Monday, November 27, 2006

The Fourth Quarter is Poppin' Right Now.


Life has me in a mental head lock right now. I threw BL a suprise B-day dinner.

Shout out to All My Sag's.

Jonezy, when is your B-day party?!?!?!?!??!

Im wrestling w/ finals.
I made candied yams for the first time.

OJ acting up. Kramer Actin up.

I am thinking of getting a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality/Therapy, cuz t-giving brought out the family drama and the sex drama for n*ggas.

Peep the lainks. This cat from BLACK PLANET has linked to me.

Deep Hunh.
Jay Z performed at BAM on Saturday.

I miss yall. Where yall been? Wachu think of the new Clipse.

I listen to it EVERY DAY.

I got some posts in my brain, that Im trying to maintain, till I get some free moments to holler.

I ain't fagot my peeps.

I will see yall w/ some fly social commentary by the end of the week.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now I Know Why The Brooklyn Dodgers Broke So Many Hearts.


You all know that I have a relationship with Oakland.

I read last week that the A's were moving to Fremont.

That. Wasn't THAT bad.

You see the A's for me is like McDonalds to other people. For example many people eat at McDonalds because they have an emotional connection to it. It reminds them of fun times they had w/ their mommas or daddies when they were younger.

Thats what the A's represents to me. Fun times. Youthfulness. A Wide Blue Oakland Sky.

Not only are they moving, but they may but they may be changing their name.

Nothing is sacred.

***Inner voice comes on in my head***
Inner voice: Mdot.!!
What? Don't you see I am typing in my blog.

Yes I see you are, but you know this about economics and not about sentimental value. You know better than to mix emotions with real estate transations girl!?!?!?!! I know, I know. But I frequently talk about the Town on my blog and I just wanted to let people know what was going down.
You know that the A's were not going to stay in Oakland. Besides. The Giants play in Jersey and the Jets play in Queens and they are both NY teams.

But the A's represent something for people to rally around and feel united about. NY has hella different teams and sports for people to rally around. There you go being sentimental again. It is an economic issue.
I know its economic. You are a VOICE IN MY HEAD. I clearly created you.
Smart @ss!
I know you are just trying to get me to see the big picture, I feels you. Its just deep that they can move and change they name and become a whole new team in front of our eyes.

I never really knew why people tripped so hard off the Dodgers leaving BK.

Now I understand.
As a lil kid going to school in East Oakland, we were rewarded with a trip to the see the A's for earning good grades on our report cards.

It not just the A's thats flipping the script.

Many of our cultural institutions are changing.

  1. CBGB's is closed largely because all real estate is a potential condo in Millionaire City.(Manhattan)
  2. Tower Records Closed. Tower was not apart of a larger conglomerate. Only corporations that are subsidiaries are larger companies are equipped to survive in 21st century New Media economy. Tower was important to Indie cats b/c they would stock JUST about anything and would stay open latee. In fact, Tower is largely responsible for my B-Girl-dom as I would visit the store on Durant in Berkely on the late night after having some LaVals pizza (which is closed too). Just perusing the HH section. Reading the latest Rap Sheet or Source. Just chilling.
  3. Robert Christgau got fired from the Village Voice. How are you gonna take one the freshest white dudes that teaches me sh*t out hip hop out the game.

It is up to us to invest in our insitutions. No one else will do it for us. And if we don't. We cannot blame anyone else but ourselves for their demise.


Borat: The Good, The Bad, The Cultural Learnings.


I saw Borat last night.

The over the top humor was different.

The fact that he opened it up with jokes about his sister being the town ho' made me think," I'm progressive, but I may end up walking outta this one."


We Fligh High by Jim Jones sounds is like a Harlem Zombie song. It is so hypnotic. I hear it in my head when I doing the most average sh*t
I became obsessed w/ finding out the name of the song sampled at the begining.

I found it and that ish is hot.



Beat Street Records is 'bout to close.

Peep this vid on YouTube.

That whole Fulton Mall area bout to be a Spring Street. Please believe.



Houston Gunshop owner tells fools to get gats and buck at "The Katrinians".

GIBSON: Jim, look at this. We've got some facts and figures about Katrina evacuees. They are suspects or victims in over 20 percent of Houston crimes this year. The number of people applying for gun permits has risen 25 percent and of the 250,000 evacuees who came to Houston, about 120,000 remain. Jim, is there something specific about the Katrina evacuees that makes you so worried or is it just crime in general and they are getting stuck with the blame?

PRUETT: It's another rock in the pond, John. What's happening is we had a criminal problem before there were other people preying on us and now this is just even more and so it's not specifically about the evacuees. I think about 15 percent of our population here in Houston is made up of law-abiding citizens who came here with their kids, their families, who wanted to rebuild their life. They settled in Houston, Texas, and they remain here. They are Houstonians now. It's a beautiful thing because it's a wonderful city and we welcome them. However, whenever they get on TV and they are quoted as saying when the FEMA money runs out, then we're going to turn to crime, then this is something we got to pay attention to. And the best way to do it is to be armed.

GIBSON: Jim, what kind of gun do you carry?


Jay Z the Brand.

This article affirms the fact that 'ol boy is 'bout to give the winter some.

Carter is a curious figure. A former drug dealer from New York, he has a mercurial talent for rhymes (which he never writes down, but carries in his head) - even being described as "America's urban Shakespeare". Some of his best linguistic play refers back to events in his own life, with his signature languid delivery making even the most complicated rhymes seem easy. In "Kingdom Come", the title track from the new album, he makes a neat, knowing nod to his return to rap after life in the Def Jam boardroom, likening the switch to Superman's telephone-box transformation - "I take off the blazer, loosen up the tie, step inside the booth, Superman is alive."

As a wordsmith, Jay-Z elicits such high regard that in a Rolling Stone profile published last year, even British novelist Zadie Smith got in on the act, praising his ability to produce "'ecstatic' hip-hop, the kind of urban-lifestyle fantasies that are so joyful they feel like gospel". She went on: "But the greater part of him, for me, is his strong streak of Tupac-like truth- telling" - referring to rap's most famous fallen hero, Tupac Shakur - "[with] raps that aren't about the dream life of urban African- Americans but concern their real, lived experiences."

Zadie got in on the act. Um. I would like to witness a Zadie/J conversation.

"Was that Chris Martin's track, the last one?" someone finally asks. The song, "Beach Chair," begins with a beautiful string harmony, which is crashed by a big bassline before Jay-Z starts rapping. It also features a vocal hook from Martin. It's a sure- fire hit (and, considering the Coldplay singer's regular line in ballads, something of a surprise).

Carter is determined the album should offer more than feel-good party tracks, however. "I think politics are what is missing from hip-hop at the moment," he says. Indeed, the searingly political track "Minority Report" goes someway to addressing this imbalance, with Jay's voice cracking as he rails against President Bush's inaction in Katrina-struck New Orleans. Over a sonic background of rain, intercut with news reports, Jay raps about women and children on rooftops, and Bush's much-derided fly-past in Airforce One. The media also come under scrutiny, as Bush's attitude is juxtaposed with press attempts to get a better shot of the misery.


We fly out, we stay out, we baallllliiiin. Bawwwwwwlin.
Speaking of Jim Jones. Yall know there is a Jim Jones documentary out.


I had a classic moment on Friday,
We were in the Loisada trynna take it back to the Old School and go to Nuyoricans. But the line was down the block like it was a club and you KNOW Nuyoricans is as big as a Starbucks bathroom. So we jetted to Benny's Burittos. My homie from Cali arrived late and went to stand on line for the restroom when who but QTip walks in.
She's throwin the girls at him, making small talk. I can't hear them from where Im sitting but Im cheesin and Im making all kinda kissy noises and faces, b/c he can't see me but she can.

He ordered his food and bounced.

Only in NYC dude.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Doom. Grim. Forest Whitaker and Toni Morrison, all in one God Loving Blog Post! I Love America


Grim made the cover of the Voice.

I ain't know he was heavy in the streets like that. Peep the details.

Things got worse. On a snowy January day in 1994, shortly after getting his hair cut in Harlem, Carey stepped into his stepbrother Jansen Smalls's car en route to a meeting with an Atlantic Records representative, who was courting Carey for a record deal. But just as Smalls turned the ignition, bullets riddled the car, puncturing Carey's left arm, gut, neck, and lungs. Smalls was killed instantly.

"It was a blizzard, and snow was all over the windows, so I couldn't see much," Carey recalls. "There were several different people shooting, and the whole car was annihilated. I don't know who shot me. I was dealing, and when you get to a certain plateau, everyone knows you, though you might not know who they are. They think that doing something to you will benefit them, whether it's for a rep or financially."

This is the second time in two weeks that I have heard Black men talk about "breaking up" their artistic relationship and how they are coping with it.

Where is the documentary on Broken Rap Groups. EPMD. Pete Rock and CL. Tribe. MC Pooh & Too Short. The Alcoholics. I can see it now.

So-called "dis tracks" are commonplace in rap music, of course. But "Book of Daniel" is different. When Carey isn't threatening Dumile, he's appealing for reconciliation. "Come home, Zev," he pleads near the song's end. "I can't act like I don't have no love for him," Carey says now. "I care about him so much that it caused the conflict that we have today. The more I speak about him, the more it becomes to the world like I'm bitter toward his success. He was bound to be successful, but the plan was for him to direct that success toward the others. If our plan is to get up over a wall, and I push you up and help you get over the wall and you don't throw a rope for me, then it's going to be an issue."

Robert Colescott, an artist that resides in Oakland, has a show at the Kravets Wehby Gallery at 521 West 21st street.


Im such a dork.
I had no idea that the dude in Borat was Ali G.



Holy Sh*t.

There is a production of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye.

Why am I just now hearing about this?

Eleven-year-old Pecola can articulate only her own desperate hopes of course, not the sociological and psychological toxins they signify. It is Ms. Morrison who explores the cultural pathology behind them with lyrical grace in her impressionistic novel, which unfolds Pecola’s sad story from a variety of perspectives. The complex narrative is faithfully translated to the stage in the Steppenwolf Theater Company’s adaptation of the book, which is being presented by the New Victory Theater at the Duke Theater on 42nd Street. (Because of its sexual content, the production is aimed at “teens and young adults,” the press materials say.)

Armond White is a fool!

We don't agree all the time. But this fool is funny as h*ll on paper.
What he had to say about Forrest Whitaker in The Last King.
“Boo!” Forest Whitaker says in The Last King of Scotland, the newest boogie man movie. This one purports to have a historical basis, showing how the late Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, charmed a gullible white medical student (James McAvoy) into being his personal physician and advisor. But the result is still another scary black man stereotype. How did Samuel L. Jackson let this role get away?
This ruse inadvertently points to the film industry’s multiplicity of black screen effigies who are either junkies, thieves, convicts, murders, rapists, liars, philanderers, etc. By scaring the daylights out of his white sidekick, Whitaker’s showcase comes off as little more than a super Training Day: King Kong Idi Amin.

Where is Robert Christgau? How we gone have Nas, Jay Z and the Clipse, but not the old school white homie to write the dope music critiques????


If You Hate PoPo. Vote. If You Love Popo. Vote. If You Are A Baby Momma Vote. If You Like Listening to Baby and Weezy. Vote.


If you got family in the pen. Vote.

If you got to college. Vote.

If you care about abortion. Vote.

If you hate abortion. Vote.

If you wish Tupac was here. Vote.

If you like my blog. Vote.

If you hate minorities. Vote.

If you thirsty for the new Jay Z. Vote.

If you went to see Borat. Vote.

If you watch the Wire. Vote.

If you got family in Iraq. Vote.

If somebody in ya family sell crack. Vote.

Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Allright People, Lets Go See Prince in Vegas for New Years or Spring Break.


Prince is in Vegas. I almost er, Oh'd.

LOS ANGELES - Prince fans, fire up that Little Red Corvette and head for Las Vegas: the purple one will be performing there every weekend starting Nov. 10.

The diminutive rocker will play Friday- and Saturday-night shows at 3121, a nightclub inside the Rio hotel, according to a Wednesday news release by P R Plus, a Vegas firm representing the club.

Tickets for the 21-and-over shows cost $125 and will be available beginning Nov. 2.

Prince will also host Wednesday-night concerts at the club by other artists.

The Grammy winner, who once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, will perform at the club indefinitely, a P R Plus representative said.

Prince joins a growing contingent of songsters who have settled in Vegas hotels as regularly featured acts, including.....

All my Cali homies.

All them New York Yankees.

Lets meet. ***gets in huddle. Goes to Jet blue to check out tickets.***

Wait we need housing too.

Sh*t somebody got a time share.


Get @ me,

I am serious as a crack addict.


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