Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The internet loves hip hop.


100 Posts and Runnin'

Buenos Dias Blog Family.

I have made it to los cien
and I am happy.

To commemerate the event I will list some things that I have learned since I have started blogging.

1. You tube = Poor girls tivo.

2. There needs to be a Black writers on Hurricane Starkesha conference.

3. It can really hurt to watch the Knicks.

4. Victoria Secrets Pink pannies are hella cute.

5. Karl Rove is the truth.

6. Dallas Penn smokes grimmies.

7. The innernet loves hip

8. Crack>>>>Money>>>Means Power>>>>War.

10. "It hurts to be treated like a walking vagina" Beth Jones.

11. Women and Men can't be friends.

12. Men and women can be friends.

13. Self destructive behavior is not conducive to intimate relationships.

14. Coffee is cleary addictive.

15. People do NOT like when you establish boundaries.

16. Listening to Nas and drinking " " is not a good look.

17.I can spend hours bouncing from blogs, to yahoo news, to all of the "most emailed news sites".

18. At the end of of the day we all want to be loved.

19. Self hate will be rewarded in the media.

20. Taking a law school exam is akin to being in a mental submarine.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Our beloved Octavia Butler passes away.


Octavia Butler.
If you ain't knowin', go get yourself learnt. She was, she, I had a hard time wrapping my brain around her jawns.
THAT is how fly she was.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I be having crazy visions god.


Oh, the los innertos is doing the damn thing fam.

Big up to
Spine magazine. They got a link for a new doom/face jawn,
and an announcment for a Fat Beats party celebrating the debut of a Timberland Boot.
How Gully is that?

Bloggy style roung up.
  • Booyahoo got the ill humantarian jawn going down. This fool is going AT Yahoo b/c yahoo turned in the internet information of a Chinese Blogger. You KNOW china don't give a F8ck about some human rights. Makes the Cameron/Jay beef look like cereal toy material. ("Note to self, Il humanitarian is the dope name for something).

Patrick Neat wrote this book.
He also also has written an article. If you are like Kanye and you heart black ppl, you will read his article about Afro Reggae.

Oh. This is the 99th poast SOOOOOO....Imma have to do somthing for the big One hunned.

Weekend notes.

Bronx Logic: Why are you watching rug rats in Spanish?
Me: B/c I am trying to brush up on my espanol.
Bronx Logic: You know that one does sound like you.
Me: F8ck you man.

Its hella cold outside. This is historically the coldest week of the year though.
Till later.

-for Hip Hop

Friday, February 24, 2006

If the Confederates Won the Civil War, Rakim would be


governor of Virginia. This mockumentary ask's the question, What IF the Confed's won?

Speaking of race- er America's favorite past time, Big Walt has an interesting post about White assimilation and red neck identity. Peep it.

Ta-Nehisi doing his GROWN MAN, speaking on Fatherhood, peep,


Bringing attention to my words like an @ss in tights
- Thats De La, but Im borrowin' it though.

I wanted something cool like Jay's, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the blog". I like my tag line. Wach'all think?

Tans post on men and crying had me thinking about how EVERYTHING considered feminine in our culture is disparaged. I woke up the morning thinking about a conversation I had a longtime friend about my s.o, Bronx Logic. When you talk to your peeps, you try and catch them up on new developments in your life and what not.

He got me to wondering about when does the advice that your friends give you about your love life fall into the "Don't give a beech no bubbly water".

Friends mean well. But at the same time they can plant seeds of doubt in your head that f*ck up your relationship game. Ya'll know I am special, I needs all the love I can get:)
I can't just be holdin' somebody thats feeling me at arms length b/c MY FRIENDS think its too soon. F*ck outta here fam.
My poppi and I were building the other day about how the seeds planted in the young buck in the first eight years IS GONNA come out in the next twenty. WORD LIFE. Here is some John Bradshaw game for you on childhoods:
Dysfunctional marriages set up dysfunctional families. Dysfunctional families are the soil for abandonment. One is initiated into addiction through these dysfuntional parenting styles and the family systems they create. Addiction and obsessive compulsive disorders are symptoms of being abandoned and shamed in childhood.
Ta-Nehisi had a FLY JAWN IN THE NEW O magazine. See you ain't know my family be writing in the VOICE and O. He, is a BLACK MAN TALKING ABOUT BEING A BLACK FATHER.

I want to believe that I've given Camille and Kenyatta reason to think differently about me. I don't close down the clubs or run the streets. I have a passion for cooking and reading, which makes me a natural homebody. Most important I love Kenyatta. And I also feel bound by her pain. Her father's sin of abandonment, so common among black men, feels like some sort of burdensome family debt. On my honor, I'll have that debt paid. But I want to do it as I see fit- without fanfare and pomp, without grandiose titles and pronouncements, without marriage.

I only have one question for you Senor Coates. Where is the book ? Tell the publishers there is a market and if you need proof I will give them a list. Trust.

If you wanna get rich, don't walk around talking about how you love bla
ck people. Who cares about this. Start talking about the ECONOMICS of HOLLYWOOD, and how SPIKE OR ANYONE that looks like him can't and probably ever will be able to green light a "Brown Sugar". Call a spade a spade and make it an interesting read fame.

De La Soul will NEVER be popular in this country again. So much of what they are about is AFFIRMING black lives. Trust if you plan on doing that w/ your art, you will not be rewarded by the establishment.. Wait. I think this is another post. I will just put that out there for right now to marinate on. The shyt that is popular, lets just say that, Affirms the OPPOSITE OF BLACK LOVE. Its the GAME. I ain't hatin'. I believe in understanding it SO THAT I CAN DEAL WITH IT EFFICIENTLY. SAY WORD.

I hate a Busta, unless his name is Busta rhymes -DLS

Leave Busta along people. The problem is NOT WITH THE FACT THAT HE IS not talking to the police. The problem is with the police's long standing adversaries relationship to people in the hood. All of a sudden were expected to start talking to them , when they be playing BUCKTOWN USA w/ Black bodies in BK and the BRONX for mad long. And you know I aint lyin'.

Those Doves ads are dope. "She hates her freckles". "She wishes she were blond". This is capitalism at its best.

Family, I do not think that it was a good idea to mix that green tea bag AND the Chai tea bag:(

Have a beautiful hussle/human weekend.

for hip hop,

-mm :&

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Papoose- making me lissen to songs for lyrics again.


photo by Rahav Segev
I treat the booth like a crack spot/ im in an out
When Slay give me the green light/ Imma start callin' you nigg@'s out
I would wet 'em up/ but I'll live it out
because any time you leave a DRY SNITCH wet / then cops RINSE 'EM OUT/.
Kelefa, at the Times, is waxing about Papoose's show at S.O.B's last week. Is that the one you went to Jase?

Its okay Brooklyn. Just b/c fam can't put on a dope show, YET, does not mean he ain't nice.

Because trust. He is.

Great performers are cultivated, not born.

Dude in the red hoodie look like he just had some greens w/ rice and peas.

What is the point of writing about an artist like Papoose in the Times.


Can it plausibly help him get a deal?

Do (the majority of) Times readers car about (a) Papoose?
Is that even a requirement for articles? (*That one is rhetorical)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sexual Politics, can't live with 'em,


can't live with 'em.

MSNBC says that nekkid actresses sell magazines. I would add in addition to damn near every thing else.

This post is inspired by the discussion over at Crunkatastic about the Tamala Jones thick booty flicks in the new Smooth Magazine.

Some of the posters asked if Tam will allways be a "Black" C list actress and is the fact that she posed in
Smooth indicitive of that?

Or is she a sista' tryna play the game and get paid, get some actin' roles in
'06 and maintain her shine?

Interestingly, Scarlett Johansen and Keira Knightly are quasi-NEKKID on the cover of Vanity Fair this month.

For arguements sake lets assume that the both Scarlett and Keira are in the B+ zone, yet are aspirational A listers just the same.

Yahoo news article posed the question, " Does a Serious Actress have to Take her Clothes Off to Be Taken Seriously?

Apparently, Rachel McAdams from the Wedding Crashers was suppose to be on it also, but decided she did not want to take her clothes off.

My question is Does ANY actress have to take her clothes off to be taken seriously?
If so why?

And where are the nekkid menses?

Specially that Nate Robinson and that Vince. Did I say scrumptious?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chicken Company gets sued for calling negroes


boys. At least they ain't callem' nigg^'s.

Giles Peterson got a fresh ass*d tribute to JD. The most memorable comment wa
when Madlib said that Jay D was the MOST soulful cat on production in the game. Fam.
that resonated because it was so honest, sincere and true.

Damn. Havard's president got the BOOT. So I guess saying, IN PUBLIC, that women are inept isn't TOLERABLE AFTERALL. At least he let 'chew know where he was coming from.

Hot sex books for women.

So your tight for cheese. You meet a dude from Craigs list. Cool. This will let y
ou make your rent. You Let him move in.
Problem #1.
Dude is never around. He dissappear frequently.
Problem #2. You break into his room and discover mad credit card applications with your address and HIS name on it. Applications that you had torn up in placed in the trash.
Problem #3. Next thing you know you see this cat on America's Most wanted. I ain't lying. And YOU KNOW OAKLAND go something to do with it.

This needs to be an HBO movie, fa real.

See. I knew I wasn't the only one thata' mash a face in when it ain't no 'mo t.p. in the baffroom.
Especially when you gotta go in the middle of the night. Them corona's a do that though :Q

So I was extra nerdy and downloaded some Papoose jawns from his myspace page. Gold star for me. That buoy is so nice, it reminded me of the first time I saw
Talib Kweli at 59 Franklin in '97 and was like, Who is that Kat, cuz he can rhyme!

This reminded me that I got a sister (that I don't ock w/ btw) who likes to put other peoples kids on her Tax return. Dude, you do NOT want IRS Karma. That ish is like STD KARMA. NOT COOL.

First Netlix is penalizing frequent viewers, now the POSTLADY is watchin' my woody allen and love jones jawns. This is gully. They need to start e-mailing them movies and cut out the middleman.

I need to figure out how to do one of these for hip hop and sex.

So they are running for office. Will they help lil kids want to read? Oh, I forgot that is hip hop's job.

You think Hip Hop could save Broadway? I think the show has a cool premise, I am MORE interested in who the writers think their audience is.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deep like The Shinin', sparkle like a diamond


Sneak a uzi on the island/ in my army jacket linin'/.

Hit the Earth like a comet, invasion/
Nas is like the Afrocentric Asian/ half-man, half-amazin/.

*Dear Nasir,

I have always been fond if you. And I know that people evolve. However, these interviews w/ Jay that are floating around on los internetos. Let's just say we are watching.
People may say "MM, you are trying to hold an
emceee accountable." Next thing you know I will stop eating pork and start voting republican. Yes we hold YOU accountable.

You are special.

I know GTFOHWBS. But I digress. Even after I saw you perform at the Berkeley Rep theater in '93, and you lit up a blunt on stage and stopped performing, my "fondness" of you diminished only slightly.

Yet, throughout the various albums, inconsistent but mostly pleasing, you have allays demonstrated that you are different. Even now I hear you on mix tapes and the lyrics are, inspiring.

Senor Jones do not underestimate OUR intelligence. We understand the necessary evils of the crack, er rap game. But Jay dissed your , baby mom's, who is quite lovely by the way. But I digress, ah- again. (Note to self, must stay on task during these letters). I know that men war, and then UNITE all the time. My only request is that you acknowledge and demonstrate your that you are aware THAT we are aware.

Can't wait till the new single:)


p.s. Where is that Nas/Primo album? (figured I would ask while I had your attention)

*This post is inspired the discussion @
the Smoking Section.

This nigg@ Nick Lachey is tryna come up like K-fizzle.
He gon' divorce Jessica and ask for SPOUSAL SUPPORTAND his jewelry back. White boy gulliness for '06. Your jewlery dude. TACKEY!
What I learned last week in property:
a. Outside of Cali, what a man and a women brings into a marriage is theirs.
b. What you inherit while you are married belongs to YOU only.
c. What you ACQUIRE as a couple belongs to both of you.
This information convinced me that becoming a DIVORCE attorney is a VIABLE alternative to entertainment law.

Talk about a redistribution of wealth.

I always felt that I did not want to be a apart of the destruction
of someone elses family, but shyyyyyt, its startn' na look good to me. Can help some sist'as and some bro's get/maintain some cheese.

This book is hella fresh. I wish someone gave it to me right after I graduated.
It ain't like I can't use it now. But there is a whole work related lexicon that Negroes are not up on.

Cali is on deck to be the next New Orleans. But they don't hear me though.

Where in the hell is the Native Tongue video's boxset? Someone at Universal, Def
Jam, City Hall., 125th street, needs to get on that. I was watching the Ralph Mc Daniel jawn last night and saw the El Segundo video for the first time last night. 'FOHWBS.
And some ol' Monie Love and Latifah doin' they thing.

Watching that video reminded me that ain't nobody HAPPY in videos any more.

They be tippin, they be grilling, they be pimpin' and they be grinding, but nobody is Happy.

Don't ever be on the most corrupt country list!
What they all have in common is:
a. Proximity to oil.
b. Unstable economy.
c. Home to "suspected terrorist".
Muy interesante.

Surrender or Starve helped me get my Tajikistan, genocide, Sudan game up. He is hella fresh in that he travels the places and analyzes them. You gotta respect a dude who will got the north African and Russia just to tell the story right.

. So SUGE suing SOMEBODY ELSE FOR extortion. That's like G-unit taking Gonzeles to Guantanamo. Or like Busta Rhymes talking to the police. Or like Black kids thinking that reading is Black.
Extortion is the obtaining of property from another, with hisconsent, or the obtaining of an official act of a public officer,induced by a wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right.

Please leave messages, b/c love is good in '06 and
stay warm, its real outside.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Michael Jackson will allways be relevent.


They're Out To Get You/ There's Demons Closing In On Every Side/
They Will Possess You/Unless You Change The Number On Your Dial/.

Danyel Tagged me.
So here it goes, with the slam dunk competition in the background and a tummy full of T-A-C-O-S.

4 jobs I had

1. Camp counselor, Feather River Camp
2. Sales Assistant, The Body Shop

3. Sho
wroom Assistant , Tommy Hillfiger
4. Intern, U.S. Attorneys Office

4 dvd's I can keep watching
1. God Father Pt. II

2. Purple Rain

3. Batman Returns

4. Love Jones

4 Places I wish I lived

1. Costa Rica
2. Italy

3. South Africa

4. Detroit ('65)

4 People I would like to meet
1. Condi
2. Zora

3. Frida
4. Marvin

4 Websites I visit daily

1. Yahoo news

2. Crunktasitical

3. CBS Local News (Oakland
4. Humanity Critic

4 Foods I love
1. Tacos, tacos, and more tacos.

2. Slice of Zachary's pizza (Town Bi'ness).

3. Baked ziti, w/ tofu, portobella mushrooms, bell pepper, and sharp chedder cheese.

4. Veggie Plates from the Uptown Juice Bar

4 Early Musical Influences.


Purple Rain.

Teena Marie.


4 Blogs you should touch
1. Raymond Chiu
2. The Dragon
3. Dallaspenn
4. Start Snitching

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Men. A clean house = sex.


She was a Ghetto Philospher/ Yeah you know the type/
Thinking Mary Jay and Sade understood her strife./
- De La Soul "You Betta Lissen"

Hi Men readers. According to Newsweek, a clean house equals regular sex? So for
others day/her birthday/ next Valentines, hire Flo or pick up around the house.
When we are not distracted by the dishes in
the sink or picking up the dry cleaning we can focus on you. Genius.

What really attracts men beyond that first blush of physical attraction, is someone who is temperamentally positive, enthusiastic adventurous. [real talk].We recognize that women often set the emotional tone of the home. If she's exciting and upbeat, then we're going to be in that kind of sphere. If she's negative, critical and unhappy then we're going to be in that kind sphere. The other thing is self-confidence.

Men [who] are looking for women might know they're not [ranked] a 10, but that they have many "10" qualities and they emphasize those qualities. We men know we're not 10s most of the time either [Ummm. Somma 'yall do be acting like it]. We understand the need to look for what is beautiful about this person.

Mc Donalds Employee is wrong for putting blood in the fries.

Dear Black women, your "Something New" has a secret to tell you. Confessions of a White Boy. Who knew?

Ice Cube's new show is a documentary series. There is has a black family who wears make up to appear white and a white family who wears make up to appear black and they all live in teh same house.
Suffice it is to sa
y that the people look weird. If it does not work, it would certainly make a interesting Real World premise.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Men and women can actually be friends.


Baby hair pumping/ Lip Gloss shining/
I think she's in the mood for wining and dining/.

The Italian Foreign Minister told Muslims around the world, F*ck yo couch and has placed "the cartoons" on T-shirts AND is HANDING THEM OUT to people that want them. In the name of free speech. Dude better protect his neck!

Me and the X, an update.
A few of you who have been reading for a while prolly know that I gave the engagement ring back last su
mmer. Well. The ex and I are friends now. Don't get me wrong I could not stand the sound of his voice for first three months, but it seems that our relationship has turned a corner. I am actually giving him dating advice. I know it is weird. But hey, in NYC, it is hard making new friends, and getting advice from someone who knows you, for the most part, inside and out is INVALUABLE. So. This is the jewel that he has appreciated recently. I told him,
I know you like a challenge, but don't get caught up. Some women either donot know what they want, or do not feel that they deserve someone wonderful.
Believe that.

Is h*ll about to freeze over? The old raiders coach is coming back. Yeah. A new Negro Footbacl coach. Well, I guess isn't new. I guess he is old new. And the tickets are going down too. Al Davis wants to make the tickets more affordable.

There is an Article in the Eastbay Express on hood video's. Between stop snitchin' t-shirts, hood videos and soft porn hip hop magazines, Hip Hop is doing something extra w/ its sin and gin side in '06. Mind you it ain't even March yet.

Newsweek has an article about women and "playing nice at work". This is so racist. Why do we have to play NICE? I am on so old Eat or GET ATE, shark type jawn, dealing w/ these junior Scalito's in school.

There are only two books that you need to read about women and and corporate gamesmenship.
1. Games Your Mother Never Taught You. ( That this book is out of print is NOT ironic). 2. Cult of Power by Martha Burk

The central theme of the new Woody Allen flick, Match Point, is that Luck matters just as much as hard work, if NOT more than hard work. I feel him. By the way you need to peep it. Woody is on some extra demented 'ish. He got fools in there w/ sawed off shot guns/ hand on the pump/ sippin' on a forty/ puffin on a blunt/ nanannnn na na na naaaaa/.

Speaking of Woody and Hip Hop. A Hip Hop movie directed by Woody, set in NYC.
What if started directing HH videos. The next Jay Z video? The Roots Dip Set?<<<>Leave comments you know I luv' em. I hope to have more treats for you this weekend blog fam.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

If you are what you eat/ then feed me dope. -BDK


New Orleans will never have a Black Majority again. Sounds strange right. The Black majority in New Orleans was a HUGE DEMOCRATIC voting block for Louisana. Now they they have been , er- elminated, the Reblican congress will not have to worry about a strong Democratic contingent in that state. Trust and see how it is rebuilt.

Your plans of cuddling up w/ your snuggle bunny this weekend and enjoying three netflicks is deaded. They have caught onto the heavy renters, that means you. You back to the back of the netflix line.

Los Gatos-based Netflix didn't publicly acknowledge it differentiates among customers until revising its "terms of use" in January 2005 — four months after a San Francisco subscriber filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company had deceptively promised one-day delivery of most DVDs.
Gretsky aint snitchin. That's his wife and quite honestly he does not have to say anything.

Craigslist ain't all good. Apparently negroes are discriminating on he housing ads and the Feds have noticed.

I predict that this will be the year
that the real John Q. type situation is
going to happen.
People are losing health care plans from their employers or its being m
If you have hc, the quality hella scandless. To get health care you have to be ready to fight. Your job, human resources, the insurance companies. Sh*t is a wrap. Where is that number for the $40 Dr. in the hood again?

Stop snitchin' t-shirts ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. They are ONLY SYMBOLIC of the hood
s attitude towards the po-lice. Which is speak to them- minimally- when spoken to and keep it movin'. I hate when people act like a T-shirt, or a song, or any inanimate object is WHAT DETERMINES a persons behavior.

Oh in other news, your teflon pans
from yahoo) are a KNOWN carcinogen. Thats why I cook in iron skillets-

I am begining to think that Kanye is the quasi Muhammed Ali of hip hop. The brash talk. The pretty women. The Uber Black politics. What do you think?

I am not smart enough to interpret this.

If for no other reason, J Dee is special because he produced the Stakes is High. R.I.P J dizzle. Your music moved us.

Some of the sh*t the comes out of humanity's mouth has me wonderin' if he is my twin. Case in point, his post titled, Hip Hop you know I love you, right?

@ Anonymous The song w/ the lyrics, " I need a Honey to give me the love, give me the ism and put the cash in my hand is Nice and Smooth. I don't recall which song it is but they only had three albums so you should be able to get it a fatbeats.com, amazon, or other sites that sell hip hop.

Up next 10 reason's why I love Oakland/Brooklyn/NYC.

Song: One the Road Again. Jungle Bros.

Book: No novel. Property chapter on Property as a Gift.

Mood: I got a winter pedicure so I am feeling good. And the s.o. just took a Corona out the freezer And imma about to make Taco's and work on the property outline so...Life is good.

>>>>>>A 'lil town bizness for the soul>>>.

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