Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am Not Sure What to Make of Karl Rove Rapping.


Karl Rove.

Darth Vader.


And does an old white man dance.



I see this as a thinly veiled attempt to distract us from this:

The former aide, D. Kyle Sampson, who resigned two weeks ago, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Mr. Gonzales’s statements about the prosecutors’ dismissals were inaccurate and that the attorney general had been repeatedly advised of the planning for them.

The two men talked about the dismissal plans over a two-year period, Mr. Sampson said, beginning in early 2005 when Mr. Gonzales was still the White House counsel. Mr. Sampson said he had briefed his boss at least five times before December 2006, when seven of the eight prosecutors were ousted.


The White House Post. Excellent.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When Is Doom Gonna Guest Star on the Simpsons?


Top Ten Nuances of Prankster Rap Simpson episode.

1. "People stopped saying Keeping it Real three years ago."

2. " Assualt Magazines Man of the Year." Lol.

3. "Just what we need, another lame surburban kid that loves rap."

4. "Rappers stopped saying illin' twelve years ago."

5. "Rap music encourages lawfullness, punching and rudeness to hoes." <

6. 50 cent cameo.

7. Dude w/ a date plate around his neck on stage @ the concert.

8. N*ggas pullin out on Wiggums.

9. "The way I was raised, by MOM, the truth can't be swept under the rug."

10. The sign that says, "Murder for Life Benefit", no gang colors except red.


The Simpsons and Hip Hop all in one post.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Redman Earns the 2007 Life Time Achievement Award.


Classic Redman lives.

I was on my way from Trader Joes tonight and I saw the Red Gone Wild bus in front of Virgin, so I took a coupla flicks for the blog.

Reggie deserves a lifetime achievement award. For trill.

He is the only cat from his era making relevent music that reaches the masses.

Whut Thee Album
predated Ilmatic by a year.

N*gga been in the game for 15 years. Count them fif-teen.

Think about it.

Throught the ages. Dudes Albums all knock.

Sh*t I listen to Dare iz a Darkside once a week damn near.

So here's to you Redman.

For being gully.

For controlling your career.

For having skits funnier than half the shows on TV. (somebody needs to give this man a reality tv show. Yesterday).

Not becoming embittered and complaining about:
"the game"
"how you can't eat"
"how the fans have changed"

and just continuing to make music that I can listen to while I clean up, get dressed to go out or just eat some cereal and read the Times.


You all got it?

Wachu think?


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gotty & NDiamond$. This fa' Yall.


Hearing this song for the first time in hella long, leads me to conclude that King T was really on some West Coast Premier jawn.

Them scratches were nasteeeee.

My King T inspiration is brought to you by the fam over @ SS, which has been kinda fuegocito for the last few days.

Back to King T.
I remember my brother usta STAY playing the King T w/ tht orange casette w/ the stripes.


I figgerd I would show love and add on my two.


Cube w/ a curl in music video posing as a judge.



Ummmm Sunday night blog post.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Dj Triple Threat Presents: Back Packer B-List Singles.


1. Where my homies?, Ill and Al Scratch. Sing-songey rap hooks. In the ninties?!?!?! WHuuuT?
Come around my wayyyyyy/ Come around my wayyyyy.
Prototypical hood homie anthem.

2. Jeru, the water song, Come Clean. On the strength of love I have for yall. Imma post it ALONG with the original. <<****yes my arms are open for all of the e-love!***>>>> Whoops. Couldn't find the orig. And I know ya'll have the Jeru version. At least I dug up the vid. Lol.
Control the Mic/Like Fidel Castro/ Lock Cuba...

3. Van Full of Pakistans, Yall So Stupid. I found this song again almost two years ago. I allways loved it.
"Why do I do drugs/ sh*t/ I lost my record deal."
Cats was bringing it in what. '92-'93. What.

4. Ghetto's been Good to me, YZ.
I don't even remember the beat to this song.

The hook was dope though. Old cat saying,

5. They Want Efx, Das Efx. The Baseline on this jawn is nasty. In fact it got stuck in my head in Feb and I had to itunes it.
Bum skipity, bum skipity bum ha....

6. Attitude, Rumpletiskins.
If anyone has this, holla at cha' I needs to have it in my life.
"My additude is f*cked up/ and real sh*tty".
This hook reminds me of 12 cats, 6 blunts, 4 forties and 2 jeeps, just creeping through flatbush itchin' to get into something.

7. Pistol Grip Pump, Volume 10.

I have a space for four more.

And I KNOW YALL got suggestions.

Bring 'em.


Running is good.

The pain after running hurts.


When the Police Reloads, does that constitute an intent to kill?


Why was the officer who reloaded his gun only charged
with Manslaughter
and NOT murder?

I have posted the NY Penal Code Definitions below.

125.25 Murder in the second degree.
A person is guilty
of murder in the second degreewhen:
1. With intent to
cause the death of another person, he causes the
of such person or of a third person; except that in any

prosecution under this subdivision, it is an affirmative
defense that:

Manslaughter in the first degree.
A person is guilty of manslaughter in the first
degree when:1. With intent to cause serious physical
injury to anotherperson, he caus
es the death of such
person or of a third person; or
125.15 Manslaughter in the second degree.
A person is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree
1. He recklessly
causes the death of another person;

125.10 Criminally negligent homicide. A person is guilty of
criminally negligent homicide when, with
criminal negligence,
he causes the death of another person.
negligent homicide is a class E fel

Michael Oliver, 35, is the officer that fired his
pistol 31 times.
He is the one that reloaded.
Does reloading constitute an intent to kill?


However, I couldn't prove it beyond a
reasonable doubt.

Therefore, I, as the prosecutor, would go
for Man 2 as well.
I have found some interesting
deadly force links.

White people, popo and Diallo.
Ed Gordon on deadly force.

The Washington post on deadly force.


Reloading Constitutes an Intent to Kill.

DISCLAIMER::The popo photo above was included
sheerly for irony purposes.
Not for the purposes of encouraging violence against popo.
I took for photo at the Lafayette station C train stop last week.
For the record, I found the ad as pictured.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Its Me B*tches" is a mainstream Doom Beat or Smoke Good/Eat Good.


I first heard its me beeches last fall on the radio.

I was like.

Tha hell this xylophone beat.

When was the last time you heard xylophone in hip hop?

Do I hear a summer anthem?

Smoke good/eat good.

This is the perfect song to wake up to.

Think imma parlay that into the CD alarm clock.

Tom Brehain @ Status said,

How does frequent Swizz client and sample-source Jay-Z feel about Swizz constantly repeating that he's sitting in his car and listening to a song that brutally eviscerates Jay?.....
He probably doesn't like being reminded every time he hears "It's Me, Snitches." Also: why does Swizz keep trying to make "Ether" rhyme with "Beamer"? It doesn't.

It does rhyme.

Shush. Tom.

And did Swizz exhaust himself so completely coming up with his two quick little nonsense verses that he just couldn't manage to write any more? Is that why he just repeats those two verses twice? Or is it an aesthetic decision? Is it the old Ramones "third verse, same as the first" thing? If it is an aesthetic decision, why does it work so well? I haven't heard "It's Me, Snitches" in a club yet; when I do, is my face going to explode?

It certainly is fun hearing it while flying on the freeway.

The versus is simple 'cause niggas got add and cain't remember lyrics.

Keep it simple so the quasi literate kids can sing along, and you are more likely to have a hit.


Swizz doesn't quite rap on the song; instead, he plays hypeman for his own ridiculously frantic track. When two of his lines rhyme, it almost seems like an accident, and he's definitely not talking about a damn thing. And the track doesn't really leave any room for him to say anything even if he wanted to say something. The churning strings and enormous drums and weird fast-forward noises and siren-howls are so insane and overwhelming that anyone who tried to do any actual rapping would just get trapped in the mix.

Ummmmmm. Trapped in the mix.<<<<

With a track like "This is Why I'm Hot," there's always a vague impression that a real rapper could always come in and steal the song away from Mims with minimal effort;.......That idea doesn't work with "It's Me, Snitches." A remix of the song leaked out to the internet a couple of days ago, and it's even more of a dizzy mess than the original, except this time not in a good way.

I disagree.

Redman would killed this sh*t. For trill.

Redman. Jay. Doom. In fact that beat is a mainstream doom beat, w/ xylophone and staggered arrangement.


Beans on the radio talking 'bout he a killer for hire.
(Hi Eskay. Thanks for the swipe).

Em. Okay.

First I was like whats the point of saying that?

Then I caught myself, and remembered is that Beans from
Philly which is like a East Coast Oakland. Nuff said.

Beans is kinda gully though.

I have allways been more of a Freeway Fan....Even though what we do is wrong....


I also say "its me beeches" when I walk into the train/building
and the outfit is cute that day, so I guess I was predisposed to feeling this song.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't Make Friends with Writers or Good Morning Video Vixen!


One of the downsides of being my friend is that I will blog about you. Especially if something funny happens. My girl (who likes gurrrls), saw, I Think I Love my Wife recently. She cracked me the fuck up w/ her comments.

S: Yo. You seen that new Chris Rock.

Nah. I know you wanna see it. Kerry Washington is Bad. You allready told me you saw it and that you wanna see it again.

S: Dude. That movie is my life.

TT: What?!?!?!?!

S: Dude, Me and *Ayana have been together mad long, its like we are married. I be out, and video vixens role up on me and next thing I know I wake in the morn with a big booty in my bed and I ain't going to work that day.

Whaaaaat!!?!?!?! Gurl. You crazy. When the last time you woke up w/ a big booty next to you? (Hellla loling).

Naw. You know. I would have told you.

You this sh*t is mad funny. Imma blog about it. Im surries.



Up date:

That dude that ain't want me to call him a n*gga. His lil scan'less @ss came back trynna pop up.


He had the nerve to try and send me a message as if our prior exchange didn't even occur.
Yall know I am not passive agressive in my personal life. I do enough of that professionaly @ school & work. N*ggas. I was like "ain't chu DEAD me" because of my language.

Him: I like you.

Me: You don't know me. You saw a flick and an e-mail exchange.

See. Fellas. I have a real sensitive aspergers antenna.

Why would openly SIGN UP for dealing w/ someone that is slow on the uptake(passive agressive) and trying to dead me b/c of my language when I am fast in the mouth, ass, mind and spirit.

Im mean really.

Its spring agaiiiiiin.


Dude. I heard a song from Return of the Boom Bap.

I needs to get that sh*t again. Its magically delicious.

How yall doing?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who Knew That Rebecca and Alice Walker had So Much Funk?


Rarely do we ever hear about black families, namely mommas and daughters working through the kind of funk that we experience with our mommas.

As someone who has had a tulmultous realtionship with my mother (I love her BUT she crazy 'yall), I felt Rebecca when she was comfortably ambilivent about being on speaking terms w/ her momma.

She was both optimistic and unsure about what she was going to do when her son wanted to meet his grandmother.
With Bill Cosby going on all of his Black parenting rants, I realize that there is a lack of public discourse about Black families, and the day to day sh*t that brings cats together and also tears them apart.

What does Jordan's son have to say about him and their relationship?
Magic Johnson's children?
What does Cosby's daughter have to say about theirs?

Maia Cambell, now that her momma just passed?

Danny Glovers Daughter?

Peep what Rebecca has to say in this Times Review of her new book Baby Love,

But it is also unusual in that it is a pregnancy book with a message for women who are not yet pregnant, amplifying a theme Ms. Walker sounds on the undergraduate lecture circuit.

“I keep telling these women in college, ‘You need to plan having a baby like you plan your career if it’s something that you want,’ ” she said. “Because we haven’t been told that, this generation. And they’re shocked when I say that. I’m supposed to be like this feminist telling them, ‘Go achieve, go achieve.’ And I’m sitting there saying, ‘For me, having a baby has been the most transformational experience of my life.’ ”

It seems to me, from Rebecca's comment that historically, having a baby HAS not been seen AS an acheivement. And perhaps that is part of the problem itself.

Perhaps, like to our career goals, it needs to be framed as a something to work towards along with something that sorta just "happens", or someting
that we are ambivlent about.

The artiles touches on what happens when your momma is a famous writer.

Ms. Walker’s own evolution, from wounded daughter to earth mother, was perhaps particularly significant because “she was raised in a more radical zone,” Ms. Baumgardner said.

There is a tradition of feminist writing about pregnancy and motherhood, but not everyone had such a complex mother-daughter dynamic to process.

Alice Walker “gave to the world this incredible thing,” Ms. Baumgardner said. “But what you want from your parents is parenting.”

Rebecca and her momma got some of that millenial funk. My sister and my momma funk like that. I think they ain't spoke since was '01. All bad.
Ms. Walker and her mother have a complicated love, according to Rebecca. In high school, Rebecca legally changed her last name from Leventhal to Walker because, as she put it in “Black, White and Jewish,” she wanted to link herself to her mother “tangibly and forever” and to associate herself with blackness because she does not feel “an affinity with whiteness, with what Jewishness has become.” (That last sentiment, which is echoed in other parts of the memoir, led several publications to criticize it for reinforcing stereotypes.)
I am curious as to what sterotype was she reinforcing?

Here is Rebecca's Blog.

In an Essence article from '95 Rebecca discusses the "Pine Box Incident" in a warm, critical and reflective way,
When I was just 8 years old, my mother had me crawl into bed beside her before asking me to take some dictation. "When I die," she said as if she were telling me which clothes to lay out for the next day, "make sure I am buried in a simple pine box. And play lots of Stevie Wonder. My funeral should be a celebration!" Dutifully, I began to write--"P-i-n-e b-o-x, S-t-e-v-i-e W-o-n-d-e-r"--on the yellow legal pad she placed on my lap. I don't remember what I felt then as my mother asked me to prepare for a time when she would no longer be present. Now, after reliving certain childhood moments in an attempt to understand them and myself better, I imagine that I did what I always tried to do for my mama. I tried to be who and what she needed me to be at the time. Instead of asking her all the hideous questions running scared through my child-mind--Mama, are you going to die? Mama, are you leaving me? Mama, who will take care of me? Mama, what about us?--I simply memorized the funeral plan to the letter and cheerfully assured her I would take care of everything.

It reminds me of how OUR stories of pain, love and forgivness are largely missing among the American pop culture canon.

I have heard similar fears from other women whose working mothers had leave them alone for greater parts of the day or night, depending on them to "take care of things"; or who, because of some other circumstance beyond their control, usually abuse or neglect, were unable to get the kind of constant unconditional love that young children crave. Listening to their stories, it becomes clear why individuation is often so difficult for young women. We fear that if we go our own way, off into our destinies outside of our mothers' desires, we will surely perish. We will die of aloneness.

Rebecca ain't never lied on that. Between my money being funny and the ice storm, my plans this last weekend were screwed.

I spent 30 hours by myself this weekend.
That was 6pm Saturday to 10 am Monday morning.

While I did talk to people on the phone, there is something to be said for spending THAT much time by youself.

I spend Sunday reading, making evidence flash cards, teaching myself the doctrine of functionality in trademark law.

I would argue that this weekend was part of the individuation process that Rebecca mentioned above.

My Friday night date w/ TL fell apart. I thought I was gonna go to Boston for the Black Law Student conference. But I didn't register and the ice storm came. I called him on Thursday, he never confirmed w/ me so....that fell apart.

Saturday. No conference.

Sunday. March Madness was poppin and there was a Knicks game, but nobody was trying come outside and play so I kicked it w/ the books.

Watchall think about this? Ummmmm mommas and daughters.

What ever happend to Lisa Jones, Baraka's daughter?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back Packer Week Presents: The Back Packer Box Set


Say you on a island, Lost/Survivor style, and you can only bring 10 joints from that era.

Here are mine.

1. Main Ingredient.
Talk about your all purpose backpack founk.
I can chill to it.

Mash to it.
Homework to it.
Lounge to it.

2. Illmatic
I'd rather listen to this than just about anything else errrry day.
Unless Im happy.
Then. Well. Main Ingredient.
Illmatic has a way of making you feel like you are in a scene from Clockers.
Especially when I'm blue.

3. Ressurection.
Watermelon is the straight head nod.
U also can't lose w/ the seminal I Usta Love Her.

4. Bizzare Ryde to the Pharcyde
Part of me likes,Log Cabin a lil bit more (w/ She Said, Groupie "ips), but the Era bizzarre Ryde reps is more relevent to my b-girl developement.

5. Enta Da Stage.
Franklin Avenue Posse what.
Buck shot still could get it w/ his lil sexy @ss.
Evil D beats. This fool, if anyone needs to be putting out mixtapes.

6. De La Soul Is Dead
PP and De La Invented THE skit on this Jawn. They went all out on this jawn.
With discussions ranging from a Pistol Packing Santa, to MC Hammer and revealing their anti Arsenio resentments makes this a BP staple.

7. Reel to Reel.
"There's just one thing I wanna say."
"Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy".
Um. Back Packer Anthem Batches!

8. Midnight Marauders
I learned about Broadway Joe, of Mice and Men all from one CD.
And the BEATS STILL KNOCK, what 12 years later.
This sh*t wins just off the cover design alone.

"Bust off on ya crew/ like Mario Lemuex/"

I know yall gonna have problems.

I have spaces left for two.

Can't decide between,
Death Certificate. Listening to cube was like hearing Farrakhan nephew give you a lecture on Malcom. Hoodrific Ignorance.

Do You Want More. Come on. I couln't play The Roots like that.

Beastie Boys. Pauls Boutique. I think that is one of the first tapes my brother ever let me "hold". I almost put it on the list for that reason alone.
Step Into the Arena. Too many gangstars to choose.

Breaking Atoms. Extra P still foune. From the first hint of the bass to Front Door, to the crazy Politcal Friendly Game of Baseball. Plus his delivery is nasssteee.

Biz Mark is Going OffUm. Them samples is Nasty and it KNOCK and soon as you press play. Biz was allways that chubby cat that got over on his charm.
You know it!

Blowout Comb. This Bedstuy and general jazzy BK love on this jawn is bananas. And it has crazy replay value to this day.

Something by Gangstarr. Daily Operation anyone? I know. Im slipping. I just didn't know which one to choose.


I know I have left something off.
I know ya'll got some smart @ss comments to make.



Thursday, March 15, 2007

What in the Hell is Going on W/ NYPD Getting Shot?


2 Days.

3 Incidents.



The Village.

Is Violent Crime on the Rise in NYC?

Two unarmed auxiliary police officers were fatally shot last night during a chase with a gunman on a busy stretch of bars and restaurants in the heart of Greenwich Village, the authorities said.
The gunman was shot and killed about 9:30 p.m. by regular police officers who quickly responded to the scene, the authorities said.

The attack began after the gunman entered a pizzeria on Macdougal and West Houston Streets and shot a bartender who worked there, the authorities said. The two auxiliary officers — volunteers who dress in uniforms virtually indistinguishable from regular police officers — followed the gunman toward Sullivan Street, where he suddenly turned and shot them, the authorities said.

The identities of the two slain officers and the gunman were unavailable early this morning. The bartender, whose name was also unavailable, was killed as well, the authorities said.

It was the second time in two nights that city officers were attacked in the line of duty. On Tuesday night, one police officer was shot in a Harlem restaurant only 90 minutes before another was stabbed in the head at a Brooklyn subway station. Both survived.

Between, Iran, Subprime Mortgages collapsing and the Chinese Yen doing back flips, maybe a batch MIGHT be able to get a condo.

The Sean Bell indictment, or lack there of is gonna come down any day now.
I think the city is gonna burn.

TL says that the right ingredients are not present to have riots.

High unemployment, large groups of immigrants who would rather riot than work.

While there are some hood cats that would love to bust into Dr. Jays on 25th to get tha new BAPE's, TL thinks that the critical mass of '89-'92 is not present.

We soon shall see.


Humans are animals.

Animals are violent.

Humans are violent.


Where errry body at? 'Yall all in Panama city partying?


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

According to TL, Obama, has a chance. Gore Obama '08.


Im a Obama cynic. I think its too early. I think he needs more experience.

Here's a secret.

I don't underestimate the history of violence within the context of politics.

Meaning that. I am concerned with him getting shot.

The libertarian, aka The Leo, pointed out, shrewdly, what IF he got shot and survived?

N*ggas AH BE OPEN!
I guess he would "REALLY" be black then.

Felons who lost their right to vote would be petitioning the states to get their voting rights back.

That certainly would be deep.

I also know that I change needs to occur in this country.
The libertarian, aka The Leo (TL), has laid down why Obama has a chance:

  1. He is a good man, a married man, and a family man.
  2. He will court and attempt to get between 10-15% evangelical vote. He is a born again Christian.
  3. He is Anti-War. Has been from day one.
  4. He has a short history, which leaves a small pool of negative fodder for the opponents.
  5. He doesn't need the south. He can go after the Pacific North West, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arizona. Then there is Iowa and Pennsylvania and the rest of the rust belt.

I think that Gore Obama '08 is a great look.

You have your Black Man. Your White man.

Your new blood and your seasoned vet.

Your global warming addressed.

Your Obama in the white house getting groomed for '16.

We soon shall see.


Obama, Gore '08


E-Dating for Dummies.


Liberterians Love Me.

I think.

At least they like to argue w/ me.

Two of the coolest white male classmates I have, are liberterians. Who knew?

Then I messed around and bagged a Black liberterian, (aka The Lion, TL), via E-dating.
Who knew they f*cking existed. And I just found out that this n*gga is a member of the NRA AND reads DonDiva. Ummmm. Delicious.

It has been a 'lil quiet around here MM.
I have been buzzing around school more (actually studying IN the library) and planting some seeds for the spring/summer romance action.


Speaking of E-dating, there was a Times article on people who HIRE CONSULTANTS to help them construct attractive profiles.

I ain't 'gon lie.

Your profile matters.

Just the right combination of flesh, and accurate adjectives can have played an important role attracting the kind of cats I am interested in.

Ms. Kost, 49, said Mr. Katz was of much help. “It was wonderful for my ego, and I felt I had a pick of the cream of the crop. I ended up having so much interesting stuff in my profile that I had a lot to talk about and write about in e-mails.”

Ms. Kost said she did not meet many men in person, because Mr. Katz had advised her to go through a long screening process with e-mail and phone conversations before an actual date. After three months, Ms. Kost met Stephen Micallef, who, like her, is an engineer. She immediately liked how he spoke of his daughters. “I liked his values,” Ms. Kost said. “He seemed emotionally mature and very open.”

Mr. Micallef, 47, liked the professional photographs of Ms. Kost. And he liked the way her profile captured her essence with details, like how she raced a storm on a sailboat and collected strawberries to make jam. “This was well written. There was thought in it,” he said. “I found her profile to be authentic, sincere and honest, and it was proven out.”

They have dated for eight months and plan to marry.

Mr. Katz said his company has helped thousands of people since it began five years ago. It offers several packages, starting at $49 for a 20-minute consultation and a line-by-line critique of a profile. For $129 to $199, people fill out a questionnaire and spend a half-hour on the phone with a freelance writer, who writes two essays for them. For $1,500, the company interviews clients, writes their profiles, takes professional photographs and coaches them via phone and e-mail about online dating. For $1,000 a month, he coaches them about dating and relationships in general.

Sh*****t maybe M.Dot can get somma that online consultant makeover cash.

I ain't mad.

Get it how you live it.



I just got aim.


Its addictive.

Say hi.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Back Packer Week Interrupted. Newt Gingrich is Lying, Cheating Adulterer. Nice!


Mr. Contract w/America. Mr. Get N*ggas off Welfare. Mr. Welfare to slave, ahem work fare




@ss the whole time he was investigating Bill and Monica L.

WASHINGTON - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich acknowledged he was having an extramarital affair even as he led the charge against

President Clinton

Gingrich argued in the interview, however, that he should not be viewed as a hypocrite for pursuing Clinton's infidelity.

"The president of the United States got in trouble for committing a felony in front of a sitting federal judge," the former Georgia congressman said of Clinton's 1998 House impeachment on perjury and obstruction of justice charges. "I drew a line in my mind that said, 'Even though I run the risk of being deeply embarrassed, and even though at a purely personal level I am not rendering judgment on another human being, as a leader of the government trying to uphold the rule of law, I have no choice except to move forward and say that you cannot accept ... perjury in your highest officials."

Who about moral accountability dude?
He basically saying. So What I got some p*ssy. Jesus gone forgive me. Im human. Plus, at LEAST I AIN"T LIE LIKE BILL CLINTON.


I love human beings and their mischeviousness.


Um. Friday Political Quickie.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Backpacker Week Presents Volume III: Grand Puba


Puba. One word.

Those throaty rhymes where you could hear the juice in the corner of his lips.
Many images conjured.

The unmistakable low eyes.



O-kay o-kay o-kay, what more could I say?
Alamo get the boom and.. parlay parlay
Im far from the average, civilize the savage
When Im low on protein Im with the bean soup and cabbage

Skins on the diet, kick the flavor, cause a riot
Do a show
and get the dough and then Im off to the hyatt
So tie me on the spliff, aint no ands or if
And if you really wanna riff you just might end up playin stiff

Girbauds hangin baggy, hilfiger on the top Knapsack on the back,
thats just my flavor hobbes
As my man gives a zigga zigga,
watchin three grow bigga bigga
To pos k, thats my nigga
Here goes the wreck, whaddayou expect?
If you wanna see some wreck, send cash, not a check
Grand puba, more than a public figure

Quick to kick the bone up the butt of a golddigger
Now tic-tac-toe means I hit three in a row
If I do a show then you better have my dough
Low, low, well how low can you go?
Call on grand puba if you really need a pro
Cause my shits more rugged than g.i. joe
Dont front honey, act like you know

Now big up to my brooklyn mob (brooklyn! brooklyn!)
Big up to my uptown mob (uptown! uptown!)

Who better represents Bkpcker than Puba?

Sh*t. He MIGHT even be the inargural Backpacker.

Puba was one of the only golden era cats, besides Bussie, to give us one of the flyest 'GON SOLO Albums ever.

There was a minute last year, while warming up before running on the treadmill, I would listen to Reel to Reel.

Talk about EXTENSIVE replay value.

At the end of the day.

It comes down to what you want from the music.

Can WE live.

Can we have a little of everything?

Party and Bullsh*t.

A lil fun sittin up trippin on some 22's and video vixens gettin some D's.

Some garden variety misogyny and sexy gun play.

And some stories about the 360 degrees of life.

For trill.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Backpacker Manifesto/a.


I will admit it: I was and still am a colossal dork. But I was and still am happy being that dork. And no matter what it is that we all, respectively, are, we're inclined fairly strongly to hang onto those identities if they make us comfortable. Perhaps we might gain some perspective as we grow older; I can't watch Voltron beyond the opening theme because it's too slow and simple. But while recognizing the limitations of our old routines and habits, we can still appreciate how much joy we derived from them.
Loving 89-92 hip hop publicly, is seen as being a backpacker, an old fart, in authentic, behind the times, old, wack and old.

I listen to Main Ingredient about once a week.

I started playing Supreme Clientele last week, every day, an
d truly began appreciating how inspirational it was. I FORGOT how dope that album was. Ghost has the ability to make you feel like he is in the room with you.

Bahamdia or Missy?

Nia or Halle?

Hip hop is interesting in that its ascension corresponded to the advent of the music video, the internet and the usage of a Black Angry Urban music as a marketing tool for Fritolay-Pepsi co and their ilk.
Some people would call me a backpacker.

Am I offended? Nah.

It is a statment that is intended to declare my musical taste as irrelevent, old, stupid, not hip, out of touch.

Besides, I know that everyone has their core music.

Your core is your ipod play lists that get rocked every morning when you are in the shower.

Or On Friday nights while you get ready for a date. THAT. Kind of music.

If Das Ef X, Gangstarr or Doom is on your list.

You, are probably a bpk'r.


If Boot Camp Click, Souls or De La dominates your list then,

You are probably a bpk'r.

But you know what? There is beauty in it.

I KNOW how Coltrane was clowned. How Miles was clowned. How the hard bop cats were clowned. All for getting experimental with Jazz and pushing the boundaries.
I guess it comes down to,

being eccentric
and special


Being liked and "normal".

Does this means that I can't appreciate Rich Boy, Jim Jones (innocent) or The Pack.

Hell to tha naw.

It just means that they are not in my core.

Please believe.

I bumps 'em. That "tho some D's remix w/ Dre" is some mighty fine rap music.

Jim Joneses ad libs be as dope as his rhymes.

The Pack's minimalistic beats and East Oakland girl hooks, make for nice kickin' it music.

Below Joey waxes nostalgic on being a young buck and all that it entailed for him.
Back then, I watched SportsCenter (when it was still emerging as a cultural force and long before it became unwatchable) multiple times per day, caught "Pop That Coochie" on The Box in the morning with my dad seemingly all the time, offered daily NBA recaps to start off what would have been homeroom had my school been a traditional place, started at the point on the basketball team, had a girlfriend, stayed up as late as I wanted, ate whatever I wanted, did well in school, didn't catch any grief for my quirks, and internalized the shit out of just about everything pop culture.
I have some amazing friends whose musical tastes overlap with mine and often run the gamut from,

Softster, "You heard that knew Akon?"


Minnesota, "The reason why N*ggas love Pac is because he is SO real. I don't respect Jay. Thi*s nigga don't even WRITE for Christ Sakes".

to, "I hate tha Freedom Party. If I hear engine, engine number nine one more time Im gonna scream", "Just give me my boom bap".


Wil.e. "Ghost is dumb ignorant. I can't belive you like him as much as I do".


Gotty "Yo, We Got it for Cheap 3 IS NOT out yet. Stop textin' me!"

Ironically, this week, I just started listening to hot 97 again. I have to know what the young bucks are peepin'.

Ironically, on blogs, I read about people talking about new songs, before they even make it to the radio, so in that way, radio is obsolete to me.

However, hearing "This is Why I'm Hot" ten times between showering, checking my mail drinking coffee and getting out the house in the morning certainly cements the hook in my head for the rest of the day. Ummm. The power of repitition.

Joey gets to the heart of our repetitious playing of '89-'92.
But the point is that hip-hop regularly provides us with an audible demonstration of the nostalgia-driven search that just about all people undertake as they seek comfort. And really, is grasping at that one old single that you put out ten years ago all that different from summoning a smile by throwing on the theme song from Fat Albert?
Joey says that hip hop accomplishes it.
I would argue that ART and MUSIC in general does it.

Why else would people love Michael the way they do


The Beatles


The Dead


Biggie, Jay, Nas & Pac?

At the end of the day.
Backpacker is a term of enderment, a term of love if you will.

I claims mine.


Hi Blog Fam.


Hope you like this post.

Or for that matter hate it.

Lets tawk.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Obama, Cosby & All Star Weekend


Obama and Cosby don't have anything to do w/ Allstar weekend, at least on its face. Give me a couple of days I will come up with a link. lol!

Dope article in the TIMES OF ALL PLACES on racism and how the Allstar weekend is being portrayed in the media.

Stain of Racism Feeds N.B.A.'s Renegade Image
My wife and two sons were with me at the recent N.B.A. All-Star weekend in Las Vegas. The crowds made us feel more claustrophobic than threatened, but maybe that was because we weren't roaming the nightspots any more than we would have in Los Angeles or New York.

Look for trouble in any densely populated city, and especially where people consume alcohol, and chances are you'll find it, with or without America's usual sports suspects -- the N.B.A. and its alleged army of hip-hop followers -- to blame it on. Rather than stay out into the wee hours, we went to a legends brunch to hear Magic Johnson and John Havlicek speak, to catch glimpses of Kareem and Dr. J.

Contrary to what you might have heard, All-Star weekend was not confined to a strip club or even the Strip.

You can argue that Las Vegas was not the ideal site for an event that traditionally attracts thrill seekers hoping to attach themselves to celebrities and their posses. But the casting of the weekend as a lawless referendum on the N.B.A. product has become exaggerated to the point of being imbecilic and has left Commissioner David Stern in a delicate position, between a Pacman and a hard place.

In an e-mail message, Stern said he was inclined to let the Vegas storm pass, move on as the regular season hits the homestretch. He also said he was ''not necessarily a majority among N.B.A. management,'' meaning the strategy is ''subject to change.''

He may yet ask why nobody blamed Nascar for the death of a motorist who was shot in a road-rage encounter during a traffic jam after leaving the Daytona 500.

He may have to point out again that no N.B.A. player was involved in any Las Vegas transgression, compared with a number of N.F.L. players who over the years have turned Super Bowl week into episodes of ''Miami Vice.''

He may crunch crime statistics relative to other sports events and large gatherings like New Year's Eve that, he said, would prove that All-Star weekend was no behavioral aberration.

Opening an offensive may also be subject to critical interpretation, Stern acknowledged, writing: ''It sounds so damn defensive to throw other numbers out there to defend what has to be acknowledged as bad behavior, although of the 400-plus arrests in Vegas, almost 200 were for prostitution -- there I go again.''

Without question, there were people in Las Vegas you wouldn't have hired as the baby sitter or wanted to run into at the wrong time and place. But check the newspaper clippings and broadcasts from the actual weekend: Nobody raised the terror alert to red, at least not until waking up Monday and hearing about an ugly incident that involved the Tennessee Titans' Pacman Jones hours after All-Star weekend formally concluded.

Hindsight is 20-20, but a troubled football player accused of inciting a triple shooting -- how, exactly, is this a reflection of Stern's league?

A few hundred arrests over several days, roughly half for prostitution in a city that is the home office for Hookers R Us -- how does this qualify as an indictment of a certain (read: African-American) element now said to have been running rampant everywhere but between Dick Bavetta and Charles Barkley during their charity race?

Isn't it possible that a fair percentage of those arrested included some from among the tens of thousands in town for conventions unrelated to the N.B.A. or to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Or are only black people vulnerable to the seductions of Las Vegas?

''The subject is just so delicious that everyone from Imus to Letterman thinks it's just hilarious to dump on the 'hip-hoppers,' '' Stern wrote. ''Of course, race plays a part in the perceptions. Do you doubt that there were more African-Americans in Las Vegas last week than at any time in its history, and some people felt threatened by that simply as a matter of culture?''

It must be noted that Jason Whitlock, an African-American columnist for The Kansas City Star and America Online, initiated the criticism of All-Star weekend. But his perceptions represent only one of the hundreds of journalists in Las Vegas and ultimately have become less the issue for Stern than the latest round of mostly uninformed N.B.A. bashing it triggered on Talk Show America.

We know Stern's league has issues. But, once again, pro football players and their entourages have been on a criminal rampage for years while a majority of the news media ignored the sobering reality on the way to another Super Bowl buffet.

Maybe it was the relative anonymity of the average player in a team-first league, compared with the N.B.A.'s individual marketing strategy, that has wrought a more flamboyant and inflammatory product. And maybe, as the Dallas Mavericks' owner, Mark Cuban, argued via e-mail: ''Football pays the bills for the sports media in every N.F.L. city and some non-N.F.L. cities. It's that simple.''

Americans respect selling power, benevolent or not, and no athlete wielded more in the 1990s than Sheriff Michael Jordan. But not long after the Bulls' dynasty crumbled, the N.B.A. was being characterized as too young, too edgy, too scary -- code for too black -- as it was said to be in the late 1970s, pre-Magic and Bird.

Now it's also the hip-hop capital of America, Thugs R Us. As if what was possibly the worst N.B.A. disturbance ever, the Pistons-Pacers brawl in November 2004, wasn't at least half the responsibility of a largely white crowd at the suburban Palace of Auburn Hills.

Talk about drunk, about lawless. And in that case, we do have the video to prove it.
  • So the verdict is that negros are ignorant and don't know how to act BUT, violence in the NFL is not worth mentioning, nor does it constitute news.
  • Witlocks article gave me the impression that he does not Like Black People, and the Vegas activities gave the the green light to tell the world about it.
  • I never thought of how many people EAT off football, and consequently have an incentive to keep mum about football related violence.
  • Too young, too edgy, too scary, code for being black. That is a dope t-shirt idea.
Somebody send me his address so I can send him a thank you card.


I love what Koch means to hip hop.

It forces cats to crunch the numbers.

As record sales keep sliding, the rise of Koch coincides with the lowering of rappers’ expectations. Five years ago, no self-respecting rapper — certainly no self-respecting New York rapper — would ever have bragged about selling 400,000 records. But if you’re not going to sell a million CDs with a major label, you may well be better off at Koch, accepting a lower recording and promotional budget in exchange for a higher royalty rate. That’s why rappers are so ambivalent about Koch: signing there means giving up the dream of pop stardom, or, at any rate, deferring it.

Sports serves as a wonderful platform for racialicious ponderings. God Bless America.


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