Tuesday, March 13, 2007

E-Dating for Dummies.


Liberterians Love Me.

I think.

At least they like to argue w/ me.

Two of the coolest white male classmates I have, are liberterians. Who knew?

Then I messed around and bagged a Black liberterian, (aka The Lion, TL), via E-dating.
Who knew they f*cking existed. And I just found out that this n*gga is a member of the NRA AND reads DonDiva. Ummmm. Delicious.

It has been a 'lil quiet around here MM.
I have been buzzing around school more (actually studying IN the library) and planting some seeds for the spring/summer romance action.


Speaking of E-dating, there was a Times article on people who HIRE CONSULTANTS to help them construct attractive profiles.

I ain't 'gon lie.

Your profile matters.

Just the right combination of flesh, and accurate adjectives can have played an important role attracting the kind of cats I am interested in.

Ms. Kost, 49, said Mr. Katz was of much help. “It was wonderful for my ego, and I felt I had a pick of the cream of the crop. I ended up having so much interesting stuff in my profile that I had a lot to talk about and write about in e-mails.”

Ms. Kost said she did not meet many men in person, because Mr. Katz had advised her to go through a long screening process with e-mail and phone conversations before an actual date. After three months, Ms. Kost met Stephen Micallef, who, like her, is an engineer. She immediately liked how he spoke of his daughters. “I liked his values,” Ms. Kost said. “He seemed emotionally mature and very open.”

Mr. Micallef, 47, liked the professional photographs of Ms. Kost. And he liked the way her profile captured her essence with details, like how she raced a storm on a sailboat and collected strawberries to make jam. “This was well written. There was thought in it,” he said. “I found her profile to be authentic, sincere and honest, and it was proven out.”

They have dated for eight months and plan to marry.

Mr. Katz said his company has helped thousands of people since it began five years ago. It offers several packages, starting at $49 for a 20-minute consultation and a line-by-line critique of a profile. For $129 to $199, people fill out a questionnaire and spend a half-hour on the phone with a freelance writer, who writes two essays for them. For $1,500, the company interviews clients, writes their profiles, takes professional photographs and coaches them via phone and e-mail about online dating. For $1,000 a month, he coaches them about dating and relationships in general.

Sh*****t maybe M.Dot can get somma that online consultant makeover cash.

I ain't mad.

Get it how you live it.



I just got aim.


Its addictive.

Say hi.



neo said...


It does transpire like that...though I dunno there's just something creepy about meeting chicks off myspace..so I stick with networking for music purposes only.

M.Dot. said...

I ain't baggin jawns on myspace.

I just used that flick I took.


You grimey negro.

neo said...

I seent that jawn before doe..so no worries matey.

M.Dot. said...

You a lil spicey today I see.

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