Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is What Happens When You Give Athletes Guns.


President of the NBA tells Players to Leave the Gats at Home. No. I am not making this up.

Only in the NBA could the commissioner go from defending the widely criticized new ball to criticizing the players' right to defend themselves. Actually, given the angry reaction to the synthetic leather basketballs, maybe the logical next step for David Stern was to get guns out of the players' hands. You know, in case things escalate.
Yeah Well. Some players DO BE having gats.
Carrying guns is one of those Things That Only Seem Bad When NBA Players Are Doing It. You know, like going from high school straight to the pros. Fine for baseball, hockey, tennis and golf, but a danger to our society when it involves basketball. The New Jersey Nets' Richard Jefferson pointed out the double standard when he dealt the Dick Cheney card to the Newark Star-Ledger. "Shoot, our vice president shot somebody in the face," Jefferson said in the aftermath of the Jackson incident. "A dude gets punched in the face and fires off shots and all of a sudden it's, 'What's an athlete's things with guns?' Shoot, people go on hunting trips with semi-automatic weapons. Is there a need to take an AK-47 to shoot deer? Which one is worse?" Next time you're driving around town keep an eye out for how prominently guns are featured in the billboards for the new James Bond movie, "Casino Royale." The gun has always been part of the whole Bond image: tuxedo, martini (shaken, not stirred), Walther PPK. A gun is even incorporated into the 007 logo. What kind of message does that send to our kids?
Oh. But this the beauty of double standards in pop culture. My momma say, if its good for the goose its good for the gander. Remember when Paper magazine tried to get bell hooks to cosign on disrespecting hip hop AND lil Kim. She was like. I am not gonna talk about kim w/o mentioning the American pop culture as a whole. Why single her or hip hop out [ Especially in Paper Magazine].
I think that the author, is a man after my own heart.


Naomi done got arrested. She needs to get on Mary's anger management plan.

ADD and Autism caused by babies watching TV. Muy interesante.
Lo and behold, Waldman and colleagues found that reported autism cases within certain counties in California and Pennsylvania rose at rates that closely tracked cable subscriptions, rising fastest in counties with fastest-growing cable. The same was true of autism and rainfall patterns in California, Pennsylvania and Washington State. Their oddly definitive conclusions: "Approximately 17% of the growth in autism in California and Pennsylvania during the 1970s and 1980s was due to the growth of cable television," and "just under 40% of autism diagnoses in the three states studied is the result of television watching due to precipitation."
Someone needs to study children who don't watch television and compare them to children who do.


Your daughters tied up in a Brooklyn Basement- Biggie
Mexicano's are kidnapping fools on the reg in Tiajuana. And expecting paper. How very wild wild west of them.
The businessman's abduction marked another episode in a two-year crime wave that has turned this border city into one of the kidnapping capitals of the world.
The targets, typically middle- and upper-class businessmen or their sons, often are snatched in broad daylight by organized crime rings masquerading as commando-style federal police squads. It happens outside their homes and on busy streets. One man was grabbed as he left a circus with his kids.
American tourists are rarely targets, so the kidnappings don't get much attention across the border. They usually aren't reported to police, many of whom are working with the criminal rings, according to federal and state authorities. Estimates of the number of kidnappings this year in the Tijuana area range from 77 to 120, according to business groups, civic leaders and private security firms. The year before, they say, there were 60.
Tijuana may now have the most kidnappings in the world outside of the Middle East, said Thomas Clayton, chairman of Clayton Consultants Inc., a global private security firm. "Tijuana is going crazy," Clayton said.

Did you peep how they DONT kidnap Americans.


Oh. Waste 10 minutes of your life watching these political campaign videos. I did.


Why. Is. It. 80. Degrees. In. Oakland. Today?



Vacant Lot said...

NBA players are no different than the rest of us; they just have a perception that they think they are - which causes problems for themselves

vik said...

the nba story is ca-ray-zeee. wow. art imitating entertainment imitating life. something like that.

those campaign videos are ca-ray-ZEEEEE. talk about the real issue: tennesee republicans don't want no darky in office. white folks, lock up your daughters!

this reminds of the other republican party ads stating MLK was a republican.

Anonymous said...

if i were in the nba or in any profession where you make lots of yaper... i'd stay stridnapped too. shiiiit, too many folks is fuckin' haters. they see an nba player or whoever stuntin' in a club or some shit n you might as well be a bullseye. if you an nba player you know you could get a gun in too, like dreezy said: "security don't touch me cause i'm v.i.p. / now my s-t-r-a-p be everywhere i be". haha, treal talk.

M.Dot. said...

d dot b.

While I will concede that they are human and we are human.

There is a fundamental difference in that they are paid million's of dollars and have far more power than you and I.

M.Dot. said...

@ Vik

Yeah Man.

Those Tenesse jawns are deep.

They said

Someone needs to do a doc on campaign ads. For True.

M.Dot. said...

@ mac jay.

Two words j.

Body Guards.

Its called stepping your game up when you are moving in different circles.

neo said...

@ Kidnapping..stale news. That "Man on fire" movie remake w/ Denzel began turning a few heads..

LOL @ the Athletes thing. I see what David Stern is trying to do - clean up the league but I dunno this thing has gotten out of hand though with athletes getting into trouble..but I agree on the double standard. Not to mention in Cheney's case, the victim apologised to like "theheck is this world coming to?! You get shot and then apologise for getting shot at?"

M.Dot. said...

@ Neo.

The double standard gone be here.

Its been. Here.

It ain't going no where.


the prisoner's wife said...

why was it 89 today in LA??

i'm sorry, i thought it was fall...not the middle of summer.


the prisoner's wife said...

oh, and...HELLO!

M.Dot. said...

Your Baaaaaack.



How you been?

Hows life?

Hows the young buck?

Hows writing?

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

mexico is hardcore. we had a villa down there growing up and seeing it from the inside ain't no joke.

i also had a boyfriend who played ball for a league sponsored by the Mexican Mafia, they had much clout world wide and lots of cashola.

great posting once again!

Miz JJ said...

David Stern is one racist mofo. I hate his ass.

They are doing the same thing in the West Indies specifically Trinidad. They are kidnapping business men, or now their children. It's an easy way to get some cash, but foreigners or tourists are never targeted.

M.Dot. said...

Super Dead @ "who played ball for a league sponsored by the Mexican Mafia.".

NO. This is not cool.:)

M.Dot. said...

Miz. JJ.

Why you hate David?

Peep how Americanos are not targeted AND how you don't hear about it on the news here.

Trill deep.

Anonymous said...

I was checkin out what you were sayin to Mac jay, and wouldnt it make Sebastian look a little soft in the "streets" walkin around with body guards??? street credability is way more important than safety these days. Where you been???

-Steak and Eggs

M.Dot. said...


He COULD look soft inna streets.

OR He could get jacked.

Or He could not hang out in 'nem spots.

If is employed as a player of B-Ball, and would like to maintain such emplpoyment, then he has the responsibility ensure that he will be alive and able to play and that his antics OFF THE COURT don't interfere with his playing on the court.

Anonymous said...

Alot of bball players AND rappers need to hear what you just said.

M.Dot. said...


Im working on it "as we speak".

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