Thursday, February 16, 2006

Men. A clean house = sex.


She was a Ghetto Philospher/ Yeah you know the type/
Thinking Mary Jay and Sade understood her strife./
- De La Soul "You Betta Lissen"

Hi Men readers. According to Newsweek, a clean house equals regular sex? So for
others day/her birthday/ next Valentines, hire Flo or pick up around the house.
When we are not distracted by the dishes in
the sink or picking up the dry cleaning we can focus on you. Genius.

What really attracts men beyond that first blush of physical attraction, is someone who is temperamentally positive, enthusiastic adventurous. [real talk].We recognize that women often set the emotional tone of the home. If she's exciting and upbeat, then we're going to be in that kind of sphere. If she's negative, critical and unhappy then we're going to be in that kind sphere. The other thing is self-confidence.

Men [who] are looking for women might know they're not [ranked] a 10, but that they have many "10" qualities and they emphasize those qualities. We men know we're not 10s most of the time either [Ummm. Somma 'yall do be acting like it]. We understand the need to look for what is beautiful about this person.

Mc Donalds Employee is wrong for putting blood in the fries.

Dear Black women, your "Something New" has a secret to tell you. Confessions of a White Boy. Who knew?

Ice Cube's new show is a documentary series. There is has a black family who wears make up to appear white and a white family who wears make up to appear black and they all live in teh same house.
Suffice it is to sa
y that the people look weird. If it does not work, it would certainly make a interesting Real World premise.


Jason Pollard said...

I get regular sex without a clean house you've seen pops office holla!! Those fake white people look like Eddie Murph in the Mr. White SNL skethces.

Hummingbyrd said...

Yeah. You get it on the regular allright because she LUV's yo stankin' ass.

Get married and try that sh*t fam.

They DO look hella fake though.

santana said...

very bad writing
a solid four foot bag of laundry
a window unopenened in a sundrowned room
living for someone who will not be touched
Islands need water need mainland even islands
are not so.

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