Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gotty & NDiamond$. This fa' Yall.


Hearing this song for the first time in hella long, leads me to conclude that King T was really on some West Coast Premier jawn.

Them scratches were nasteeeee.

My King T inspiration is brought to you by the fam over @ SS, which has been kinda fuegocito for the last few days.

Back to King T.
I remember my brother usta STAY playing the King T w/ tht orange casette w/ the stripes.


I figgerd I would show love and add on my two.


Cube w/ a curl in music video posing as a judge.



Ummmm Sunday night blog post.



Anonymous said...

King Tee's albums were always bangin'. Some in your face raps that made you crack up and were perfect to ride 2. I remember bumpin some King Tee while doing all kind of teen age shit..Drinkin' 40's while rollin', smoking bones, sexin' my mexican freak at the shit for sure...

M.Dot. said...

sexin' my mexican freak at the time

Somehow I knew the mash was gone get in there.

Good looking out man.

This sh*t knocks.

@slushygutter said...

King Tee was fun in the days. Act A Fool, that song could make you feel like you were out with Tee on that night. Plus, he introduced us the Tha Liks.

M.Dot. said...

Tha liks baby. Its tha liks.

jpollard said...

OHHHHHHHHHH Snap!! Son you took it back with this joint. Isn't this actually the remix?? I remember first hearing this beat over the Rap City intro first-then hearing this song. King Tee was the shit until Dre pretty much derailed his career.

P.s. - I was listening to Pharcyde's 4 better or 4 worse on the iPod and wondering if they ever did a video and sure enough I come to this blog and here's the video. Great minds think a like-to0 bad the video is garbage. Ah Well.

M.Dot. said...

Jasa. Jase.


How you been ock?

Dre derailed his career. What?
Based on what?

4 better or for worse was creepy mc creepy. But it worked. Lol.

The first King T jawn is a diff version.

Too much casio boom bap.

But this version KNOCKS!

Zentronix said...

WHAAT?!!! King Tee is one of my all-time favorites. Tha Triflin Album is one of the best records ever. And I still listen to "Ruff Rhymes" at least 8 times a day. Got to interview him for Rap Pages before that Dre record Kingdom Come that never came out. (It was pretty damn good too.) They squashed the story cuz a that.

M.Dot. said...

And I still listen to "Ruff Rhymes" at least 8 times a day.
Your nuts dude.

I hate it when the "story gets squashed".
Long live tha blogs!

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