Thursday, May 04, 2006

Who is worse, 50 Cent or Oprah?


I was inspired by a post a Nah Right to discuss the idea 50 vs. Oprah.

50 have allegedly called her a sellout. GFOHWBS.

Oprah and 50 are similar. Oprah’s fans are women, mostly white, with some negroes asians and latino’s thrown in for good measure.

The majority of hip hop fans are white, be it back packer suburb, urban cat artist, wanna be etc.

If Oprah "Caters to older white women 50" then you cater to their children.

Look at the pot calling the kettle a negro.

Last time I checked 50, Oprah doesn't promote, condone nor benefit from anything as ruthless, careless or amoral as your video game.

Don't get it twisted. I was riding for 50 in his movie. Any time a man is trying to work out his childhood disruptions, I am down with it. But don't sit up here and talk about what you don't like about O, like you are on some quasi, giving thugs a bad name, high horse. ***smacks teeth and rolls eyes****.

“The only time I have agreed with Fifty. And even Fifty admitted his audience are those rich white kids trying to be “down.” Think back to the Trading Spouses skit on Chappelle.” (taken from Nah Right thread here)
Case in point. You will not move your product in this country, at least in a substancial way if you don’t sell to the majority, and D-Boys for TRUE, Oprah knows it and Jay Z knows it.
Oprah nor Hip Hop, Nor 50 would be where he is to day without white mommas and their children.

So if O is a sellout then so is 50. Its like he is saying, because she appeals to the majority, she is irrelevent.

What is worse blog family, Oprah's perceived lack of involvement with the black community, which is debateable, or 50’s wealth built largely on poison?

Talk about big government back take little civilian bank.
Eminent Domain Part I

Gentrification from a childs point of view.
Speaking of gulliness, this lil indian lady gon' try and hooride me out of my spot to get on the train.
Please believe I been a little on edge blog family. Suffice it is to say, you ain't gon' out gully my gully specially when I need to sit down on the train to study.

I bet she learned to live lil' skinny black girls w/ big teef alone in the future. I don't care if you old enough to be my momma, if you less than 4 months pregnant, you are not gonna cut me in front of my to get on the train. The ELBOWS are the sharpest point of the body.
Talking about the Mayorga fight with Bronx Logic and I had en ephiphny.
I asked BL why Mayorga ain't win? I wanted him to win. He was the underdog, he was scrappy he had hard.
BL pointed out, you can have talent, heart, but if you do not have the fundamentals, you will never win. That resonated with me because regardless how much I love writing, or basketball or the law, if I don't have the fundamentals, I am gonna be ass*d out. Who knew that seeing Mayorga lose would motivate me?!?!? *hunches shoulders*

The Funniest part of the movie, Friends with Money, is that Jennifer Anniston
has more money in real life than her costars.
People, especially white people tend uncomfortable talking about how much money they have.
I remember going to my private, preppy, 'Frisco high school and encounter a student, a white student, who had holes in his shoes on the first day of class. It blew me away. I had NEVER seen anyone who looked like that on the first day of class.

The first day of school is practically a religous ceremony for black people which requires
outfits with coordinating, shoes, socks and freshly done hair.
Needless to say, how we think about money, by and large has to do with how our PARENTS think about money.
"The real issue is not money itself, but the power money gives you," said Dalton Conley, a professor of sociology and the director of the Center for Advanced Social Science Research at New York University, who studies issues of wealth and class. "Money makes explicit the inequalities in a relationship, so we work hard to minimize it as a form of tact."

Once college friends leave campus, their economic status can diverge widely depending on their careers. While 20 years ago a young lawyer and a new college instructor might have commiserated about their jobs over coffee and doughnuts, today the lawyer would be able to invite the assistant professor out for a meal at a restaurant with two sommeliers and a cheese expert.

Read more of the article here.

Me. Money can be like friends, easy to make, hard to keep. Didn't somebody famous say that?!?!?!?

That property final was the truth blog family. It wasn' t that I wasn't prepared,
becaused I worked mad hard, (last night I missed my first episode of the Sopranos, so you know I was serious) it was the fact that she asked the kind of questions
that I did not anticipate. Lots of policy questions. 4 essays, 2 short answers and 3 short questions in 3 hours. Yes, three hours.
At least I got me a cheesecake from Trader Joes and some Gladiator Sandals from Urban Oufitters. So I am happy. How you?


the prisoner's wife said...

hey sis,

1. i think 50 really needs to slow his role. say what you want about Oprah her & 50 are slanging they goods to the same group of people (read: white folks). he needs to focus on his next album (or sneaker, or game, or acting lessons), not trying battle Oprah.

2. i didn't see the fight (am not shellin out pay-per-veiw doe) but i heard the Golden Boy won. yeah, you need the basics to make it. all the hustle in the world can only take you so far.

3. money. your family/environment play a HUGE role in how you deal with your ends. i read "girl, get your money straight" a while back & it made me think about what kind of examples my parents set. although i was able to get almost everything i wanted as a child, they didn't nec. go about it the right way (i.e. going into debt to pay for private schools). it really makes me think that i need to get my ish together so i can pass on good financial morals to my son.

4. lol@the indian lady. girl...even when i was 6, 7, and 8 months preggo...people would damn near knock me over on the A trying to get a seat.

5. congrats on finishing your test! i'm sure those extra hours will pay off.

6. please don't talk about cheesecake! i am jonesing for some Ruthies Cheesecake (in chelsea market). i might even order one for my bday *lol*

SistaGirl said...

wow what a post. First off I didn't even know that 50 said Oprah was a sell out dud is crazy!! 50 has become raps most "not so scary" artist LOL...I saw this article where he looked like americas homeboy, all smiling and stuff...STOP SMILING 50!!!

Money issues need to be discussed with children while they are young.

The first day of school used to be IT man...I would dress like it was red carpet or something..actually I learned to save my clothes for the third day after everybody was wearing thier old clothes again LOL

What are you studying in school? What's your major?

Miss Ahmad said...

t, you can have talent, heart, but if you do not have the fundamentals, you will never win

that's real spit right there!

DelaHoya has been passing out ass whoppings for a minute, and as a boxing fan I gotta agree with Bronx Logic on this one, any two fools can fight, but Boxing is a sport, and must be learned, practiced and perfected..

damn, makes me wanna tape up and go hit a bag!

on point as always!

Hummingbyrd said...

@Miss Amhad.

I ain't know you rocked with the Million Dollar Baby.

I BEEN wanting to learn how to hit that little ball.

Yeah. BL is the truth man. I love saggatariums.
****smiles like grape koolaid man***.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ Sista Girl..

Imma be a slimy, greedy lawyer. Yeah!

He ain't call her a sell out, be he is acting like she is irrelvent b/c she caters to white women.

Welll DUH. They are the majority you idiota!

Hummingbyrd said...


Girl you know I have NEVER been to the chelsea market.

I heard they had nice boogie food and pretty flowers.

We can stop by there too when you visit:)

Oh speaking of money. It is worth it to invest in education.

And personal disclosure. I had perfect credit in september. Now I wouldn' tbe able to get a cellphone. :(

I made arrangements to consolidate the C cards this morning. That shit is like a ton of bricks off my shoulders.

the prisoner's wife said...

chelsea mtk: don't believe the hype. the food aint that great. but the cakes (and pies and pasteries)...lawd...the cakes are on point! we gotta get a slice of "Ruthy's Best Cheesecake". she be putting Junior's to shame. think cheesecake on a slice of chocolate cake with fudge! it's that serious.

oh..and the flowers are pretty, but expensive. beloved bought me a cactus from the flower shop (i used to work in a company upstairs).

$$: girl, yes. when my student loans finally kicked it it was tragedy (think: ghostfase singing "why did you get the same shoe as mine...tragedy..."). i recently consolidated them & it was staggering to know that i will be paying for my degrees for the next 25 years. crazy talk.

ps--we gotta go to the Rasta shop on Nostrand ave. i have to replace a DVD i can't find ANYWHERE. plus...i miss brooklyn.

Big Walt said...

"People, especially white people tend uncomfortable talking about how much money they have."

It's true, if we're poor we're trying to look rich, and if we're rich we're trying to look poor. Unless we're kind of poor but feel inadequate and insecure about being less poor than all of our friends, therefore try to front like we're poor as hell.

And not to restart and old argument, but 50 needs to step up. I was hating on Oprah like 4 months ago.

Hummingbyrd said...


You do Not wanna founk w/me and O?

You, of all people, know how I rock with her.

You know you back like Ancha momma on flap jacks.

Whus good?

You are right about the class jawn too.

I shoulda said white folks with paper.

I cannot believe you are in high school. You are hella advanced.

Hummingbyrd said...

I usta live on sterling off nostrand, so I am knowing bout them shops.
Last I heard Crown heights is getting ready to be the new flatbush. Real talk.

Thats cool about the market. I figger their overhead is so high that sh*t has to be high as a giraffes a$$.

David [ohword] said...

had my property final last week. looked pretty similar to yours in question type breakdown, except it was 3 hours. And then another 3 hours in the afternoon.

That wasn't even the bad one though. Conlaw two days ago was terrible.

peace to fellow 1Ls and good luck. now i better get on my civpro and off my internet...

the prisoner's wife said...

hmmm...Nostrand & sterling. small world.

we used to live off nostrand & dean

bed-stuy/crown-heigts as a whole is exploding (with more white folks).

you know they building (probably finished) w/ applebees on Fulton (close to NY ave) in Restoration Plaza.

check the method

Hummingbyrd said...

Hey David. My comrade in sadtimes.
Small World.
I am so not motivated to look at the courts reasoning on Roe v. Wade, or Adarand or why Gender Classifcations only trigger Intermediate scruitiny.
I need to get off the innernets too.
Are you in the City?
Civ Pro was cool.
Best wishes.
If you inna city we can get post 1L sloshed:)
Whens your jawns over?

Hummingbyrd said...

Dang tpw. Don't tell me were going to the same laundrymat and shit.

I prolly borrowed some soap from you that one time. Ha ha ha.

This is insane.

the prisoner's wife said...


am looking for an email addy for you. can't find it. holla:


David [ohword] said...

I'm not in the City - I'm in the Sprawl aka LA. I have another couple days because my legal writing type class is on the 15th.

Big Walt said...

Hey now, I was not trying to start anything. All I'm saying is, 50 is behind the curve on this.

Hummingbyrd said...

Say wachu gotta say walt. We grown. ***rolls of sleeves and puts on new balances***

Gotty™ said...

smh @ 50...

they shouldn't have never gave you aggins money! © Dave Chappelle

Hummingbyrd said...

Aww. Gotty you can go head and say it. J*gs.
N*ggas. Sp**ks.

Gotty™ said...

i refuse! I'm better than those words...

I am...somebody © Jesse Jackson

Hummingbyrd said...

Ha ha ha.

You crazy.

Jesse Jackson somebody alright.
He be finding is jawn UP IN somebody.

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