Monday, October 23, 2006

Where is Grand Puba At?


Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Ave @ East 2nd Street, New York City
When: October 30th @ 8 PM
Welcome reception with music provided by QOOL DJ MARV
Q&A with Just For Kicks'

Director Thierry Daher
Cocktail reception following the screening
Who's coming with me?


The Father of Madonna's potential new son now claims that he did not approve adoption. He thought she was gonna take him and raise him and bring him back home after high school/college was over.

My question is, if the man cain't read and write, why is he negotiating adoption rights with Madonna without an attorney?


I don't know how I feel about a fool who made a DOCUMENTARY about PEOPLE THAT COMMIT SUICIDE on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Doesn't this violate the rights of the deads family members.

That sh*t is morbid to me.


Wikipidia knows Im late to sh*t too. I am working on it yall.


Wouldn't it weird of Foxy went to jail shortly after Kim got out?


This Negro is Making 1,500 per hour. Yes. PER F*CKING HOUR. Can I sign up for that plan?


Apparently Puff AND Jay used that "Show me wachu got beat".

Peep over at Unkut, they game is gully. These fools got the songs AND Poll asking who freaked it better.


Where is the new Doom Album. Its been a year right!?!?!?!



Big Walt said...

A year? His usual interval is like 2 weeks.

M.Dot. said...

I know.

So where is the new sh*t.

Oh. BTW/ Go Tigers!

Anonymous said...

the madonna situation is none sense. i feel like madonna just went there and picked a random kid, and dipped to follow in jolies foot steps. id have to meet a kid a couple times to know if i want them in my life forever. madonna dont got that kinda time, so i think she should hold off with all adoption nonesense.

good looks on that wikipedia page. it helped me a little bit. ha.

on the suicide thing. was it you that did a post about the guy in detroit that was a body collector? anyway the dude was like, "this is how i see it, whites kill themselves, blacks each other, and asians dont die." for some twisted reason i found that funny :(

I heard about the diddy and jayz thing a couple weeks ago, along with the site who ask who flipped it better. had i know you woulda said somethin about it. i woulda let ya know. i feel the rhymes are better on the diddy version, but the beat is more raw on the Jay version.

Im off to save the world...

oh, imma send that myspace link again, let me know if you got it.if you do, hit me with a friend request. ill hit you on the address you hit me on about that function.

-The Last Dragon

Big Walt said...


We gonna light STL up.

neo said...

The government didn't follow the due process of law in processing the child's adoption. That's why the whole thing just turned awry.

M.Dot. said...

All these dudes know how to say is �gimmie�
Gimmie some ass, Gimmie some brain
Gimmie your number, gimmie your name
But if I get one night baby girl I swear
I�ll make you tell these other dudes gimmie got you here

F*ck outta here.

This is some straight hip hop...imma take you from your man type ish.

Which is HOT as F*ck.

Come on J.

When was the last time someone made a flirtacious lil holler rap song with a dope beat.


M.Dot. said...


Why you gotta thizz face?

M.Dot. said...

Due Process.

In Malawi.

The baby's did not even F*CKING HAVE AN ATTORNEY!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm you got me on that one.

I need to do that. good lookin. ha ill have to get your input here and there while i write it. haha


Jigga aint really sayin anything compared to before retirement jigga.

"i am the mike jordan of recording"

We know, and heard you say that many times before.

the song is still hot none the less. i just dont feel like its a good enough comeback record.

maybe he'll be more raw on the album.


M.Dot. said...

Oh. I see where you coming from.


His whole body of work is impressive.

However, I am a Reasonable Doubt Era typa jawn.


The Show Me What you Got stands out TO ME as a pro ladies, flirtacious song, because n*ggas DONT MAKE those songs any more. AND those are the kinds of songs that me me fall in love in the first place.

Big Walt said...

Because Jesus Christ had dreads.


neo said...

That's what I'm saying @ Rhyme..there's stuff in the books by which they're supposed to get it I blame them first before the father..

M.Dot. said...

@ Neo.

Cash Talks. Money Rules.
Fame rocks and you know it.

The more cash you have, the more likely you can make rules apply OR argue for the broadest interpertation of something you need.

Its a fact of life.

Fairness is cream related.

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