Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bill Cosby is in My Brain. (New CNN Video)


Bill Cosby has a new interview out where he discusses pimps, our cousin laquanda and why Black women will NEED to lead until our potential spouses get outta jail. Here are some excerpts below.

"This is not your grandmothers world, and you have to
think about you taking charge in business, family, raising your

We are many many things, we are the weakest, we are the
strongest, within ourselves.

All women have been brainwashed to be subservient to men. Not just Black women.

Our females are graduating 70 to 30.

I have a problem with the silence of the scholars. It is very problematic that the scholars are not writing articles and publising books about people who are not offering things to our youth.

Also. I found it irresponsible and inconsiderate for CNN to title the clip "People have Gone Crazy". It is sensationalizes the issue of horribile Black Male to Femal graduation rate. Maybe I will e-mail CNN and let them n*ggas know they wrong for that.

In the spirit of Cosby's words, Imma post what Mac Jay spoke from his soul about what it means to actually BE PRESENT in class. Take that BILL!!
[From his site Yay Mecca posted on Tuesday, May 02, 2006 titled i never could pass, cut class like scissors.]

Those problems are pretty small compared to all the positives
that come outta being a good student. I know I'm rambling and don't really have any idea where this post is going, but I'ma let you in on the secret to what's helped me the most... reading. If you read the textbooks and go to class, this school shit is so simple mayne. On mommas. I already been knowin' I coulda
pulled these grades in Arizona but I didn't read shit, I'd look over my books like the night before a test and go in the next day praying that I'd pass. I'd always be hella pissed when my tests came back with a shitty grade, all like "what the fuck happened"? Well, I was an idiot. But I stand there saying "da fuck was I supposed to know that" and thinking the teachers was trying to play me and do the exact same shit next test. When really they wasn't, read the books and you cool. Now I go to tests prepared, like it's nuuuthiiin'. De nada, blood.
Sorry for boring you with this shit, jus been pullin' these grades lately n hella excited mayne. Now on to tha biz....
The biggest victories are won by the smallest margins.

Dallas vs San Antonio 104-103

L.A. Clippers vs Phoenix 114-107

Latley, the semifinals have exemplified that. Who knows that Lebron will do. I was happy to see that the other players got involved last night. Cleveland won by what one or two Friday night. It is hard to BE PRESENT, if you are not INVOLVED with what the game.

I was thinking about that quote when I was studying for my finals. And it is true.

So much blogging such little time. Y'all catch that segment of VH1 SOUL that is all Old School Reggae jawns. Pass the Dutchie on the Left Hand Side, Ting-a ling a ling Huh - BoyaKA-BooyaKA and Flex- Time to have Sex.

Where is the old school 89-92 reggae and Hip Hop Party. I can't believe noone has done this yet. *forrows eye brow up*.
Family over at Nah Right has revisited the 50 vs. O factor again.
One of the best responses suggested that O needs to have some emcees on there and put her Oprah's Book Club magic 'onnem, first up, THE Roots anyone!?!?!!?
Even though I read Slap Boxing with Jesus a minute ago i am gonna gon' head and big up Victors book. In the spirit of Fletchies Illmatic posts.

I will say that ANYONE who names his book after a Quote from Illmatic is a damn GENIUS.
I also remember being moved by how nuanced the characters are.
Anyone heard The Brand New Heavies have reunited. God, I usta wanna be N'Dea Davenport.
I came across this quasi disturbing article about how there are few women in hip hop who "love it" as much as the dudes do.
So gotty, neo, ms. ahmad, tpw, walt, what 'chall think about it?
Alice Smith is my FAVORITE FIZZLE right now.
Man. I think I would sing her typa songs.
Peep the fader blog, They given her some muched deserved burn.

The A's beat the Yankees. Yippie. I hate when the A's come here and get mopped by the Yankees and fat a*sed GIAMBI. If Anyone is on steriod's its his big a*s.
I found stella money on the subway. 10 bones right on the ground at Borough Hall. I think it was god's way of telling me, baby girl, gon' head and get cha mind right and chill with yo folks. Happy Mothers Day to The Prisoner's Wife/Poet/Momma and friend * [AND TO THE OTHER MOMMA READERS].



Gurrl, I was out w/ Bronx Logic and his baby cousin's [5,6 &11years old)yesterday. I have never been in the bathroom so many times in my life. I forgot that you can take little boys to the ladies bathroom. When you are out with kids you have to plan when and where you will take the kids to pee. Who knew?!?!!? And doing that 'ish in NYC is the truth.




Anonymous said...

haha, right on for the shout out. glad ma fuckin' off of financial aid n posts are useful to folks.

also ain't nuthin' like findin free money. i feel that. i member when i was a youngsta, me n my boys found a wallet under a mailbox with well over $100 in it. i was hella happy

M.Dot. said...

Yeah man.

Them them stellas felt good going down.

I am looking at comin to the bay in July.

We gon' be UNSTOPPABLE fannly!

Knockout Zed said...

N'dea had the fuckin' theme song with "Bullshittin'".

I used to pull that CD out on chicks all the time.


M.Dot. said...

Oh. You usta USE it on females EH!?!?!

Zed givin' up the game on dreary May Day.

edwardprice6751100186 said...

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i like liquor and tv said...

YES! I'm about to "act now" for a degree...let me take that number down.

OK I was just typing on and on about how I love Video Soul Gold (on BET Jazz)..about how De La - 1993 was on there last week and Fugees - 1996 was on there yesterday. But then I realized that you said "VH1 Soul"

M.Dot. said...

@ likker

You coulda bigged up your joint. Its all good inna hood.

the prisoner's wife said...

i'm late (as usual) but thank you for the mama's day shout out sis!

and i hate using public restrooms, so i most certainly do plan it out when i'm in the city. i usually stick to the hotels (and not the roach coach ones). they are the cleanest & lucky enough the city has plenty of them.

M.Dot. said...

That is SOOOO smart girl.

We were in midtown so there were HELLLA hotels.

You might have to give me some "Planning a day in the city" tips for the next time I am with the young bucks.
It was fun, but there is a certain rhythm to it.

the prisoner's wife said... buck isn't old enough to really complain *lol* but EYE don't like public bathrooms, so i try to find the least grimey. i used to hate going to bars & drinking and then having to go. bar bathrooms are so disgusting!

M.Dot. said...

Ummm public jawns are grimey.

But we were in rockfeller center so you know they keeps 'em tidy for the tourists.

But please believe. There are some dive bars i frequent and you be tryna pee wicho butt cheeks tight to avoid the IDEA of any germs gettin on you as you gid rid of beer excess.

Wow. That was visual. I guess I am "in a mood".

Gotty™ said...

I don't like female rappers...very very rarely.

Yes, I'm chauvanistic (sp) at times. I admit to it.

M.Dot. said...

What the HELL is wrong with a female mc.

Whats wrong with a Female MC gotty?
Latent hate for women coming out, hunh. (tongue in cheek, ya know me).
1. Bahamadia.
2. Lyte.
3. Lil kim (when Biggie was here of course)
4. Jean Grae
5. Medusa
6.Supersonic Girls (don't act like they ain't rappin)
7. Lauryn
8. Salt AND Pepa
9. Missy
10. Foxy, (when she could still hear)

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

add to that

1. lauryn hill
2. missy elliot (i think she still counts doesn't she )

sadly enough that's still only a dozen, unless you wanna include that brittish chick whose name I can't remember!

M.Dot. said...

Oh. Girl you right.

Monie Love.


Lady Soverign(sp?) is the british sista you talking about.

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