Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deep like The Shinin', sparkle like a diamond


Sneak a uzi on the island/ in my army jacket linin'/.

Hit the Earth like a comet, invasion/
Nas is like the Afrocentric Asian/ half-man, half-amazin/.

*Dear Nasir,

I have always been fond if you. And I know that people evolve. However, these interviews w/ Jay that are floating around on los internetos. Let's just say we are watching.
People may say "MM, you are trying to hold an
emceee accountable." Next thing you know I will stop eating pork and start voting republican. Yes we hold YOU accountable.

You are special.

I know GTFOHWBS. But I digress. Even after I saw you perform at the Berkeley Rep theater in '93, and you lit up a blunt on stage and stopped performing, my "fondness" of you diminished only slightly.

Yet, throughout the various albums, inconsistent but mostly pleasing, you have allays demonstrated that you are different. Even now I hear you on mix tapes and the lyrics are, inspiring.

Senor Jones do not underestimate OUR intelligence. We understand the necessary evils of the crack, er rap game. But Jay dissed your , baby mom's, who is quite lovely by the way. But I digress, ah- again. (Note to self, must stay on task during these letters). I know that men war, and then UNITE all the time. My only request is that you acknowledge and demonstrate your that you are aware THAT we are aware.

Can't wait till the new single:)


p.s. Where is that Nas/Primo album? (figured I would ask while I had your attention)

*This post is inspired the discussion @
the Smoking Section.

This nigg@ Nick Lachey is tryna come up like K-fizzle.
He gon' divorce Jessica and ask for SPOUSAL SUPPORTAND his jewelry back. White boy gulliness for '06. Your jewlery dude. TACKEY!
What I learned last week in property:
a. Outside of Cali, what a man and a women brings into a marriage is theirs.
b. What you inherit while you are married belongs to YOU only.
c. What you ACQUIRE as a couple belongs to both of you.
This information convinced me that becoming a DIVORCE attorney is a VIABLE alternative to entertainment law.

Talk about a redistribution of wealth.

I always felt that I did not want to be a apart of the destruction
of someone elses family, but shyyyyyt, its startn' na look good to me. Can help some sist'as and some bro's get/maintain some cheese.

This book is hella fresh. I wish someone gave it to me right after I graduated.
It ain't like I can't use it now. But there is a whole work related lexicon that Negroes are not up on.

Cali is on deck to be the next New Orleans. But they don't hear me though.

Where in the hell is the Native Tongue video's boxset? Someone at Universal, Def
Jam, City Hall., 125th street, needs to get on that. I was watching the Ralph Mc Daniel jawn last night and saw the El Segundo video for the first time last night. 'FOHWBS.
And some ol' Monie Love and Latifah doin' they thing.

Watching that video reminded me that ain't nobody HAPPY in videos any more.

They be tippin, they be grilling, they be pimpin' and they be grinding, but nobody is Happy.

Don't ever be on the most corrupt country list!
What they all have in common is:
a. Proximity to oil.
b. Unstable economy.
c. Home to "suspected terrorist".
Muy interesante.

Surrender or Starve helped me get my Tajikistan, genocide, Sudan game up. He is hella fresh in that he travels the places and analyzes them. You gotta respect a dude who will got the north African and Russia just to tell the story right.

. So SUGE suing SOMEBODY ELSE FOR extortion. That's like G-unit taking Gonzeles to Guantanamo. Or like Busta Rhymes talking to the police. Or like Black kids thinking that reading is Black.
Extortion is the obtaining of property from another, with hisconsent, or the obtaining of an official act of a public officer,induced by a wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right.

Please leave messages, b/c love is good in '06 and
stay warm, its real outside.



Gotty™ said...

Interesting read...finally SOMEONE who somewhat agrees.

Suge gettin extorted? Son gettin his paper gangster on b/c you know he could have each one of those G-Unit boys killed in a New York minute lol.

M.Dot. said...

What.Gotty. No one else agrees?

They are just used to personally standing FOR something, nor expecting someone else to.

Suggie is a damn fool. Shyt. I was half scared to make this post. He D'bod this girl I know into giving her his phone number. What, she was gon' tell Sug no?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Good post M dot M,

I wish you had given me some examples from the Beckwith book so I could reconnect with the privs in the office.

I guess Suge is gonna start snitching?

G. Cornelius said...

But he did note that...The best thing he said during the whole interview is that we are grown ass men...I'll keepk you posted

M.Dot. said...

"I wish you had given me some examples from the Beckwith book so I could reconnect with the privs in the office."

Necesito un translacion por favor.^^^^
I have NO idea what you are talking about amigo.

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