Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sexual Politics, can't live with 'em,


can't live with 'em.

MSNBC says that nekkid actresses sell magazines. I would add in addition to damn near every thing else.

This post is inspired by the discussion over at Crunkatastic about the Tamala Jones thick booty flicks in the new Smooth Magazine.

Some of the posters asked if Tam will allways be a "Black" C list actress and is the fact that she posed in
Smooth indicitive of that?

Or is she a sista' tryna play the game and get paid, get some actin' roles in
'06 and maintain her shine?

Interestingly, Scarlett Johansen and Keira Knightly are quasi-NEKKID on the cover of Vanity Fair this month.

For arguements sake lets assume that the both Scarlett and Keira are in the B+ zone, yet are aspirational A listers just the same.

Yahoo news article posed the question, " Does a Serious Actress have to Take her Clothes Off to Be Taken Seriously?

Apparently, Rachel McAdams from the Wedding Crashers was suppose to be on it also, but decided she did not want to take her clothes off.

My question is Does ANY actress have to take her clothes off to be taken seriously?
If so why?

And where are the nekkid menses?

Specially that Nate Robinson and that Vince. Did I say scrumptious?

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