Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I write raps/ and nigg@s bit I clap/


cuz they sh*t sound better now/.

I saw this ad on a bus and screamed out loud, Yaaa-hooooo.
March 12 bichees!

F*ck you couch and gimmie my pensions. Workers getting gully fa they cash. Y'all seen what happened w/ that postal worker a couple of weeks ago. Mark my words. These companies keep gafflin' people for their pension, you are gonna have some granmomma's at the corporate head quarters w/ gats. Trust. Do not come between a granmomma, Latina, Asian, White or Black and her gambling and grandbabby money!

I been saying the NYC is Millionaire city so you should not be surpised that people are willing to live in closets.

You know when you are an assh*le when you can talk about being one and everyone agrees with you. I heart humanity and is Violent self.

Jesse Martin, from Law and Order is going to play Marvin in Sexual Healing. I lo
ve you Marvin. I hope he does him justice. I actually like Marvin more than Stevie. In fact Marvin and John are tied in my book. So.

Ladies. You every carry a ho bag?
Don't lie to kick it. You know you got pannies and a tooth brush in your purse right now. Peep the Dragon's hilarious post about "THE HO BAG."
ho bag (n.): a large purse or satchel, carried by a woman, the contents of which includes materials to be used in the event of a scheduled or impromptu sexual encounter. Typically includes panties, condoms, gum, Metrocard, toothbrush (wrapped in toilet paper).

My family over at Canes Cassled has a humorous, write up of Gully ass Rhonetta, aka bubbly water, from American Idol. You will have tears in your eyes when you finish reading it.

So you wake up Monday morning w/ a sore throat, or a Saturday morning and your personal area is stinging and tingling from hanging out with those vegas girls, drinking henny. Oh, and you do not have health care. What do you do?
Yo go see the doctor down the street for $40 of course!

Anyone what knows me, knows that I am fascinated w/ sharks. Well low and behold, humans and sharks are damn near cousins. That settles it. I am getting my shark tatoo:)

Six people got shot in Oakland last weekend, and the city business are looking at taxing Taco bell. GO figure.

Cheba cheba yall, free ipods. Okay so they are not free. But they are $69. What is that, 3 pedicures and a trip to the movies. Pods for everyone!

I love DOOM, and I am Glad that I did not go to his show.

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