea allows. "But if they don't like black people," he said, "they're still dressing in the clothes, listening to the music."

wow @ that. craziness.

M.Dot. said...

Only in America.

I love my free.

neo said...

The digi-gravel joint is the bidness..

U've seen "city of God?"

M.Dot. said...

Hey Neo.

Yeah. Man I've seen city of god.

The same dude gotta show now called city of men on Bravo or some shit.

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