Thursday, November 02, 2006

Allright People, Lets Go See Prince in Vegas for New Years or Spring Break.


Prince is in Vegas. I almost er, Oh'd.

LOS ANGELES - Prince fans, fire up that Little Red Corvette and head for Las Vegas: the purple one will be performing there every weekend starting Nov. 10.

The diminutive rocker will play Friday- and Saturday-night shows at 3121, a nightclub inside the Rio hotel, according to a Wednesday news release by P R Plus, a Vegas firm representing the club.

Tickets for the 21-and-over shows cost $125 and will be available beginning Nov. 2.

Prince will also host Wednesday-night concerts at the club by other artists.

The Grammy winner, who once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, will perform at the club indefinitely, a P R Plus representative said.

Prince joins a growing contingent of songsters who have settled in Vegas hotels as regularly featured acts, including.....

All my Cali homies.

All them New York Yankees.

Lets meet. ***gets in huddle. Goes to Jet blue to check out tickets.***

Wait we need housing too.

Sh*t somebody got a time share.


Get @ me,

I am serious as a crack addict.



The Minority Reporter said...

yeah, but he's not performing some classics:

But it's still Prince. I'm bout to go purify myself in Lake Minnetonka

M.Dot. said...

Well yeah.

Cuz he beef w/ the label and he me Jesufied.

But sh*t.

Its still prince.

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