Saturday, February 11, 2006

If you are what you eat/ then feed me dope. -BDK


New Orleans will never have a Black Majority again. Sounds strange right. The Black majority in New Orleans was a HUGE DEMOCRATIC voting block for Louisana. Now they they have been , er- elminated, the Reblican congress will not have to worry about a strong Democratic contingent in that state. Trust and see how it is rebuilt.

Your plans of cuddling up w/ your snuggle bunny this weekend and enjoying three netflicks is deaded. They have caught onto the heavy renters, that means you. You back to the back of the netflix line.

Los Gatos-based Netflix didn't publicly acknowledge it differentiates among customers until revising its "terms of use" in January 2005 — four months after a San Francisco subscriber filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company had deceptively promised one-day delivery of most DVDs.
Gretsky aint snitchin. That's his wife and quite honestly he does not have to say anything.

Craigslist ain't all good. Apparently negroes are discriminating on he housing ads and the Feds have noticed.

I predict that this will be the year
that the real John Q. type situation is
going to happen.
People are losing health care plans from their employers or its being m
If you have hc, the quality hella scandless. To get health care you have to be ready to fight. Your job, human resources, the insurance companies. Sh*t is a wrap. Where is that number for the $40 Dr. in the hood again?

Stop snitchin' t-shirts ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. They are ONLY SYMBOLIC of the hood
s attitude towards the po-lice. Which is speak to them- minimally- when spoken to and keep it movin'. I hate when people act like a T-shirt, or a song, or any inanimate object is WHAT DETERMINES a persons behavior.

Oh in other news, your teflon pans
from yahoo) are a KNOWN carcinogen. Thats why I cook in iron skillets-

I am begining to think that Kanye is the quasi Muhammed Ali of hip hop. The brash talk. The pretty women. The Uber Black politics. What do you think?

I am not smart enough to interpret this.

If for no other reason, J Dee is special because he produced the Stakes is High. R.I.P J dizzle. Your music moved us.

Some of the sh*t the comes out of humanity's mouth has me wonderin' if he is my twin. Case in point, his post titled, Hip Hop you know I love you, right?

@ Anonymous The song w/ the lyrics, " I need a Honey to give me the love, give me the ism and put the cash in my hand is Nice and Smooth. I don't recall which song it is but they only had three albums so you should be able to get it a, amazon, or other sites that sell hip hop.

Up next 10 reason's why I love Oakland/Brooklyn/NYC.

Song: One the Road Again. Jungle Bros.

Book: No novel. Property chapter on Property as a Gift.

Mood: I got a winter pedicure so I am feeling good. And the s.o. just took a Corona out the freezer And imma about to make Taco's and work on the property outline so...Life is good.

>>>>>>A 'lil town bizness for the soul>>>.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I assumed it was Nice and Smooth since you had the quotes framing the image of their album cover but when I checked out that album at the itunes store I couldn't find the song so I had given up on them. Now I know I just need to check out their other albums (which unfortunately aren't on itunes). Thanks again for the help :)

M.Dot. said...

Dude. You are welcome. But who are you?

Waddie G. said...

I was wondering why is Gretzsky's wife that hard up for cash...

M.Dot. said...

I dunno. Maybe she got a meth problem?!?!?!?!

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