Thursday, February 23, 2006

Papoose- making me lissen to songs for lyrics again.


photo by Rahav Segev
I treat the booth like a crack spot/ im in an out
When Slay give me the green light/ Imma start callin' you nigg@'s out
I would wet 'em up/ but I'll live it out
because any time you leave a DRY SNITCH wet / then cops RINSE 'EM OUT/.
Kelefa, at the Times, is waxing about Papoose's show at S.O.B's last week. Is that the one you went to Jase?

Its okay Brooklyn. Just b/c fam can't put on a dope show, YET, does not mean he ain't nice.

Because trust. He is.

Great performers are cultivated, not born.

Dude in the red hoodie look like he just had some greens w/ rice and peas.

What is the point of writing about an artist like Papoose in the Times.


Can it plausibly help him get a deal?

Do (the majority of) Times readers car about (a) Papoose?
Is that even a requirement for articles? (*That one is rhetorical)


Anonymous said...

I was in the building, and I thought he tore it down. What constitutes a good show is all relative.

Anonymous said...


this dude/chick kelefa sana is a major hater. he shat on MOS DEF's last CD too. he doesn't get it, but then again he writes for the NYTimes and I have yet to see them have the right angle for anything that colored folks like.

M.Dot. said...

Kelefa is def gonna take the middle ground when it comes to Hip Hop.

@ Bill
No one liked the last mos d, except for me and and you and like 5 japanese kids that love hip hop.

It is what it is mayne.

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