Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now I Know Why The Brooklyn Dodgers Broke So Many Hearts.


You all know that I have a love.hate.love.love. relationship with Oakland.

I read last week that the A's were moving to Fremont.

That. Wasn't THAT bad.

You see the A's for me is like McDonalds to other people. For example many people eat at McDonalds because they have an emotional connection to it. It reminds them of fun times they had w/ their mommas or daddies when they were younger.

Thats what the A's represents to me. Fun times. Youthfulness. A Wide Blue Oakland Sky.

Not only are they moving, but they may but they may be changing their name.

Nothing is sacred.

***Inner voice comes on in my head***
Inner voice: Mdot.!!
What? Don't you see I am typing in my blog.

Yes I see you are, but you know this about economics and not about sentimental value. You know better than to mix emotions with real estate transations girl!?!?!?!! I know, I know. But I frequently talk about the Town on my blog and I just wanted to let people know what was going down.
You know that the A's were not going to stay in Oakland. Besides. The Giants play in Jersey and the Jets play in Queens and they are both NY teams.

But the A's represent something for people to rally around and feel united about. NY has hella different teams and sports for people to rally around. There you go being sentimental again. It is an economic issue.
I know its economic. You are a VOICE IN MY HEAD. I clearly created you.
Smart @ss!
I know you are just trying to get me to see the big picture, I feels you. Its just deep that they can move and change they name and become a whole new team in front of our eyes.

I never really knew why people tripped so hard off the Dodgers leaving BK.

Now I understand.
As a lil kid going to school in East Oakland, we were rewarded with a trip to the see the A's for earning good grades on our report cards.

It not just the A's thats flipping the script.

Many of our cultural institutions are changing.

  1. CBGB's is closed largely because all real estate is a potential condo in Millionaire City.(Manhattan)
  2. Tower Records Closed. Tower was not apart of a larger conglomerate. Only corporations that are subsidiaries are larger companies are equipped to survive in 21st century New Media economy. Tower was important to Indie cats b/c they would stock JUST about anything and would stay open latee. In fact, Tower is largely responsible for my B-Girl-dom as I would visit the store on Durant in Berkely on the late night after having some LaVals pizza (which is closed too). Just perusing the HH section. Reading the latest Rap Sheet or Source. Just chilling.
  3. Robert Christgau got fired from the Village Voice. How are you gonna take one the freshest white dudes that teaches me sh*t out hip hop out the game.

It is up to us to invest in our insitutions. No one else will do it for us. And if we don't. We cannot blame anyone else but ourselves for their demise.



Anonymous said...

they tryna move the niners too. shit is f'd up mayne. yay area needa stand up n save their franchises. at least frisco tryna to make the niners change their name if they leave the city, which is coo cuz i don't want um reppin my city after they turn their backs on us for money. i never thought i'd see the day that fremont and santa clara would have pro teams over frisco n oakalnd. noodles.

M.Dot. said...

It makes sense Jay.

All that Silicon Cash is starting to affect the Sports Franchises.

You can't have that kind of money in a area and NOT EXPECT for the neighboring areas to be affected.

That sh*t happened in NYC w/ the quickness.

Over a period of 8 years, all the neighborhoods in BK bordering Manhattan experienced a HUGE transformation.

Rents went up.

Artists moved in.

Some d-boys stayed.

Popo came.

Students came.

Red Hook. Dumbo. Williamsburg.
Fort Greene.

Its all trill.

Its all about the Treal Estate.

Anonymous said...

yoooo go check out nah right now. the jim jones diss by hov on there. its soo hot. just had to let you know

M.Dot. said...

I got it.

I heard it.

Its ok.

The lyrics AINT THAT fresh.

The concept is dope.

The image @ smoking section is dope.

Peace to Gotty.

Anonymous said...

i could care less about the lyrics. i just like the fact he changed it to brooklyn!!!!!!! and he sound better than jimmy on his own song. jays lyrics are rearely fresh these days its just the way he says it. he had me at "im ballin for real, you niggaz pump fakin it" tho. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey have a happy thanksgiving!!!!

jaga_d_schmoov1 said...

STOP IT...la'vals pizza?..tower records in b.town?..deeeeeum...bringin back fuzzy early '90s memories of ppls park riots and hostage incidents in the st. george hotel.

e'ry time i think i'm over my yay-area romanticism HERE U GO.



M.Dot. said...

STOP IT...la'vals pizza?..tower records in b.town?

Isn't that the reason you stop by here dude.

Telegraph is an ENTIRELY differnt animal now ock.

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