Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hooked On Mobb Phonics, Infamous Bonics


BL suggested that I should do a post on the history of slang. I was like negro thassa book. Not a post. But in the spirit of researching for it, I found this, Rudy Ray More site, I kid you not. I can't belive that this is black art from the 70's. And you no know what no one talks about is how Blacksploitation saved Hollywood from bankruptcy. Yall' better get up on 'nat Van Peebles flick and getcha mind right.



This captures ebonics ever so eloquently,

``Most people won't understand you if you speak (black English),'' Tatum said, her round face serious as she explained how the program has helped her. ``This teaches us how to learn the right language so that if you meet a group that speaks (standard English) you will know how to talk to them.'' [ Thats right baby, gon' and learn that job innnerview tawk].The subject of ebonics was swept onto the national stage this week when the Oakland school board unanimously approved a districtwide policy to recognize black English as a full-fledged language. District officials say ebonics will not be taught, but teachers will be instructed to respect the language and help children learn how to translate it into standard English. [How in the hell you gon' teach something that the kids allready don' learnt at home. Stupid a$$ reporters. Allways tryna sensationalized something].

Oh. Black people don't do consonant clusters by the way. IF ANYTHING IS EBONICS, then that is. A linguist RULE TO BOOT.

Oh. This site as been up and has represented lovely for a hot minute.
Bubble- Any luxury car with tha bubbled out eyes.
Bubbling - Rising up, coming up. Bubbling under.
The Burg - Stands for the city of Pittsburg, home to rappers such as the Mob Figaz, Laze, and Bobby Blake
Bluebird - Refering to something that is hassling or bothering you. It could refer to anything from the police to a nagging girlfriend.
breakin pockets- when a nigga be gettin hella money from hella hoes makin dem broke.
Breezy - Female, broad.
Broccoli - Marajuana, weed.
Burners - A cellular telephone that is being used illegally.
Sideshow - The act of spinning your car real fast in an intersection (Oakland). Skully Mouldaz - Headshots, headerz, oral sex. Sco - Short for San Francisco Scrilla - Money. Cash. Also Scrill. Gotta get my scrill on. Scratch - Money Scratch Paper- Money Scrub - Triflin, layzie ass dude. Scurvey (sheisty, shadey) - being greedy with your stuff or holding your shit back. To hog on it yourself


The innernet is crazy. This cat requested for people to call in speak ebonics and has provided the quicktime and transcripts to support it. Deep hunh. He claims that THIS IS NOT ebonics and that he is NOT MAKING FUN.
If that is the case, then what exactly are his intentions?
I guess this is what happens when well meaning liberals get hold of a website.


So nan. Gotty. This is proof that I can blog about ONE TOPIC. SO HAR! I think Imma go to harlem and get me veggie jawns and take care of the financial aid papers I have been procrastinating on.

I know. I am a MM and I should know better.

Sh*t just gets complicated sometimes blog family. Whats complicated in your life? What have you procrastinated on? I know I am not alone on this. [ Sits patiently and waits for replies].[Gets angry two minutes later b/c I am notoriously impatient.]



the prisoner's wife said...

i procrastinate on EVERYTHING which is why beloved beefs with me sometimes. he's a DO IT NOW! person.

my top 5 pushed-back projects

1) Applying to the teaching CRED program. deadline TOMORROW

2) filing for a business licence for my writing biz (anyone need a content/copy/SEO writing/editing genius? holla)

3) working on/finishing up my other online site--a fresh webzine (the F*bomb be dropping soon kiddies).

4) paying sallie mae

5) washing my car--no wait, i did this yesterday. found a drive-through car wash!

(and various other things)

btw: was i the only one disappointed w/ Dolemite? i waited like 20+ years to finally see it & when i saw it i fell asleep. it was that wack.

Gotty™ said...

You finally stayed on one topic...but went a million directions w/it lol.

What do i procras on?....Hmm...I'll tell you later

M.Dot. said...

@ Gotty.
har har har.

I am not reading the post till tonight.

Imma work on that piece on Hip Hop Had the Innernet.

Like. What if Rakim had the innernet.
Or Eazy E. Or Lord Finesse.

We would have entire E-stores of hip hop.

M.Dot. said...



You ain't said nothing but a word.

I have been sitting on these financial aid jawns for a mintute. But in reality my taxes were holding that shit up.

All this is connected man.

Lets take one step towards something on the list.

I know YOU are a Gemini. Yippie. (Gotty won't claim his gemini-ness.)

When is your beloved-loves born day?

the prisoner's wife said...

8/19, he's a leo *humph*

(and i LOVE being a gem!)

M.Dot. said...

Oh my lanta.

Excellent girl.

the prisoner's wife said...

lol. yeah...he BOSSY! (and jamaican, so he more than a likkle bossy)

Anonymous said...

"The subject of ebonics was swept onto the national stage this week when the Oakland school board unanimously approved a districtwide policy to recognize black English as a full-fledged language. District officials say ebonics will not be taught, but teachers will be instructed to respect the language and help children learn how to translate it into standard English."

Only in da biggity-biggity-BAY.

CA said...


omg. i once found a record of his in my basement as a child and it friggen opened a new world for me. i remember being shocked for madd long. it was a bunch of a naked women playing cards. fucked me up for a little bit. lol

MM, i have been away for a little bit. I just saw your Bday shout out. You're great. lol. I emailed you about our celebration. hit me back. i kinda wanna get drunk. lol.

M.Dot. said...

Chidi chidi bo bidi.

I gots you onna driggedy spot[s].

lemme know. Who ever knew that gemini's and May could be SO MUCH FUN. real talk.

I always thought it was about August and October. Remix. Nigg@

M.Dot. said...

@ Mac Jay.

Ask Oakland Public Schools how you gon teach bonics when we come nere speaking nat ish at head start in-ty-ways.

They not knowin' is the answer.

At least the media was not. Oakland hella tight for trying to step up to the plate. What I realise about the media is what I realize about corp's. is that they are about thier shareholders nothing more, nothing less.

When are nigg@s gon rap about the shareholders. They got more to do w/ rap than us most the time.

stinkyrobot said...

You should note also that Hollywood eventually destroyed Blaxsploitation. The Wiz was Hollywood's attempt to get in on the action and messed it all up.

the prisoner's wife said...


hollywood was a major player in the blaxplotation era. blaxplotation single-handedly re-energized hollywood. before these movies started rolling out, people weren't going to the movies & when blaxplotation started, black folks (and then everybody else) started going to the movies again. if anything The Godfather ended the blaxplotation era because it was such a huge success among black & white audiences that hollywood forgot about its black audience (and there was pretty much a black out on black movies until the 80s)

M.Dot. said...

@ Stinky Robot.

I ain't know that "they" thought the Wiz was "the answer.

M.Dot. said...

@ tpw
Woooowsa. You ain't tell me you a cinema studies PH.d. Look atchu revealing yo gifts when you get good and ready.

stinkyrobot said...

The Godfather was released in '72, The Wiz came out in '78. If anything The Wiz was an attempt to get white audiences to see black movies. Hollywood saw the dollar signs and sank a ton of cash in a crappy film that no one wanted to see. It probably looked real good on paper. I always felt that blaxsploitation peaked at '74. Give it up for Black Belt Jones.

stinkyrobot said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Charles said...

Hahahahaha...that whole post was a trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Rudy Rudy is crazy

Hip Hop

vik said...

you had me hooked from the title.

nice post. where did you find those cartoons?

M.Dot. said...

@ Stinky.

How you know so much about the Wiz?
You got that cinema studies degree from USC?!?!?!?

You Hollywood Cointelpro?!?!?!?!

[ I couldn't resist. Thats that East Oakland comming outta me].

M.Dot. said...

@ Vik

Damn, I just typed a long ass reply but it didn't post.

Enty ways.

Um. Glad you like the title. I take pride in them. In fact one of my hobbies is writin' down sh*t that I will think will be good book titles.

I will bust out with a 3x5 note card and write down something you said inna conversation.

Um. Images from google images, code word ebonica.

M.Dot. said...

Hi Charles.

Glad you stopped by.

We like to have fun here at the home
for happy token negro/asians/latinos.

Your images are crazy by the way.

Don't be a stranger.

the prisoner's wife said...

lol@cinema degree from USC....are we that famous? (eh hm, FIGHT ON!)

M.Dot. said...

Who deletin' messages. is that legal?

Ekko said...

dolemite is the shit, funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to Rudy Ray Moore as a character named Petey Wheatstraw the Devil's Son-in-Law. Good times. Peep a flick called StreetFight or by its other name CoonSkin. It stars Barry White, Philip Michael Thomas and Scatman Crothers. Joint was so real white folk had to get it banned. Word.

Anonymous said...

a post on ebonics and no mention of E-40's dictionary of slang?
MM - you're better than that...

M.Dot. said...


I see you.

I rep 40 wata so hard fannly. Fa like 6 straight post in March and April I felt like I was on his p.r. team. Trust ain't nobody founking w/ 40.

SistaGirl said...

ok so it's she bossy now?? that's cool I can dig it LOL...first of all I need to get my head out the clouds I haven't even heard about the ebonics policy here is Oakland maybe because I don't know anybody in any schools here, however that is crap, I wont even go into my full thoughts on ebonics and the official black language ( I'm getting heated). Anyway it's a bunch of bull.

I do have to admit when I saw the post and the Grill in the middle of the page I thought we were gonna have a couple of diff topics but nope just 1 you go girl!! LOL

Oh yeah thanks for the definitions page. I'm tellin you sometimes I have no idea what people be sayin these days. My a** is gettin old.

Have you seen Rap City reppin Oak town this week??

okay I'll let go of your comments section now I've held it hostage long enough. I just had so much to say LOL
peace girl

M.Dot. said...

My sista girl back yalll.


Yeah. I am trynnnna do single topics, but that sh*t is hard.

I personally think that we DO have our own dialect, and it does not involve slang. It has to do with constant clusters, and how we conjugate verbs {damn Imma nerd), anyhoo.

Its good to see you back sis.
so many hugs.
~m dot.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

first off how are you just gonna publish all our slang...I'm over here cracking the hell out up at your slang dictionary.

Secondly being from the town, having a mother who works in Education in the Town, being familiar with the woman who brought Ebonics to the Oakland Public Schools I can say this...once I met people from West Africa I knew in my heart that our colloquialisms are based in our regional dialect.

I believe that in my heart of hearts to be true. Having traveled and met folks from all of the world who speak Pigeon, I'm also aware that we are not the only people in the world who have chopped and screwed a language to make it work for us....

Teachers in Oakland need to learn how to communicate, not just talk to these kids, if they want them to get thru school always!

M.Dot. said...


That slang was from another site.

I can't take credit for that.

Teachers in general have to understand that when you resent the students language the students will not learn from you.

Real talk.

But I guess it is OUR job to demand that they understand that.

.once I met people from West Africa I knew in my heart that our colloquialisms are based in our regional dialect.
Yeah man, this dude told me last week that I slipped into some crazy texas-Ghana 'town langauge last week.
Sh*t. it happens.

Anonymous said...
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