Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jay Z's Champagne Endorsement is Illegal.


Ok. Well its not illegal, but I had to get your attention some how.

Technically, only Athletes are "forbidden" from endorsing alcohol in commercials on television. But, have you seen a Nascar race recently??!??!?!

And besides, while rappers are influential, they are not athletes.

I think that it is only a matter of time till congress makes it illegal for rappers to endorse beer on tv.

Isn't it crazy how Jay's actions constitute a media event!?!?!?!?! What is the distinction between him being in a Heiniken Ad and endorsing Champagne?

Rizoh had some interesting things to say at The Rap Up about "The New Negro Drink".

Anyhow, I'm not a "big drinker", and I ain't about to start just because Jay-Z said "Gold Bottles" is that next shit. If demand for this illogically exorbitant brew has truly tripled based on Jay's video alone, it just goes to show how counterproductive our community has become. It's a sad day in hip-hop when we allow ourselves to be subdued by the same tentacles we've been trying to bolt from. The new negro drink should be coffee, if you ask me, because we could really use a wake-up call.
TaMere Enslip over at the Hip Hop Game done went and did research-- he called the champagne companies and everything, to confirm weather Jay has an investment in Armand de Brignac.
In the press release, the company makes sure they say "This is not a case of product placement, as Armand de Brignac and Jay Z have not entered into an agreement, sponsorship or otherwise. I am not sure this is true. But it is very suspect. Only two days after the video airs, the allready issue a press release....

Wow. This fool, Ziad Cattan, just said, on 60 Minutes, that nobody will arrest me. They will just kill me.
Ziad Cattan was in charge of military procurement at a time when the ministry of defense went on a $1.2 billion buying spree. Allawi estimates that $750 to $800 million of that money was stolen. Judge Radhi al-Radhi, head of Iraq's Commission on Public Integrity, which investigates official corruption, tells Kroft that a lot of the money that wasn't stolen was spent on outdated, useless equipment.


Um. Short post tonight. Middle of the semester. I got something cooking about Harlem though.



Anonymous said...

yeah i think this jay z shit is nonsense. why does the name remind me of armandale??? Im a dark beer sipper honestly, fuck drinkin that gold bottle of ace of spades.

what you drink linda???

and what did the army think was gonna happen with all that money. that guy said theyd probably just kill him cause he doesnt give a fuck. he probably did whatever he wanted to do, AND on top of it he fucked over one of the biggest bullies in the world in the process . **Jim jones**BALLIN!!!!!!!!!**jim Jones**

and aye, you hear about all this talk about that jibbs song being an l remake of an old minstrel song. i call it an unintentional remake, cause i doubt this 16 year old kid tried to remake an old minstrel song. i was gliding through the daily news and they had an article about it, how "let your chain hang low" and chicken noodle soup?" are just new age minstrel show songs. what you think about this linda??? on one hand, i think its shitty music, but on the other hand, i liek the fact the kids are having fun with it. more towards the chicken noodle soup song than, the jibbs joint. i got more to say about this, but i wanna see what angle you hit it at...

Oh and cop that lupe fiasco album. ITS TIGHT

and another thing, how come you never really talk about what your listening too??? id be interested to know.

-Brown Stew Chicken with a pattie on the side

M.Dot. said...

a. Er. For beer. Stella. For likker. Absolute Kurant.

b.Yo. I was blogging when I saw the inner view. Like this dude know they out for him and he don't give a sizzle.

c.Ohhhh. Chicken Noodle soup as a new age minstrel. You know whats hella that I am trying to master substancial similarity, and art infringement under copyright right now. Har har har.

d. Get Lupe. For Trill. Sh*t. I want that new De la.

~ Brunch w/ strong coffe and good conversation

Anonymous said...

oh word??? whats the new de la called???

Word my old roommates in BK used to always have stella in the fridge, i shoulda expected that living with 3 girls i guess.

are you going to school to be a lawyer or something

and aye, you got myspace????

-Dinner and a movie...

M.Dot. said...


You are hilarious.

I was reading hella blogs yesterday and I forget which one had a link for a the new de la.

Imma look for it.

I think imma have some soup and coffee. And knock out a couple of posts.

You got myspace?

How you been?

Anonymous said...

Ive been straight out here in the burbs, working on music. im tryng to take some piano lessons and figure out what im gonna be doing for the 2007. Yeah I got myspace, i got a music myspace. but i dont have none of my music on there, cause im not to happy with any of them got a myspace??? email me your myspace address and ill email you mine. im not trying to have everyone on here blowin my shit up.

how you been????

what post have you been working on???

what are your favorite blogs??? i know i got a few that i always HAVE to look at periodically through out the day including yours.

alright i gotta go back and knock out a second round of raking some leaves.

Holla Back youngin(ohh ohhh)

- Push pops...Push it to the limit

M.Dot. said...

a. Yeah I gotta myspace. Gimme yours furst...I keeps my s*perate too. You got first. ( I feel like a little kid on the playground a recess.)

You know. Anonymity.

b. Oh. Leaves. That means you got trees. Thats tight.

c.My Blogs. Er. Its not even blogs so much as it is news websites. Yahoo news. La times. Sf Gate. NY times. Washington Post. Oakland Tribune. MSBC. Newsweek. Business Week.

d. Yep. Law studies.

~fish grease w/ corn meal floatin' at the top

Anonymous said...

e. word!!! Anonymity. i hear ya. we almost cracked that barrier with the function. hahah

f. fish grease w/ corn meal floatin' at the top. hahaha good shit. and yess i have

g. when i was working in ny, i was working at a law firm. i had to dip out of there fast. my boss wanted to be a diva more than a lawyer. WACK. but i got respect for lawyers tho. that shit aint easy.

h. news websites are where its at. you check out the BBC Site. I always check that out first.

I. am the shit


M.Dot. said...


You had the oppty but "decided to get sick". F*ckin wichu.

You know whats funny.

The BBC site ain't really that fresh to me. I feel like its more pop culture than ACTUAL news.

Anonymous said...


you have no idea, i picked up the phone and im like, "am i really about to call her and be like 'im sick' ". i thought it was wack even tho i really was sick. I felt like a herb. it seemed so generic.

I Check bbc to kinda catch a glimpse of whats goin on in the world. cause people in the states, never really hear of anything thats going on outside the states and we get called on it all the time. and they always got some random shit goin on in asia or europe or somewhere else i didnt know existed. like i read this article the other day about this school in india who had to start this program to have their students stop coming to school drunk, and the kids were like 10,11, 12 years old. random nonsense like that.

anyway i sent the my myspace through the email, but i dont know if it went through cause i got an error screen right after.


M.Dot. said...

Naw. Man. I feels you.

I was trynna come down with something last week. But I had to get my t-tree game going.

i dont know if it went through cause i got an error screen right after.
You know thats hella lamer.

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