Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Borat: The Good, The Bad, The Cultural Learnings.


I saw Borat last night.

The over the top humor was different.

The fact that he opened it up with jokes about his sister being the town ho' made me think," I'm progressive, but I may end up walking outta this one."


We Fligh High by Jim Jones sounds is like a Harlem Zombie song. It is so hypnotic. I hear it in my head when I doing the most average sh*t
I became obsessed w/ finding out the name of the song sampled at the begining.

I found it and that ish is hot.



Beat Street Records is 'bout to close.

Peep this vid on YouTube.

That whole Fulton Mall area bout to be a Spring Street. Please believe.



Houston Gunshop owner tells fools to get gats and buck at "The Katrinians".

GIBSON: Jim, look at this. We've got some facts and figures about Katrina evacuees. They are suspects or victims in over 20 percent of Houston crimes this year. The number of people applying for gun permits has risen 25 percent and of the 250,000 evacuees who came to Houston, about 120,000 remain. Jim, is there something specific about the Katrina evacuees that makes you so worried or is it just crime in general and they are getting stuck with the blame?

PRUETT: It's another rock in the pond, John. What's happening is we had a criminal problem before there were other people preying on us and now this is just even more and so it's not specifically about the evacuees. I think about 15 percent of our population here in Houston is made up of law-abiding citizens who came here with their kids, their families, who wanted to rebuild their life. They settled in Houston, Texas, and they remain here. They are Houstonians now. It's a beautiful thing because it's a wonderful city and we welcome them. However, whenever they get on TV and they are quoted as saying when the FEMA money runs out, then we're going to turn to crime, then this is something we got to pay attention to. And the best way to do it is to be armed.

GIBSON: Jim, what kind of gun do you carry?


Jay Z the Brand.

This article affirms the fact that 'ol boy is 'bout to give the winter some.

Carter is a curious figure. A former drug dealer from New York, he has a mercurial talent for rhymes (which he never writes down, but carries in his head) - even being described as "America's urban Shakespeare". Some of his best linguistic play refers back to events in his own life, with his signature languid delivery making even the most complicated rhymes seem easy. In "Kingdom Come", the title track from the new album, he makes a neat, knowing nod to his return to rap after life in the Def Jam boardroom, likening the switch to Superman's telephone-box transformation - "I take off the blazer, loosen up the tie, step inside the booth, Superman is alive."

As a wordsmith, Jay-Z elicits such high regard that in a Rolling Stone profile published last year, even British novelist Zadie Smith got in on the act, praising his ability to produce "'ecstatic' hip-hop, the kind of urban-lifestyle fantasies that are so joyful they feel like gospel". She went on: "But the greater part of him, for me, is his strong streak of Tupac-like truth- telling" - referring to rap's most famous fallen hero, Tupac Shakur - "[with] raps that aren't about the dream life of urban African- Americans but concern their real, lived experiences."

Zadie got in on the act. Um. I would like to witness a Zadie/J conversation.

"Was that Chris Martin's track, the last one?" someone finally asks. The song, "Beach Chair," begins with a beautiful string harmony, which is crashed by a big bassline before Jay-Z starts rapping. It also features a vocal hook from Martin. It's a sure- fire hit (and, considering the Coldplay singer's regular line in ballads, something of a surprise).

Carter is determined the album should offer more than feel-good party tracks, however. "I think politics are what is missing from hip-hop at the moment," he says. Indeed, the searingly political track "Minority Report" goes someway to addressing this imbalance, with Jay's voice cracking as he rails against President Bush's inaction in Katrina-struck New Orleans. Over a sonic background of rain, intercut with news reports, Jay raps about women and children on rooftops, and Bush's much-derided fly-past in Airforce One. The media also come under scrutiny, as Bush's attitude is juxtaposed with press attempts to get a better shot of the misery.


We fly out, we stay out, we baallllliiiin. Bawwwwwwlin.
Speaking of Jim Jones. Yall know there is a Jim Jones documentary out.


I had a classic moment on Friday,
We were in the Loisada trynna take it back to the Old School and go to Nuyoricans. But the line was down the block like it was a club and you KNOW Nuyoricans is as big as a Starbucks bathroom. So we jetted to Benny's Burittos. My homie from Cali arrived late and went to stand on line for the restroom when who but QTip walks in.
She's throwin the girls at him, making small talk. I can't hear them from where Im sitting but Im cheesin and Im making all kinda kissy noises and faces, b/c he can't see me but she can.

He ordered his food and bounced.

Only in NYC dude.


The Minority Reporter said...

"Houston Gunshop owner tells fools to get gats and buck at "The Katrinians"

yeah, ummm i'm raisin my hand and pleading da fif.

i can't even begin to tell u bout the looks and b.s. i gotta put up with when traveling outside new orleans. about 2 months ago i went to visit my cuz in the atl. we went out to eat and the waiter asked us where we were from. it was a weird moment b/c there was a brief moment of silence as my cuz and i looked at each other then softly said New Orleans. it wasn't as thought my cuz and i didn’t wanna "rep our city" but some questions and comments get old after a while and sometimes u just don't wanna hear the b.s. that the media has already put their spin on and then some ignorant person is listening and can’t discern the info then put their own misconceptions on blast to you.

but after all that, it was a trip, cause the waiter was from new orleans too.

and kingdom come...can't wait. i keep telling myself "piracy is illegal" the spirit is willing, but the flesh is soooo weak!

Hummingbyrd said...

but after all that, it was a trip, cause the waiter was from new orleans too.
Don't you love how life be throwing you lil mental/emotional curve balls.

Just keeps everything so f*cking interesting!

J!!! said...

that borat movie is crazy. i didnt know homie was jewish, that explains alot. i remember asking my friend "do you think there are any jewish people in here" and she was like "yeah i bet". he was straight over the top with everything. I dont like the fact he got that news producer fired. thats someones life. and the frat boys are idiots, everyone knows the truth comes out while intoxicated.

did you hear the Jay album already???

and yeah and you right about that jim jones song, i find myself sayin ballin for absolutely no reason at all sometimes.

oh and where can i get the original "we fly high" sample?

rafi said...

But Cohen isn't making fun of jews. He's making fun of an anti-semite.

Hummingbyrd said...


That sample is so freakin dope.
Lemme see if I can laink it for ya.

So what they got fired.

They got fame.

They made a mistake.

And they will prolly try and sue 'em.

Go american justice.

The Minority Reporter said...

The flesh won that battle. I had to hear Minority Report.


Hummingbyrd said...

Girl....What to you Hear Trouble and Dig A Grave.

Straight Banging!!?!?!?!!?

The Minority Reporter said...

That's sad that I been on this for only a couple of hours but I got a new catch phrase "Dig a hole. Go head, bury yourself!!!!!" ha!


...such a productive day at work.

hey, did u hear bout maxwell new cd ish:

Hummingbyrd said...

Nawww I ain't heard bout no new maxwell.

Imma start sayin that.

"Dig a grave beeches".
I love it.

When he Ballllin....its so slurred up and country.

Imma peep that maxwell jawn.

LightDigga said...
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LightDigga said...

1.) damn A's. I am glad somebody else is feeling me on that. economics or not, i am mad about it. like junior's in time square--what the F!

2.) borat. i was just talking to some WPs at work about that and why i refuse to see the film. i know its intentionally over the top and probably thought-provoking but i don't want to participate for same the reason why i stopped saying 'n!gga'.

when you open the door to that type of stuff some asshole takes it to the next level like racism is dead. example: the white boy who argued in court that he should not be convicted for a hate crime because black people use the word 'n!gger' all the time. ridiculous, but real.

Hummingbyrd said...

Hi Jonze.

but i don't want to participate for same the reason why i stopped saying 'n!gga'.
When you stopped saying it?

some asshole takes it to the next level like racism is dead.
Its not dead.

neo said...

Funny, I'm listening to the KC leak....I'll still cop it when it comes out and I got my i-tunes pre-order since "44 4's" is on there..which gave me chills..

*bump "30 something"* - "y'all respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter" - LOL!

"30's the new 20!!"

"Dig a hole, go head bury yourself.."

Key catch phrases that'll take over our lingo b/w now and '07....

The leak is very cohesive..there are some lows but the highs are high..

That FT article I've re-read like 3 times from diff sources..why don't these writers do better at writing brand new articles as opposed to str8 jacking.

Hummingbyrd said...

That FT article I've re-read like 3 times from diff sources..why don't these writers do better at writing brand new articles as opposed to str8 jacking.
Cause n*ggas is lazy.

fresh said...

The wikipedia article doesn't mention it, but that Jim Jones sample is from a song called Mr. Cool by Rasputin's Stash.

The only place I could find the song online was Rhapsody.

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