Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Letting MTV Raise Your Kids Will Make You a Grandma at 32.


Bill Cosby has a point.

You can't blame the man.

In theory, Parents raise children. MTV sells advertisments. PS2's entertain and Mc Donalds is an occasional snack.

Yet, we know that in reality, hella kids get a couple meals a day from Mickey D's, they stay glued to they PS2's and MTV/BET is a built into the livingroom baby sitter.

That being said, Bill does have a point. However, I think that it would be more constructive if he instructed folks on how to be better parents in ADDITION to ripping them for poor parenting.

Cosby, 69, was critical of black parents, saying they don't involve themselves enough in their children's education and don't know what their children are doing. "We've got parents who won't check the bedrooms of their children to see if there's a gun," he said. He chided teachers for not offering clear explanations to children who ask why courses such as English and algebra are necessary. "If you teach English and you can't answer this child, then you're in trouble, and we've been in trouble," Cosby said. "We can't answer these children, because nobody's given them any goals."

For True. There needs to be a Black Parenting Guide Because letting MTV and McDonald's raise your kids is only gonna make you a grandma, of some really fat kids, at 32.


I am very excited about the new Jay Z.

I haven't bought a Jay album since reasonable doubt.

I like the sophisticated happiness of Show Me Watchu Got, and the Subliminal and sometimes overt jabs on Lost Ones. And its Jazzy too.

Damon apparently feels like a hypocrite after the break up. He don't "love" the game anymore.

That Dame talks about what it meant to be a sort of dispute resolution mento
r to street dudes, and how they can no longer say "Lets work it out like Dame and Jay" is hyper revealing.

Where do we see Black men, in pop culture talk about lets work out our differences like so and so?

Sh*t. You win some, and you win Some.


One of my favorite Hollywood couples breakin up.

I knew it was too good to be true.

I betchu it was the Oscar.

See, thats why Julia married her camera man. I ain't mad.


The town is the 24th MOST DANGERIOUS city in the nation.

Thats something to be proud of.


Call Mutumbo a Monkey and Get Banned from the games.

Thats interesting.

God I heart the intersection of race and sports.



There is nothing wrong with being "Hollywood" or "Industry".
My best friend is industry. Irony intended.

But Calling cats w/ day glo hats
and shoes to match, "THE Fresh Prince Look" is is hella bootsie.

Er. Maybe.

It just seems contrived.

To me the more accurate description is "Japanese Hip Hop flav meets Harlem".


So. We had a hella warm Halloween. I stayed true to self and DID not go out. But actually ran errands and washed clothes. Yeah. I am an adult. And after this post, I am actually gonna work on my summary.

Who knew that getting up at 7 and having coffee on a WEEKDAY could facilitate so MUCH productivity.



neo said...

I share your Jay excitement.

You should've listened to the hot 97 where he pretty much aired out Jim Jones via an interview....LOL classic quotables all over the place..

vik said...

what's good m dot?

i have mixed feelings about cosby and his soapbox. i feel he brings up relevant points, but he goes for emotion and finger-pointing....there's no room for him and the people he is berating to meet.

if only we could hold a town hall meeting. i would be there.

i'm waiting on jay....he's been off and on with me

M.Dot. said...


I heard part of that freestyle over at spine mag.

I dunno sponge bob.

Jim Jones is Kinda like a east oakland dude. Real Volitale with an peculiar access to aummunition.

M.Dot. said...


Nawww. Man.

Black people be ignorant all over the place but Bill, Cosby SHOW, Huxtable Bill, is calling them on it.

I ain't mad.

There is room for criticism in pop culture and urban brown people culture.

I mean, look at what we do on our blogs!

I will conceed that that language that he uses is not CONDUCIVE TO dialogue, which would predicate AN ACTION PLAN beyond the finger pointing.

RD said...

HB, I love Jay like the next fan does, but the man has been making shoddy business moves with these champagne companies. Shoddy, in the sense, that it upholds Bill Cosby's claims that we as black folks are not really mentoring/monitoring our kids. And we all know, Jay might as well be a parent to some of these kids. I want to hear your reaction to Jay and the whole Armand de brignac controversy. Also, while you're at peep this http://dallaspenn.com/weblog/?p=1215


M.Dot. said...


I am personaly working on a plan to leverage some of J's power into helping the hood.

We might as well call next year 007 cause stakes is high.

I will peep your dp jawn.

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