Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back Packer Week Presents: The Back Packer Box Set


Say you on a island, Lost/Survivor style, and you can only bring 10 joints from that era.

Here are mine.

1. Main Ingredient.
Talk about your all purpose backpack founk.
I can chill to it.

Mash to it.
Homework to it.
Lounge to it.

2. Illmatic
I'd rather listen to this than just about anything else errrry day.
Unless Im happy.
Then. Well. Main Ingredient.
Illmatic has a way of making you feel like you are in a scene from Clockers.
Especially when I'm blue.

3. Ressurection.
Watermelon is the straight head nod.
U also can't lose w/ the seminal I Usta Love Her.

4. Bizzare Ryde to the Pharcyde
Part of me likes,Log Cabin a lil bit more (w/ She Said, Groupie "ips), but the Era bizzarre Ryde reps is more relevent to my b-girl developement.

5. Enta Da Stage.
Franklin Avenue Posse what.
Buck shot still could get it w/ his lil sexy @ss.
Evil D beats. This fool, if anyone needs to be putting out mixtapes.

6. De La Soul Is Dead
PP and De La Invented THE skit on this Jawn. They went all out on this jawn.
With discussions ranging from a Pistol Packing Santa, to MC Hammer and revealing their anti Arsenio resentments makes this a BP staple.

7. Reel to Reel.
"There's just one thing I wanna say."
"Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy".
Um. Back Packer Anthem Batches!

8. Midnight Marauders
I learned about Broadway Joe, of Mice and Men all from one CD.
And the BEATS STILL KNOCK, what 12 years later.
This sh*t wins just off the cover design alone.

"Bust off on ya crew/ like Mario Lemuex/"

I know yall gonna have problems.

I have spaces left for two.

Can't decide between,
Death Certificate. Listening to cube was like hearing Farrakhan nephew give you a lecture on Malcom. Hoodrific Ignorance.

Do You Want More. Come on. I couln't play The Roots like that.

Beastie Boys. Pauls Boutique. I think that is one of the first tapes my brother ever let me "hold". I almost put it on the list for that reason alone.
Step Into the Arena. Too many gangstars to choose.

Breaking Atoms. Extra P still foune. From the first hint of the bass to Front Door, to the crazy Politcal Friendly Game of Baseball. Plus his delivery is nasssteee.

Biz Mark is Going OffUm. Them samples is Nasty and it KNOCK and soon as you press play. Biz was allways that chubby cat that got over on his charm.
You know it!

Blowout Comb. This Bedstuy and general jazzy BK love on this jawn is bananas. And it has crazy replay value to this day.

Something by Gangstarr. Daily Operation anyone? I know. Im slipping. I just didn't know which one to choose.


I know I have left something off.
I know ya'll got some smart @ss comments to make.




neo said...

Gotta have some Naughty for me, Lords of the Underground, Doggystyle (snoop's first joint), Warren G (G-funk era), and Geto boys, def some brand nubian in there..

Dj Triple Threat said...


Oh. Shiht Doggy Style.

Maybe. I thought of that after the fact when I was going to sleep last night.

Brand Nubs.


I thought I put them down.

I like Puba more than brand nubs.
Sue me.

Commish CH said...

Showbiz & AG (Runaway Slave) is a must.

I might throw some Ultramagnetic (Funk Your Head Up) or some UMCs (Done By The Forces...)in there.

Dj Triple Threat said...

Got Dammit.

Show and A.


That B*tch is like 5 hunned dollas on Amazon.

Im hatin.

The Minority Reporter said...

got darnish...I wrote this whole friggin long ass comment earlier...then the blogger man wants to erase it cause i wasn't signed in...then i ain't get the word verification right...then i had to go to work...all that to say I was thinkin bout Doggystyle too! I call myself a feminist and can recite all of "Ain't no fun"...well i can do the same to get low...but that ain't the point.

dj triple threat...where da female mcs????

where da south??? Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and OOHHH 400 degreez...i damn near lost my mind in the club the other night when they played "Welcome 2 Tha Nolia"

The Minority Reporter said...

Ah-ha! Da blogger man tried to get me again but i was all "Not this time...b-ioch...copy and paste!"

Dj Triple Threat said...

"Not this time...b-ioch...copy and paste!"

You carrrrrzaaaay.


Reconciling our Snoop w/ our feminism.
The same way I reconcile being black in america.

Sh*t is mad contridictry and complicated.

I do need to have Atliens on there too hunh.
Not Southernplaya....I ain't feel it THAT much.

The Minority Reporter said...

"Sh*t is mad contridictry and complicated"

so we back to reading Mad at Miles once again, eh? lol

"I do need to have Atliens on there too hunh.
Not Southernplaya....I ain't feel it THAT much."

Yeah, but if i really Really had to choose just one, it'll be Aquemini...Return Of The G, Liberation and SpottieOttieDopaliscious are all on my 25 most played on the i peezy...but that's just me

LightDigga said...

i absolutely feel you on knowing ALL the words to 'ain't no fun'. its a problem. :-)

Dj Triple Threat said...

Hi jonze.

Dj Triple Threat said...


or atliens.


The Minority Reporter said...

damn, I'm coming to your page to link u and you pull some ish like this...

idlewild nicka!

naw really...Aquemini

"Return of the G" should play everytime I enter a room...and Liberation...PHUCK! That and Pac's "Hold Ya Head" got me through the last two weeks of school...the lessons that is (MF Clinton '96 welfare reform...oh and Guiliani WEP program in bad, it bees like that)

Maybe it cause over the years thats one of the few Lps that I can just lean back and feel as refreshed as I did the first time i heard that joint. Aquemini is on point from 1 to 16...I just got a couple I could hit the repeat button on...more than once...

Damn, damn, damn James!

Perfect Storm said...

To counter Doggystyle, and just on some GP, gotta have "All Hail the Queen" by Latifah. She never did it betta...

Ladies First...
Wrath of My Madness..
Princess of the Posse...

"Basslines affect me when my rhymes direct me / forgive the crowds, O Lord, they know not why they sweat me..."

Dj Triple Threat said...

MF Clinton '96 welfare reform...oh and Guiliani WEP program in bad, it bees like that)

Girl....thats why I was juiced on that newt ging scandlessness!

Aquemini....ummmm delicious....true... gimme my laink....

Dj Triple Threat said...

All Hail The Queen......
I feels you.....

I never had it....lemme get it from amazon....

The Minority Reporter said...

dang...this blog was "on and poppin'" last nite

Dj Triple Threat said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Gurrrl You carrrayyyzay.

Im thinking out Doing a,

"it ain't no fun",
Black women and Hip Hop post.

Talk about lettin' it do what it do.

neo said...

Yo we considering just early 90's to late 90's or what?

Dj Triple Threat said...

Boom Bap Dude. '89-92/93.

neo said...

Then how the heck y'all gon' have ATLiens up in heyuh? Y'all got y'all albums chronologically messed up...I'm tellin!!!

Dj Triple Threat said...


I shoulda had Aquemini.


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