Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't Make Friends with Writers or Good Morning Video Vixen!


One of the downsides of being my friend is that I will blog about you. Especially if something funny happens. My girl (who likes gurrrls), saw, I Think I Love my Wife recently. She cracked me the fuck up w/ her comments.

S: Yo. You seen that new Chris Rock.

Nah. I know you wanna see it. Kerry Washington is Bad. You allready told me you saw it and that you wanna see it again.

S: Dude. That movie is my life.

TT: What?!?!?!?!

S: Dude, Me and *Ayana have been together mad long, its like we are married. I be out, and video vixens role up on me and next thing I know I wake in the morn with a big booty in my bed and I ain't going to work that day.

Whaaaaat!!?!?!?! Gurl. You crazy. When the last time you woke up w/ a big booty next to you? (Hellla loling).

Naw. You know. I would have told you.

You this sh*t is mad funny. Imma blog about it. Im surries.



Up date:

That dude that ain't want me to call him a n*gga. His lil scan'less @ss came back trynna pop up.


He had the nerve to try and send me a message as if our prior exchange didn't even occur.
Yall know I am not passive agressive in my personal life. I do enough of that professionaly @ school & work. N*ggas. I was like "ain't chu DEAD me" because of my language.

Him: I like you.

Me: You don't know me. You saw a flick and an e-mail exchange.

See. Fellas. I have a real sensitive aspergers antenna.

Why would openly SIGN UP for dealing w/ someone that is slow on the uptake(passive agressive) and trying to dead me b/c of my language when I am fast in the mouth, ass, mind and spirit.

Im mean really.

Its spring agaiiiiiin.


Dude. I heard a song from Return of the Boom Bap.

I needs to get that sh*t again. Its magically delicious.

How yall doing?



Gotty™ said...

LOL @ dude poppin back up.

You're relentlessly unforgiving...

M.Dot. said...


How am I relentless?

Did you read the first post where he deaded me?

F*ck him.

Don't come at me like we are NOT both human and you don't owe both me and YO the respect for clearing the air.

Autisitic @ss n*ggas.

If you want premium grade you gotta come correct.

Sh*t....I grinds like shines.

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