Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hip Hop *IS* Who We Are.


I was about to spread the thighs/ but she surprised me when she said/ "oh like that? You know I don't get down"** /I know my homies gonna clown cause I let her stick around when/ ... She said... It'll be good if you stayed with me tonight so I granted her wish/.
Um. This week. Really for the last month I have been a 'onna pharcyde jawn. They represents a convergence of several of my life's elements.
Cali Slanguage.
An independent b-girl identity.
Jay D's grumbling soulful basslines.
All those issues were jumbled up and kickin' it together.
** When was the last time you heard a someone rap/discuss/ write about the politics of sexual interaction, INSTEAD OF ABOUT sex ITSELF!?!?!?!

Whats good blog family? Life is good and love is love. Shout out the the fam at Nah Right for giving me the CRAZY PLUG. I never let a statue tell me HOW NICE I AM.

I never let a statue tell me HOW NICE I AM/Comin' with more hits than the Braves and the Yankees/Livin mad phat like an over sized Bam-bi/The wackest
crews try to dis, it makes me laugh/When my track record`s longer than a DC-20
aircraft/So, next time that you think you want somethin here/
Make somethin deffer, take that garbage to St. Elsewhere/.

Recognition from my peers re my-blog game made my cheeks blush, and I think Zora and James winked at me too.

I made it to the end of the semester even those some little shark bait a**ed nigg@s tried to snitch. That's cool though, because where I am from, and what I have seen, it will only make me come with more of a beast jawn. It hurt. Yup. I ain't gon' lie. But once I got over the pain of it, I realized that I need to aknowledge that not only do some people need to win, but the NEED TO ANNIHILILATE YOU TOO!

In the terminology of foreign affairs, influence is soft power—the ability to shift the course of events through ideas or relationships rather than coercion or enticement. Influence is Jacobs, holding no office and possessing no institutional leverage, inciting a bottom-up movement that stopped Moses in his tracks. Now, New York has always been obsessed with power: getting it, wielding it, harnessing it, and, most of all, keeping it.

Power is what Moses employed to historic effect for nearly 40 years. Influence, by contrast, is more subtle, more indirect, more de facto than de jure.

Instead, we look around and see an increasingly Jacobean city—a place where moguls, machers, pooh-bahs, and potentates are seeing their collective mojo rivaled by a newer class: the influentials.

That being taken into consideration, what is HIP HOP [IN NYC] about, if not POWER AND IT'S RESPECTIVE DYNAMICS & BENEFITS


Peace to the Jujitsu school in the Bx. I will be tryna holler at them this summer to get my gully ninja on!

Cody's is gone.
How much time have I spent reading at Cody's book store in Berkeley. University press publised books. Out of Print Graffitti jawns. Women Power Manifestos. Apparently Telegraph Ave is having 'prollems. Well, you can't have aggresive a*s HUMAN Punk ROCK kids sleeping and pan handling in front of stores and npot expect people to take their business ONLINE or to strip-malls closer to their homes. REAL TALK.
LOOK at this video where Mr. FAB talks about the HYPHY movement on
Channel 5 news. N*ggas is blowin' up fam. (Mac Jay, I see you).

Mr. Fab is so cute with his little hyphie love.

Did you know that Puerto Rico got shut down.


DUDE. New Orleans looks like Oakland. Is that legal?


Looks like a beech gon' have to change the title to Model Majority.
Could this fact be why congress wanted to call 20 million people
Of course not! Tongue is in cheeck so hard I feel blood.
Wait, so she got invitro, with her husbands sperm and STILL GOT FIRED.
This, blog family may go to the supremes. Talk about a violation of privacy.
Wow. Welcome to the 21st century.

Writers and editors told the
New York Times that Beloved is [one of] the best book written in the last 25 years.
I coulda told ya ass that.


My horoscope is on point. Libra's stand up.

The leaves on the persimmon tree outside my door
are growing so fast I swear I can see them expanding right in front of my eyes. Like them, you are in a period of almost maniacal fertility. The
ripening process is so
that you may feel as if unpredictable forces of nature have been unleashed inside you. As long as you keep your sense of humor about it, however, nothing too out-of-control will happen. At worst, you'll resemble a funny monster with a brilliant future, like an awkward kid destined to grow up to be a cute genius.


NY Times rape case.

The report applauded Dr. Brodhead's "personal commitment to address all of the issues" and found no effort to cover up the incident or to deceive anyone. But it found problems with how the investigation, involving a student at nearby North Carolina Central University who had been hired to dance at a party for the lacrosse team, had been handled from the beginning. The two experts said
that although the Duke police knew that the woman, who had been taken to the emergency room of Duke University Hospital, is black and that the players she
said had assaulted her are white,
"information about her race and about racial aspects of the case did not reach key administrators" including Dr. Brodhead
until March 24, 10 days after the party.



Duke said they were just lissening to the Po Po. They figgerd that po po said the case would go away, THEN the case would GO AWAY.


Sarah Jones WINS a TONY. GO SARAH its your birthday. GO SARAH!


My OLD MIDDLE SCHOOL. YOung Bucks acting up robbing old folks.


9 Great NON DINNER dates.

Here are FIVE of my own.

a. Home Depot. Ladies. Ya'll seen a brotha get OOOPEEN in the saw/drill/workhorse isle. They be LOVING that sh*t. Me I like the plant jawns and the shelf isle. But still its fun to peruse together.

b. Grocery Shopping. Getting frisky in the bread Isle What. And don't let the Becks be on sale.!?!!?!?!

c. The Subway. Sometimes you can just take a train ride wicho sweets. You gettin' on the A, Im gettin' on too, okay, I'a ride with you to 14th street. Yall will both laugh when dude get on there with the sandwiches talking about noone should go hungry tonight, with the irony being that you BOTH heard his routine so much you know the words.

d.Walking. Just walking together. Across one-25th. Or from Canal to Astor. Another jawn is the BK promenade. Walking and talking can be someone of the best jawns you ever had.

e.Barnes and Nobles. Gurrrl, Lemme tell you. Lucky magazine. The Economist. Black Issues Book Review. Mags on Organic Living. Bronx Logic and a hot steaming coffee. Tell *me* WHENNA GO.


Blog family. Needless to say. On the real. When those wack lil shark bait biddles were asocial, racist and "liberal" yall came through checking for a sista', sending kind words, letting me know that you missed the blawg when it died a lil bit in March. Y'all helped me get through the last 8 months. <<<


neo said...

been a minute shawty..what it is?

LOL @ the shopping its where its at..cayn't tell you how the freezer areas feel like..:-D

Hummingbyrd said...

Yeah. Man. But Im back like black jack.

Ok...lil hagen daz, chocolate tofu sammiches.

Glad you likeee.

vik said...

what's good?
nice posts.

victor lavalle can write. good look on the book, i'm waitin for another....the short story is his medium.

" If you read the textbooks and go to class, this school shit is so simple mayne"

love that quote. we have to play the game, get the credentials, and then DO somethin with em.

Hummingbyrd said...

Yeah man.

Glad you feelin' em.

Sh*t I am working one one more right now.

Mac Jay was SOOO on point wit it.

Read the Book. Go to class.
Its Nothing. (I stole 'lat from gotty). Gotty where you at anyways?

i like liquor and tv said...

I love She Said - Jay Dee remix

Hummingbyrd said...

@ liker and tv
I never heard that. Wassup w/ that laink.

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